Ding Weiping Li is known

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 18:46
"Happy Father's blessing, such as the East China Sea, many happy returns." Li Chang a ceremony to worship the Father, but the neck riding Showtime, pose a bit funny.

"Your name is Li Chang?" Ding Weiping raised his head, eyed, looking at Lee Chang.

Ding Weiping Li Chang did not know, nor heard of him. *** With antiques that he had little contact, but the children know that he has this hobby, from time to time to find something to honor him, tease him happy. Children have no experience, sometimes bought some of the fakes, he never complained, hit this time, he will talk about in detail and one of the lines in children. This time, his happiest time. Gradually find out about his sons and daughters of this temper, sometimes deliberately to get some fake palm to his eyes.

Ding Weiping Li is known throughout the newspaper news of the death. See this message, Ding Weiping mixed feelings, to marvel at. His military life, there is no long a time and energy to play antiques. Master's last wish can not go to completion, the middle of the night awake, thinking back, feel more ashamed. Although he knows also the capital brothers, but courage is the drum can not afford to see him, he was afraid of Brother asked, afraid of senior scolding, one master pass a fellow craft, and he never closed his disciples. Seeing this craft would stuffy in his hand, and gradually abandoned. He
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As early as brothers in spite of years of erosion, is gradually fading, and thoughts, but gradually as the wine cellar to mellow them. He had intended his 70th birthday, when invited over a poly brothers, brothers did not think so a few days did not hold on, actually separates life and death.

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Attend memorial service returned, he immediately called the children to look up information on Levi environment, the more detailed the better, although the brothers died, if he can for his family, his disciples a little help, can be considered point of mind to do it. Ding Weiping found himself more and more nostalgic. Maybe he really old. Nostalgia is the signs of aging.
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