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July 12 [Fri], 2013, 10:40
> Seigaku like gangbusters too easy to obtain a regional qualifier champion, while another division game - "yo, this is not" tennis Monthly "Mr. Inoue do? How kind, may have any news, such as green school?" Just-concluded awards Inoue walked in front of the original cut, he will race this year, recording the fastest qualifying refresh is 11 minutes and 30 seconds. WWw. qUanBen. COm "ah, yes former classmates die cut. Seigaku just to get a victory not let opponents score of, access to regional championship qualifiers, but I heard Tezuka did not play." Inoue replied, slightly heart feel a little pleased. Although the sea, has an overwhelming strong, but look at this way, Seigaku not no chance. "Ah? Tezuka not played it, is to preserve the strength of it? Oh, they do not let me down this year, can ah! But I am going ......" Kirihara Sanada following words were in his head by hand interrupted. "Mr. Inoue, Please tell Seigaku, they did not do everything, and if has been so lax down, there is no opportunity to challenge us in! So." Sanada light was said, "Kirihara, gone." "Sanada really Yuekan The more the momentum of a champion! "Inoue exclaimed," Even the original cut of the momentum of the past are also different. "" Yes, this year, the sea, large, and all of a strong look! but Kirihara classmates and refresh the fastest tournament record, this time is 11 minutes and 30 seconds, more than 13 points of his own to keep the fast of a minute and a half too! "went on the side of the sand turf. "Ah, evidently, I'm afraid this year to dominate the sea, a large national Yeah!" Inoue lengthy enlightenment. "Inoue predecessors, you have not seen Seigaku it, too early to say it!" Sand Chi dissatisfaction enlightenment. "Oh, I know you thought that point, Seigaku we must be going to see, but this year's Green Science is really able to shake the throne of the sea, big do?" Inoue a hint of uncertainty, perhaps he did not go to school is green Because of this bar. Read, and will have more, in fact, after comparing the results in fear of fear "result", then even a trace of the so-called expectation that it will probably pale. Inoue I was actually still prefer the green school, because that is a group of passionate regret moving had used his soul man ah! "Fuji seniors, you say it right here!" If Ye looked hung "Kawamura Sushi" said the trick flag, everyone one mystery, it will only eat sushi only. "Meow, Yes, Yes, here, but first Japanese sushi yo!" Kiku came over with joy, said, "There's Star Man super delicious sushi!" Was already customary Wakaba jump around, but see Tezuka Na Liangdao cold eyes staring at her, quickly pulled her to dispel originally wanted to go with the idea of ​​representing a good place, the rules have to put his hands behind his head, he did not want at this time non-combat attrition. "Hey, that's right, this is our former tennis club Kawamura home sushi restaurant. Inside the sushi very authentic." Fuji went on, for the discerning gourmet Fuji also liked the sushi. "Kawamura home sushi national no. 1" kiku resumed excited, bristling thumb says. "Welcome!" "Excuse me ~ ~" "We came, Aron!" "Oh, we have to ah! Fast inside please!" "Yes,Oakley Active Online, yes, very hungry yo, Aaron!" Row people bustling into the shop to get massive. "Haha, finally came, we had to wait a long time!" Bosses Kawamura uncle was greeted with enthusiasm, looking each other very conversational way. "Aaron, we won it!" Kiku excitement rushed dining table tied on his head headband a chef dressed Kawamura said. "Congratulations to everyone ah!" "Haha, have a seat, uncle treat today, we have to eat please enjoy! Aron first taste of our home craft, an uncle to you will show off!" Kawamura forthright uncle was greeted everyone. "Then we polite!" Everyone would have to find a good place to sit down. "Aron, quick tea!" "Uncle No, we ourselves have come." "Congratulations to everyone to obtain qualifying championship, Cheers! Everyone here today to celebrate at the bar!" Kawamura holding cup against everyone said. "Cheers!" Everyone shouted. If the leaves have been infected by this warm atmosphere, with everyone shouting lift the cup. She was the first and so many people together to eat sushi so hot lively spin it! Sitting beside Tezuka looked seemed very cheerful, after all, is to win the game, although only qualifier. "Great, looks delicious way!" "Yes,Coach 2012 Cheap, Yes, people can not help but drool over!" Everyone stared at the tables of sushi, rushes have said. "We have to eat heartily, do not hesitate!" Kawamura greeting, seemingly Wen Wenqing show his face wearing and robust stature inconsistent gentle smile. "Then we polite!" "Wow, Kawamura predecessors, so delicious!" Peach City shouted. "Cries ~ good." Kaido whispered. "Every time such a large group of people to eat sushi, really sorry ah!" Oishi said, embarrassed, "but Aaron's craft is now really good ah!" "Meow, delicious yo!" Juwan cried, "Aron, getting your craft stick ah!" "Oh, thank you ah!" too embarrassed Mo Zhaotou Kawamura said. "Uh, this is the inshore fish bar, recently was plump when yo ...... ah, yes, delicious." Dry look of satisfaction expression. "Wakaba, you used to do?" Tezuka to sit around if the leaves whisper was inquired. "Er er, this super delicious sushi Yeah! Really worthy of the first Japanese sushi shop ah!" Wakaba directed Kawamura uncle warm, laughing and put up thumb. "Haha, Tezuka Minister, your girlfriend really cute ah!" Kawamura said uncle happy, his characteristic loud throughout the store people could hear clearly. Just very busy everyone suddenly becomes quiet and opt to use ambiguous eyes stared Tezuka, Juwan then secretly eat Yanzui was laughing. "Dad ~ ~" Kawamura rushed hastily pulling teeth missing around laughing eyes see Dad. "Uh? Did I mistaken? Him ...... he is a teacher?" Kawamura father stared watching Tezuka Momo Tou, said doubtfully. Can not you see that it is not until he clearly asked the teacher to the Well, there are two tennis club wear glasses, tall, dry hair is like a sea urchin, a poker face is the minister Tezuka Yeah, not wrong. "No, I was minister Tezuka Thank compliment." Tezuka replied too faint. Dry lenses flashed around Guangmang, quickly picked up a pen count jotting said: "Kawamura Sushi Shop, Tezuka recognition and Wakaba contacts." "That's it, Tezuka this be admitted, and if the leaves in exchange it! "kiku laugh Hee Hee was said. "Minister looks very happy look that way." Peach City whispered. "Cries ~ Minister, communication is also good." Hai Tong replied. "Now, the future is not to pay attention to keep a distance with Wakaba, or else ......" Fuji said lug eyebrow to everyone. "Yes, yes, run off the playground 100 laps ......" We eat too laughed. "Haha, I had any brains!" Kawamura uncle hearty laughter sounded again, "Come on, Minister's girlfriend, uncle special gift - super delicious tuna sushi!" "This ......" If Ye looked at the Kawamura enthusiastic uncle staring at her, a look of expectation, had no choice but to this "ministerial girlfriend gift" eating, but this original grade delicious sushi ingest but what flavor did not, so Once upon a time the case, could not help but think of that person, but now ...... "good to eat yo!" Wakaba raised his head, his face all smiles can melt. "Ha ha ......" Kawamura uncle smiled happily. Wakaba too slowly swallow the mouth sushi, now ...... from now on, to completely forget everything too! Instead of the passage of time expired in trampled each other, than forget themselves in rivers and lakes too free and easy! Now and laughing around these so-called dream for fools who struggle together to spend the remaining days is also very good ah! If so, then Genichiro, I wish you happiness! fighting, palace Wakaba! Think of it, if the leaves on the wrist bracelet clenched, his face bright smile was as if everything can be burned, but unfortunately then warm smile can not be re-filled the hearts of the lost one ...... "Kawamura!" Tezuka drink mouth tea, shouted. "Uh, Tezuka?" "Aaron, you go and play with everyone, then give me a good dad!" Kawamura said uncle was smiling. "Ah, yes, Dad." Kawamura happy replied. "Hey, Aaron, come and sit down!" Fuji heard hurried Bai Zhaoshou greeting. "Fuji seniors, I do not come?" Wakaba chuckled walked around Fuji, "Tezuka monarch, and the village seems to have something to learn long talk." "Oh, so ah!" Fuji smiled and his head, looking across a few people, and my heart has learned a ** points, Tezuka really is always thinking about tennis minister na. "Hey, seniors, and you too much, it is going to let me stand it." Wakaba strange Chen Dao. "We are afraid of being scolded Minister Yeah!" Peach City laughing too quips. "Here, sit down right here, the Minister's girlfriend." Fuji smiled was shifted to the inside move, and patted the space beside right Wakaba said. "Fuji seniors!" Wakaba frowning tone with rare blame. "Meow, Wakaba shy ah!" Kiku laughed. "She kind of talent do not be shy!" Said Echizen turned four eyes, hands clip sushi action but did not slow down, evidently That did not enjoy the game of tennis in the evening I had to continue. "Hey, Sea Church, you are too much, actually my favorite Star Man ......" kiku like a child holding a fist against the Sea Church shouted. Kaido was a popular look in chewing slowly with simply ignoring kiku Shangcuanxiatiao style protest. "There are two, two ...... ah, you two!" Kiku looked voracious Peach City and in front of the empty dish Echizen, disappointment was shouted. "Uncle, not yo, and you?" Peach City shouted. 'To myself to myself, Kawamura Invincible Assorted sushi! "" Wow, that's great! "" Hey, Ah-tao you ate too much! "" Hai Tong seniors, you're older it! "" Hiss ~ "" Do not grab my Star Man! "" Hey, if the leaves if you do not hands, then, but to hungry yo. "Fuji smiling face was eating cucumber sushi rolls, slowly have said," Do not expect those guys have Ms. gentleman to take care of. "" Never mind yo, at least Fuji seniors have to eat this way! "Fuji had a chance to stop, if the leaves have been picked up in front of his mouth to eat a cucumber roll. "Ah, and I think the same, mustard flavor." Wakaba actually there is no reflection. "Hey, you actually like it spicy." Wakaba Fuji looked in surprise. Two years ago kiku sushi eating mustard front of their own, the results are spicy distorted facial features, but also a nose a tear, shouting enjoyed the place to find Chahe scene also clear as yesterday. "You can also, eat more, get used to it." Wakaba thought before that also likes to eat this amazing taste exquisite and seemingly weak predecessors. At that time, they are often in community activities such as after four people to eat something, eat most things there is this spicy sweets, of course, occasionally eat meat in someone's protests, and then frolic together home ...... "If Ye?" Fuji eyebrows microfold. "Uh? Okay, I do not know why, today,Outlet Coach 2012, always think before those silly things ah!" Wakaba shallow smile, as if nothing was said, "However, Fuji seniors, please do not open such a joke." " uh? "If Ye Pingjing Fuji looked but did not smile too serious heartbreak expression, his eyes seemed slightly some bright things," Wakaba, you ...... "" Oh, long time without food, and this mustard it really is spicy! "Wakaba chuckled picked up the cup, eyes Weibi, looked full of a cup of tea will slowly get drained. "Hey, I know, if the leaves." Fuji replied too gentle, could not help but look to the direction of Tezuka, Tezuka looked just look Wakaba hit that look of concern. Tezuka, so go on, maybe you could get hurt ah! Fuji worry too sighed. In such a warm season, when ambiguous loneliness, feelings dripping fingertips, the young at heart will always be filled with throbbing want can not be saved, you can start and end of everything so yet? (All the novel network <
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