Activate the magical scrying orb

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 13:41

Activate the magical scrying orb, then talk to him. Choose any option to Buy RS Gold, then use the truth serum on his coffee. When you've done that, talk to him again. He'll explain that he hired a wizard (Clarence) to put a spell on Bert to make him work for longer hours for the same pay. He then killed Clarence so that no one would know and so that he wouldn't have to pay him.Head back to Zavistic and show him what happened. He asks for five Earth Runes and a Bucket of Sand. Once you give these to him, a cutscene will ensue in which he casts a spell causing the sandpit to magically refill. He then asks you to go to the Entrana sandpit and check for any remains of Clarence. Once you get to Entrana, head west until you find a sandpit and a monk called Mazion. Talk to him and he'll give you a head (if you lose it just talk to him again). Take the head back to Zavistic and quest complete!Congratulations! You have completed the quest of Hand in the Sand by here.

Armour arbitageBuy items that are part of an armour set, package the components, and sell the sets. This is a very cash-intensive process, as you must purchase each of the components separately (or make them) in order to create the sets. It is important to understand both the market and the kind of armour that you are packaging up. Some sets like rune armour require a quest to be completed (Dragon Slayer), and are unlikely to be purchased as a complete set. A patient merchant can purchase the components at a low price and sell the completed sets at a high price, pocketing the difference as profit.

Members have a significant advantage doing this with both wider diversity in terms of the number of different sets available and having six slots on the Grand Exchange to purchase components, but this can be done by free players as well.Note: A hidden update in late October, 2009 placed a 4 hour trade cap on set related items, including godswords and runescape gold and their hilts.