Weddings without crying

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 14:59
Day of the lunar new year's day, each palatial garden of almost all the sound of firecrackers in the sound. Maybe for Gong Fei long lonely and boring life maid eunuch, one day, it really is joyous and happy.

Early dressing and put on years when the audience with red Brocade suit, four top-flower Pearl hairpin. Brocade suit collar on the wind very well, oily water sliding, gently on the cheek itch of fine, light flexible when children Tickle hands.

Get up and go out, Pearl face lighted up holding a big red camlet cloak of white Fox crane and I put on. Cranes for crane cloak is made of fabric cut into feather twisting wide body coat with wide sleeves, color white, soft and elegant, House House was years ago made a point of sending to venerate.

I took a deep look at a moment filled with joy Pearl, hint: "you feel fit you? "She was my face laying, wondering what to do and looked at coach outlet online store there to her for help.

coach outlet online store there ask for a honey-colored wool cloak and I put on the wind, handwarmer and drop a small flat gold in my arms, reach out and help me out.

Audience at the close of the day, I really don't need too grow. Especially the first time pay a formal visit in front of my fear of the Queen Mother, humility is a good gesture.

Snow West, home of Empress Dowager Yi ning Palace of glass tile, Dawn gleaming brilliant under the map the white jade carved bar, to make your life a sense of admiration, only feel afraid to watch intently.

Class standing among the bouquets of the Imperial concubines, I suddenly felt nervous. This is my first time in the Palace since the year to pay a formal visit her official, closely watching her.

Eunuch has characteristic sharp fine voice calling my name, deep breath, column, row thrice kneeling and nine times bowing her,: "the Empress Dowager Feng town, fuzewannian. ”

Her eyes fell on me, smiling: "heard that the Emperor liked you, looking up I look. ”

I looked up, eyes respectful and submissive.

Her eyes slightly to a halt, near Queen's Road: "validate Jieyu very polite, heshun. ”

Her smell just slightly nodded, "what's your name? ”

"Robinson concubine Zhen , pay a formal visit her for the first time, Empress Dowager Chen my gift, Robinson concubine enraptured. "Say thanks again.

"Sth" her mutter and I'm going to looked at me. Her eyes Ning and self-possessed, but I feel that the eyes are like everywhere, and no reason to feel uncomfortable, red face does not know what to do with his head hung down well.

Looked up and her had was all smiles again: "well, this child is very polite. ”

I looked down, soft: "Robinson concubine young are not familiar with the rules, but fortunately her grace bless, Emperor generous, Queen's sister and you are willing to teach Robinson concubine, will not commit a breach of etiquette. ”

Her chin, "don't blame the Emperor like you, mourning was like. "Says maid taking clothing silk accessories gift with me.

I give thanks, Empress Dowager suddenly asked, "will you write? ”

A slight surprise, to talk Queen has been answered for me, "Jieyu very well, wanted to pass the writing. ”

Her eyebrows slightly as the Queen, Queen's silence no longer go on.

I said, "Chen I-pass write, just poor writing, into not Queen Mother's eye. ”

Her gentle smile: "write well, often free to accompany Yi ning Palace mourning, for the mourning family copied article. ”

Joy in my heart, said: "if her not to be ashamed of-Chen concubine bulky, Robinson I want to best serve her. ”

Her smile, and knelt down in front of her body, her smile I see clearly, usually prime of her sake do not know is not maintained properly or anything else, manhood in her original than many older women gaunt almost, eye wrinkles, such as fish encryption sweep open. Perhaps my illusion, I felt surrounded by splendid Pearl Jade's smile has any sense of sadness and tiredness.

Starting from the first month 14, my mood has been looking forward to and expect the package managed to 15 early this morning, woke up four days awake again, coach outlet online store there was alerted by me, laughing: "little long woke up, still early days, Zhen Gong got to pay a formal visit of Emperor, noon and small talk. ”

I tuck inclined to sit in, thought for a while: "really early. Just think of the Palace have not been seen since his brother, bitter cold in border areas, always miss am. ”

coach outlet online store there: "the little sleep, spirit of the noon. ”

I had promised to "good", but are worried about, flip over several times can't sleep incense sinking after all.

Managed to noon, suddenly heard the sound of out flow Zhu joy: "public. ”

I was about to get up to, coach outlet online store there busy: "small master could not rise, this was not. "I had to sit down again correct. So three or four maid eunuch curtain cage, said "small wedding. "Brother big step across in, walk through the monarch and his subjects, we dared to get up, swallowed tears, called" brother--"

Years gone, brother add a lot of color of the wind on his face, eyebrows looked also become strong, and full of animated courage. Just look me in the eyes look, still is I spoil and indulge in the women's apartment.

My brother and I sat down, lodging for hurting people, in the morning, brother: "Emperor has put me in a section with Shou Tang had used it. ”

I'm slightly surprised, "together with the Emperor and brother? ”

"It is. The emperor was very kind to me, perhaps because you find favor with sake. ”

I thought moment, already understood, only smile: "today is the Lantern Festival, brother with me eating a bowl of Lantern Festival. ”

Palace Lantern Festival in delicate workmanship, mixed with a rose petal honey Sesame filling, levigation sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch, point Gui Huarui Hamster in soup. I personally hold a bowl placed before the brothers, said: "frontier garrison bitter cold, presumably nothing exquisite food, sister to do more today. ”

Brother laughs: "I have nothing, but has been afraid that you do not live in the Palace, now, the Emperor extremely good for you, I'm relieved. ”

I smile with mouth closed bow, "what good is not good, but the Emperor's grace. ”

Chatted for a few moments, his brother suddenly hesitated, I heart exceedingly strange, he finally said, "before the palace his father told me one thing, mind you--" is no longer go on.

I would like to think, hide your mouth laughing: "is for brother marries his wife, I do not know which is the Lady's House? ”

Brother took out a piece of paper notes, says 35 female name, followed by the birth family status and age, "father has fixed several candidates, would you mind. ”

I'm slightly surprised, "I didn't know they miss, how do we better mind. ”

"Father said that her sister is now around the Emperor's concubines, have you fixed for good. ”

I think about: ". I fixed, and this is our selection of glory. "Saying eat naughty smile:" brother who prefers, sister on whom to choose. ”

Brother shake shaking his head, eyes on Kam PA light fell on my hand, "I do not want one. "His eyes down, and voices but some erratic, I doubt careful look, Kam PA is in the hands of a few days ago mausoleum embroider gift my tolerance, embroidery is sparse sparse tree, oleander, talking about the pink flower, surrounded by the shallow gold four-moire, pins are close she's slim.

I was shocked to suddenly evoked some Cheng pulls, light laughs: "brother seemed like Oleander flowers? "I pointed at a woman named Xue Qian Peach on the list:" the Xue Xiaojie origin family, educated and reasonable, I also heard in in the women's apartment, how brother think? ”

Brother smile and some distant, "father wants you to choose, what objection do I have? ”

I fixed some Shinto: "brother, his wife, how can they have no idea? ”

Lil brother hands a silver spoon in porcelain bowls on "bites" with a light, diffuse channel: "mind what? I remember that you had in the Palace as consort, today is also very good. Is there any idea is already a foregone conclusion, tell the truth, women on this list I don't know, who are good. ”

I breath cold air, main court warm ocean spring, almost unable to bear brother chill in this sentence. I look around, coach outlet online store there are immediate laughs: "small master haven't met and public, afraid of so many things to say, we will go out first. "Say a person An Gao back out.

My slightly discolored, PA in the hands of a flow to the table, then laughs: "Ling embroidery craft the better tolerance. Summer embroidered when a pair of peach figure married to the Emperor, Emperor favor it. ”

Brother light "Oh" sound, as if not really care, but said: "the tombs of small capacity is the main County Assistant Officer's daughter, family status is not high, today is also very easy. ”

I looked at him looking a little straight from the horse's mouth, said, "brother just said, but have a soul mate? If there are, from a word used in women ' s name and the dad says, is not difficult. ”

A moment of silence, brother: "does not. "He said:" Mr Miss home very well. "His voice slightly muffled," Alizarin peach, is a good name, and live harmoniously. ”

Just then, suddenly see a handsome figure standing in the window, do not know when. I almost suspect was Wun Pik, tone not increased by three points, said, "who is outside? ”

Kam curtain, suddenly a pick, is Yingying figure came in, laughing: "this want to come in, who's known coach outlet online store there that Zhen Gong, told people to go down by Narcissus, who knows my sister saw me. "Say:" durable missing, Zhen Gong without harm, right? ”

Brother free rose Jianli, dared to sit down.

Volume I see is the mausoleum, is almost a surprise, if you want to just let her hear, will inevitably have to feel sad, not some Samsam embarrassed face. Only pay attention to both of them look in her eyes is abnormal.

Mausoleum of capacity it was business as usual, except for men, slightly stiff, courtesy of brother keep concubines, afraid to speak casually looked up, who did not see the two are different.

Sitting just that cautious, but some constraints, muffled in time. Jin Luo curtain ledger, smoke hundreds of light and fragrant, smoke curl upwards in the gap of the gilded Jin Boshan furnace squid mingling struggle to rise, poly-San, who was know as one, is also gone, only that all isn't real.

I had to open to find a thread: "brother do you want another bowl of rice balls, I ate enough. ”

Brother: "do not. Always some pain today, is to eat less sweets. ”

"The brother is eating what, always a toothache is bad. ”

Brother modest smile, "you don't know, although I am a man, but I work hard drugs, or would rather let it hurt. ”

Ling volume suddenly eyes just a sniff, neutral tone: "preparation of Pak and fragrant cloves of raw materials, take the clove buds made solution for tooth pain in the mouth, not only not bitter, but sweet mouth, I may as well try. ”

Brother eye has no intention to sweep on her face, said, "thank you little master. ”

Mausoleum place gently used to laugh myself, "from the outside in, or feel some chilling. "Says greeting a brother a few words, to go:" Ling capacity in some thing, had to ask for leave. ”

I saw that she had to go. Sit down and gently scoop silver spoon in hand, hard soft soft texture touch dumpling, almost is unable to force General. I smiled: "Miss brother likes to sit at home would be great, I do not know when the wedding, a word used in women ' s name is a good brother he he. ”

Brother is similar to the happy smile on his face, but I do not see that look of joy. He said, "should not be. After the 3rd I will go back to the border areas, every time the Emperor I back in March to report on his work. "Winter fall into sunlight falls on the brother yingjian posture, but faint golden glow in a circle.
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