I want to buy these stone

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 11:44
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultWith alloy gear cutting on the stone that KaKa sound rang ,a block of material is also the Luanxiong cut is all a hideous mess ,divided into a dozen pieces .
The crowd had seen is not witnessed this gamble stone ,calcite UGG Coquette Slippers,all has its rule ,and the big wool which did not appear that jade associated crystals ,that this is not a piece of jade pendant .
Like the text Luanxiong is gnash the teeth in anger against the stone ,although the surface of python ,jade formation performance ,but the internal structure is illustrated .And we think there is some discrepancy .
If this one ,I never courage in front of cutting down to continue ,even if the heart is again UGG Women's Mini Bailey Button Paint,it will only be brought home slowly grinding and not make a fool of oneself in here .But this is not the Luanxiong jewelry business man ,he is a fun ,there was no matter what others think of ,or a piece of the slightly larger stones to unlock .
But we don is it right? Should the leaf Tianlou Choi ,Aya O had a knife along the material more than 10 cm place cut ,a little bit different to the cut crystal fog lock position .
If there is fog lock ,the Luanxiong naturally will not miss the block with jade stone ,only section and ordinary stone is ,he tossed the piece a little smaller than the football the stone thrown in to the onlookers who are experts ,each cut off a piece of material there will always be people hold up to see smooth cut ,but no traces of the jade ,the original stone block soon kicked a stone cutting machine the following a corner to the .
Vincent ,this is waste ,no need to cut down ? Yes ,to spend 10 million gambling beat it wasn ,Vincent don ! Wang Sheng said, last year in Burma public disk ,the thirty-six million mark is not cut down ? See the article Luanxiong not to mind taking the trouble to a decomposition down stone give open ,watching the people thought the Luanxiong is reluctant to buy from the HK $ten million ,have remained there up .
Just once on this material out of the price ... Heart he is scared ,but the boss is weathy material to rob away ,otherwise it will get urgently sweating people if they have . The stone was cut ,not a jade traces .
.. The boy must be wrong ! The Luanxiong and cut a piece of scrap ,shook his head ,loosen the stonecutter .They don ,the Luanxiong never put the ten million in mind ,he would still think ye said he now will drain money what .
Just look at the ground on the size of the dozens of blocks of stone, Aya O begins to doubt leaf day ,stone have solutions to such a degree that ... He does not believe there can be a jade ?See the article Luanxiong to stop his hands ,ye touched me left Jiajun ,whispered : brother, these wastes are how to deal with ah UGG Women's Lo Pro Denim Jacquard? Waste is naturally throw ah ,but also how to deal with? Zuo Jiajun was Ye Tianwen some be rather baffling ,who have nothing to these stone child doing? Can I have ? Ye Tian eyes ,voice is increasingly low, for fear of being heard .
This ... ... Left Jiajun frown brow ... Said: these materials are still belongs to the Luanxiong ,but you can buy from his hand ,I said, ye ... These are the waste ,you want them to do ? Just left Jiajun also went over ,this stone is no out of jade ,but was cut into it ,it is estimated that rag will pick up .
That is good ... ... ... ... ... ... Hear the words left Jiajun ,ye stand out ,asked : Wen, the material you ready solution down ? Eh? Hear leaves heaven such a word ,the Luang ambition in clipped a process ,do the remaining stones they really do have jade ?To be puzzled.
This is the piece of scrap ... ... Have a look to the stone fragment ,the Luanxiong soon dropped the idea ,have the stone into eighteen pieces ,then he can this solution on people .
Leaf day didn beat about the Bush ,come to the point directly to the said: Wen, so ... I want to buy these stone ,do not know that you are willing to sell ugg boots sale? This guy is crazy ?Why buy the rubbish ? It is also a like these ,but he does not have a look ,the cloth is decomposed into like this ,which also drain to collect his ? Young people want to take advantage of ,and he ate to have a deficit will understand ! Leaf day ,the crowd suddenly yell up ,waste cutting jade things have happened ,but those wastes are associated crystal appearance ,that is to say there is a jade may be x ì ng.
But this stone, cut down from a to Z which are stone ,let alone associated crystallization ,even without a fog lock ,press a root is a piece of jade pit dug out from the stone egg .
these wastes ? The Luanxiong suspicious looking leaves days ,could this person really can calculate to the material inside and a jade ?Ye Tian nodded ,and said: yes, I want them to cut again, good luck, perhaps we can out of jade .
,do you know that stone ah ,this material can have the emerald ! The next person really gone ,Hongkong jewelry business when to this strange world ? Hey ,are you there ,I understand this word ,gamble stone or first time heard .
Ye I laughed ,then said: I just thought handle addiction ,cut out of nothing ,cut out is made ? This ... ... ... ... ... ... This ... ... ... ... ... ... The man was Ye Tian said the terrified ,others admit to be utterly ignorant of ,what he has to say ? Wen, sell ?Otherwise your own then cut ,I watch is also ok .
Ye Tian didn talk to that person ,and look to the Luanxiong . Leaf brothers, you have to cut the play go ,play any money is not money . The Luanxiong smiled and shook his head ,cut down the stone is not called the stone ,the stone ,the stone could pave the way for two cannot be burned lime leaf ,even willing to buy ,the boss also feel shy to sell ah .
Oh ,Wen, in case if I work out jade comes, that is who ? Leaf day and motioning with his hand, a pair of first gentleman after the villain looking around those people are foolish eye .
The Luanxiong in Hongkong ,he says how back ?Even Zuo Jiajun could see it ,pull a leaf day ,whispered: brother, what are you going to do ? Of course I was to calcite . Ye Tiankan to the Luanxiong ,seriously said : Wen, you name your price ,so out of stone I belong ! Is it right? This kid poor crazy ? Onlookers who mind at the same time the read out paper Luanxiong heart also had a little fire ,ye must pay for the waste ,this is not hit him in the face ?The said: all right Classic UGG Boot,leaf brothers, even if you cut out a golden hill ,that is your ability, I am the one does not say a word ,so many people watching ,don I will regret ? The Luanxiong also want to see ,how can ye waste ,from which it was all a unanimous verdict of waste stone for jade ?If the leaf naive can cut out ,the article Luanxiong will also be sincerely convinced .
Well ,then Xie Wen . Leaf day smiled and nodded ,face was ashamed look ,guys will give you money ,you do not meet, see you later jade do not feel bad good .Originally some plain stone ,after ye so noisy ,suddenly some changed flavor ,those who are ready to leave people did not go ,the original is its original stone jewellers ,also in succession came around to look lively .
Leaves opposite day inside a staff waved ,said : come, help me get these stones to fixed up, I cut you a piece of ! OK. Although the man some despise speak Mandarin leaf days ,but it is his work ,only in accordance with the leaf day commanded a fist-sized waste is placed in the cutting machine ahem, such a large material he also cut ? Leaf day of this move is to make all people collective aphonia ,it pays up dozens of pieces of waste solution ,so go on, it must to when? But ye cutting speed ,obviously exceeded all expectations ,he did not see and draw a line said ,as long as the stone put on the go , Kacha knife down ,is one divides into two .
So gravel although small ,but more than 10 minutes later ,almost all of the stone are leaf day decomposition again, just imaginary emerald ,but without any trace . Ye ,or forget it, go ,see brother to calcite ,I there are two blocks of material was cut out .
Zuo Jiajun reached out and pulled a leaf days ,the brothers two words especially clear ,he is not to be underestimated the junior people ,estimated significantly L ùoutthe relationship between two people .
Zuo Jiajun ,originally a few are speaks the satire leaf day ,suddenly closed mouth ,as the saying goes out of deference to sb. Else ,if a mouth happy to left Jiajun ,but no end of trouble for the future ! Brother, and so on ,it .
Ye Tianyao shook his head ,to the staff said : take the machine on the following piece out up ah . Still the same ? The staff looked unhappy will the football size material hold out ,fixed in the stone cutting machine .
... ... Click ! Ye Tian is still and just like the drop from a knife in hand ,only this time he cut direction is slightly a bit, alloy gear from the polished stone edge cut down .
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