the stakes we used to play different Tony 0 units

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 10:00
The 0 units bow Team crab king Cruz! Although the number of enemy units is a bit scary. Zhang Mu side of the players do not mess, everyone is a gifted and experienced. The cream of the crop of the elite. Died in their hands ... not one hundred eighty. So, the battle to fight is not too difficult, not too easy to describe. The huge fire red crab population shuttle. Let them angry is no way to run into the enemy's main force, no matter how their attack. These tiny human beings to walk too wind. "Open the door like this first battle is often very simple one goes down, the higher the degree of difficulty, be Do imprudent." Zhang Mu told everyone one. Easily, almost lossless exterminate crab king Cruz, Zhang Mu appear along Cruz piece opened up the road flew forward, soon arrived at the second hurdle. In a cave surrounded by vine plants peripherals. There is a monster was sitting at the door. This is a completely out of the strange creatures of the dinosaur. Areas, height Blade meters. Forehead hornless, standing to the hind legs, face exactly like Tyrannosaurus rex, but the body structure has different short forearm wrapped in a layer of thick some metal-like aperture circle vague revealed a silver-white light. both sides a little far away, so does not trigger the fight. Zhang Mu frowning gaze for a mechanical dragon. Large mechanical dragon. However, the action is very agile, no matter by what hurt, after treatment by body recovery. Features: restored, restored to life each turn. Mechanical dragon the milk units of sewing team! "Well, the characteristics of the Dragon with the Magic in the stand-alone version of the" bridge strange, it pretty well, since there is no Nazan What You're welcome. Destroy it! Long as we strong enough firepower would not fear its recovery level a copy of the degree of difficulty, "Zhang Mu squeezed fist. Zhang Mu framed and yes, their overall strength, not be a problem to deal with any difficulty level copy, either fire or arms combination to a the level difficulty copy of the requirements. It's like in the general tire online games! The figure reached about back playing the ugly class Tian kind. Zhang Mu group of people all the way through the clutter, almost always, regardless of the mobs or are difficult to escape the strong arms of cleaning up. Almost three hours later, the crowd came to the last ... in front of the difficulty level. Plot animation you you Skoll uncle? "Jay team ran out, looked at the name of human wearing a the expeditioners yellow clothing Old Skoll frightened:" Jay? How are you? How you will find here ? no wonder I have been hearing from just outside the sound of fighting, it's you, these people are behind you "? "Drama does not like people think, and full of the joy of reunion." The Skoll uncle, they are my friends, my father, and mother, Nick? "Skoll hands pocket, Lengran:" Jay. You go back to your parents is conducting an enough to subvert the hero mainland aboriginal, if successful, the hero of the nine races of the continent will completely disappear there will be a new ethnic group they take the ornaments "at this point, you do not come Mind your own business! "What? nosy? their children, that you should say that I am nosy?" ended plot Network, the Skoll behind a steel door in the creaking sound open , a pair of blood red eye monster from walking out. tyrannosaurus?! was not ordinary Tyrannosaurus! but a body covered under the heavy metal mechanical Tyrannosaurus! "mechanical Tyrannosaurus Canada Goose Womens Chilliwack! Handsome ah! Not sheep exclaimed. The mechanical the Tyrannosaurus force and resilience, have a fairly strong resistance to physical attacks, magic, but because it is the body's unique steel structure makes it fear of gas spells. Features: super recovery restore itself about the damaged units each turn! persuaded team is the one with the Scorpion King stakes Department of group attacking edge 0 units mechanical tyrannosaurus the edge 0 units, team mechanical tyrannosaurus king! "all on the gain just" mobs All to exterminate to say! the blindness machine floor Tyrannosaurus! "Zhang Mu calmly command. In the transfer of a number of rounds Men's Nike Air Max 2012, the two armies, the night romantic butterflies cannon fodder risked their lives flying over half to use magic. "Useless magic it is almost immune to magic!" Night romantic shook his head, in addition to gas-based injury. "Well, so, I understand, to exterminate all machines violence, after, the military pressure on! The relying output Pindiao this monster! "When a group of people in Zhang Mu exterminate all" small machines violence. After mechanical Tyrannosaurus Wang began to crowd attack less with the Scorpion King, the scope of its attacks, but the speed is surprisingly fast, local surface of the red the attack lines a necessary shuaibing escape even hesitation vague, will be detrimental to the soldiers off to the danger. "***, Finished!" Injury curse a myth, he made a big mistake Canada Goose Livigno Parka Outlet. We really should not let the dark knight charges ahead. Froze in the middle stepped into the attack range of mechanical tyrannosaurus king, this time to think dodge no time! Squatting Crash! A loud crash, suffered mechanical tyrannosaurus king right paw attack to persuade multi-unit Dark Knight instantly exterminate the Tian months! Read? How did spike? "Leng myth injury. Zhang Mu shook his head and said: "the stakes we used to play different Tony 0 units. Playing out of harm constant, it will only be reduced with the reduction in the number. Moreover, the Black Knight 7 order upgrade arms in order bit high so only dead Tian units, but even so you also do not imprudent. longer shots, you ride the black would be finished! "" Damn it, you had to say ah! scared Le "Be careful, it is to call a small machine violence, kill small resort" Zhang Mu loudly cautioned Heroes "is often divided into three categories. , Class, active offensive kind of player to carry arms, the greater the number, the higher the injury, such very simple, as long as the use of magic auxiliary, can often be easily won. 2 stakes, such stakes form of standing backcourt players troops attack range attack, major test for the ability of the player's micromanagement, such difficult than twice as large as the active offensive such the number dropped to a certain extent, when there will be a variety of "group attacking skills appear, summon mobs is the most common form, the Scorpion King is a stakes-type. 3, mixed, lose the above map, or a copy of the difficulty level appear such are two or more "proactive. Stakes. (To be continued)
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