March 14 [Sat], 2009, 9:11
ive been missing a whole week of school & thats too much.

im a terrible person. i dont go to school, i dont know how to listen, i lie too much.
and i do bad things someone my age should not even do.

my dad hates me. my brother. my mom. thiz whole world.
people wish they never met me.

my life is full of shit. im a loner, i have no friends. im home all day.

i'll never find love, friends, and i'll never be happy.
because im not loved and no one cares of about me.

and im just better off by myself, yet disappear becuz all i do is
bring people pain and trouble.

atarashi gakkou

March 07 [Sat], 2009, 18:02
i finally use to internet. its been a week!
i've never been away from the internet that long. lolz

well its three am right now. saturday.
im going back to mom's house tomorrow nite anyway.

i dont really like my new school. the ppl are so immature + stupid

anyway, im burning a viet cd for mom. but i mite have done it wrong.

i've gain so much weight. mom's place has so many good shit

each time i come off from school, i go to co phuongs, shes in vietnam
but she gave me key. then mom gets off work and come pick me up.

i'll just throw up at co phuongs house or something.

anyway. we put the new flat screen in the livingroom. sweeet

hate my life. hate it more than anything else
no matter where i go, how far. i still will always be like this.
i'll die this way. i'll never be able to smile for a real reason.
no one likes me. im a terrible person.
sometimes when i want to kill myself, i get so afraid.
i ask myself all these questionz, why do i have to do this for.

someday this will all go away, wont it?
why am i forcing myself to do this. i know i dont. but i do.
i cant keep living on like this. everyday is a struggle.

it hurts when mom, dad or duy tells me im fat.
im a human being and i have feelings too, it fucking hurts
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