suddenly Cheung Tung covered

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 17:25

Www quanBEn, cOM, Hear Cheung Tung said, the days This Firmly Lin Xiang north put down. Raymond Cheung South and West hear Cheung Tung said to them this is Zhang mouth to say something, but in the end but silent. Not the control of Lin Tian Xiang North is also a 'bang' bang thrown to the ground. Xiang Dong,UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia For Cheap, who immediately rushed up to view Xiang North injuries. When they found Xiang North and not life-threatening, sigh of relief. Cheung Tung gritted his teeth and said: require us to make things against their conscience! will you a will. to believe you shock me give you the acupuncture points has been three days now, and efforts will be able to break through the harder, then I will not give you Jiexue. however I declare to you in advance, do Do not run away, your range of activities for the next seven days in the villa only escape, even hunted down to the ends of the earth I will kill you! back to Wangwaimian walked. See the forest days long gone, Xiang South quickly to Cheung Tung asked: said is done, let us now resume as soon as possible the best condition, ready for seven days after the First World War and forest day,Infants Erin UGG Boot! I do not believe that forest day be able to find us and even find us, we may not do not have the strength to fight! forward to the door of the villa, muttering said. Time flies, flash time seven days have passed. Today is Lin Tian Xiang family of four brothers set out the day of the decisive battle. In order to prevent their manor suffer again. Forest days this decisive battle locations in the the Fengcheng suburbs in a remote mountain valley. Soon, the the Xiang family of four brothers in the forest day arrangements, the public sedan came to the agreed place. Four brothers just got to go down, they saw another car on the forest days gone down. Lin days, can not believe you actually find such a remote place to act as your grave! Date of Xiang North Lin days confused and fainted not clear what happened, But the Xiang north wake up, Cheung Tung is the whole thing the whole story told Xiang north,UGG Button Fancy. Xiang North when informed that the forest day turned out to be single-handedly four brothers contend they was happy not swore To beat Lin days. Xiang north three brother has been to describe to him how the strength of the forest day how Xiang North unrealistic idea has not only extinguished, even the mood of the Xiang North With seven days past the more excited. However, despite the tone of the forest days is so dull, but then revealed Murder is Xiang North this has always been arrogant accustomed to martial arts masters feel the slightest chill. Xiang North not so easy to be forest-day sentence to be intimidated, just as he prepared to say 'it would fight to the death', then, suddenly Cheung Tung covered north of the mouth of the Xiang Lin days, said: Lin days, my four brothers he moment of weakness to say dirty words, you do not mind,UGG Knee Twisted Cable, the decisive battle is still carried out in accordance with laid down before us. The position went. the hands of the North, while Cheung Tung hand just loosen Xiang North will be some dissatisfaction looking one said of his big brother. strange and powerful, but Xiang North did not listen, still go its own way, it is very angry Xiang East. Then let Xiang Led by Lin Tian, ​​the crowd soon came to a secluded mountain valley. Brought a the Xiang family of four brothers came here, Lin is also stop down to four people, said: his three brothers, winking, knowing several brothers immediately four people will at breakneck speed forest days heavily around again. Watched four brothers distance getting closer, twenty meters! Fifteen meters! Ten meters! In four of the location near to the forest day five meters away when, suddenly, four shot, I saw four people transported from their proud tricks, four powerful energy attack issue facing the forest days, which also Lin days once encountered the Musha issued vitro attack! [..] <

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