the final disadvantage

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 16:28

Xiao Wu then say nothing,Classic UGG Boot, just sat there quietly watching Xie Pei-Yuan, and the hard work of the men in the United States makes him a temperament can not tell. (Network) always think that this man and a man have the same temperament, that is, their opponents any day. After a long Xie Pei-Yuan against the sitting where the fifth said: Thank god, may help you DaJiangShan, but if there is no chance, it is only the next life,UGG Infants Erin Boots, and do not know that there is no afterlife! under the eaves. need to take care of you, now the Chinatown's situation as a whole, you are looking in the eyes, success or failure is just a moment away. Although the surface is very powerful, but he knew that flowers are showy, not vulnerable. Fifth subsequently said Xie Pei-Yuan went to rest after a few, it is now to prepare myself, Xie Pei-Yuan and Myanmar also has business relationships, so it is still good to go, basically finalized tomorrow will be able to leave. Eight districts in East China noon, any day and Titan muscle the Rattus plus the very high tone for rhyme sat on the kang, eat and drink, the afternoon when the First to Yichun, then from there take the train to Harbin, and then sit aircraft back to SH City. time will be able to in the past. (net) Was said, go together, but who knows own big man is indecisive ah! Fit. Eating vegetables any day that is to understand the mind of this kid, put down the chopsticks said with a smile: just do not know can not be on the hall. This time it was concealed from. The honest Titan that is an angry ah! If you are in front of others without telling no problem, but you can not hide it in front of himself and his brother ah! This is not looking to play it? But for many people, has long been up beaten. Titan then grabbed his head, melon seeds, laughing: sad man living in this world, since ancient times as big and who can not be tied to a woman's body. woman ah! like this table dishes, but for the woman in the back to help you, you can the whole out of it? Was holding chopsticks pointing to the kid said, now had too much wine, he had only to drink that is a runaway ah! Did not speak any days muscle high rhyme was meant to favor Rattus That kid then, to please come out behind the woman, otherwise really do not want to. ! Because he promised three girl thing her father Hu did not do it! , so in order to call this kid completely lost. Titans looked at any of the days,UGG Lo Pro Denim Jacquard, and then said: , I'm good thank you, tomorrow morning when we re-start, do not care about the time of day. This is necessarily need to thank you, then call to arrange for that kid. Heart that is a happy, at least for now do not abruptly go drags three girl to the wine on the table, and at night, when it is a very good reason, is shouted three girl at the dinner table, things are understandable, because her father sitting on the kang. If done, it will be welcomed by the big muscles now saying premise, this kid can not be called so muddle past that hurdle, it must do. Titan was only nod, this time it is captive! They called their own to come look. Because night when there wherever he goes, so few people do not how to drink dinner. After dinner any day out phoned Lin butterfly told her own today under the [shrouded] afternoon, go back, conform to the side also postponed by one day. Lin butterfly, then said in the living room inside, of course, caused to clearing the table Bian watercolor dissatisfaction, do woman that is not so. Was on the front of the forest butterfly said loudly: you do not know it! ah! Now just do not understand also, social experience that is insufficient, then I slowly teach you, that any day needs to give me a good look at prison, otherwise, the final disadvantage is you Lin butterfly and her mother, fear of injury greater ah! After all, any day is not to say is not coming from that era, the now xiaonianqing a spare one ah! Who can swallow the hardship, and if the Bian watercolor now that is nonsense. Any day on the phone to hear the teachings of the future mother-in-law. Then smiled and said: concept of values, really good, there is a market, after all, talking nonsense,UGG Starlit. ah! most recent period seemed to do a big thing too!, is the transformation of my dad saying, turn me into the next Bian watercolor, so if you have by now hear, and fear? forest butterflies now asks any day if you really want to become the next Bian watercolor how to do now is to own room inside to answer the phone. Bian watercolor-style characters, has become history, only a few left to the pace of progress in society will be eliminated. Lin butterfly said with a smile: you so much confidence, Social progress, there are still such people, ah! look at and learn a few successful force. Not only is the thought that even that part is the same thinking ah! Any day was also retaliate, following the more shameless, called Lin butterfly wants to hang. (Reciting Book)

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