New Year 

2006年01月16日(月) 11時43分

This year is the year of the dog! Dogs is pretty!
By the way, how about you in last year?
I say that for me, last year was usual.
For me and you, I wish this year is beautiful year!!!


2005年12月19日(月) 11時05分
This is the climate of the world.

Now, the climate of the world has changed. Lack of rain, increasing typhoon,... above all, the global warming is serious. Yealy, the temperature of the earth goes up. And this year, the temperature of the earth is the second highest since we began to observe it.

In the furture, the temperature of the earth will be higher and higher.

By the way, aren't you interested in the record?

The highest temperature of the world is Iraq--- 58.8℃
The highest temperature in Japan is Yamagata--- 40.8℃
The lowest temperature of the world is the South Pole--- -89.2℃
The lowest temperature in Japan is Hokkaido--- -41.5℃
The deepest snoefall of the world is Shiga in Japan--- 1182cm



2005年12月12日(月) 11時19分
1 inc=25.4 mm
1 feet=30 cm
1 yard=0.9 m
1 mile=1.6 km
1 mm=0.04 inc
1 cm=0.4 inc
1 m=1.1 yard
1 km=0.62 mile
1 inc^2=6.5 cm^2
1 feet^2=0.09 m^2
1 yard^2=0.8 m^2
1 mile^2=2.6 km^2
1 a=0.1 ha
1 acre=0.4 ha
1 cm^2=0.16 inc^2
1 m^2=1.2 yard^2
1 km^2=0.4 mile^2
1 ha=2.5 acre
1 ounce=28.35 g
1 pound=0.45 kg
1 g=0.035 ounce
1 kg=2.2 pound
1 ounce=30 ml
1 pint=0.47 l
1 quart=0.95 l
1 gallon=3.8 l
1 ml=0.034 ounce
1 l=2.1 pint
1 l=1.06 quart
1 l=0.26 gallon

1 μm=10^-6 m
1 Å=10^-10 m
1 f=10^-15 m
1 Y=10^-15 m
1 in=2.54*10^-2 m
1 ft=12 in=0.3048 m
1 yd=3 ft=0.9144 m
1 mi=1760 yd=1609.344 m
1 nm=1852 m
1 AU=1.4959787066*10^11 m
1 pc=3.08567758066631*10^16 m
1 l.y.=9.460730473*10^15 m
1 mil=2.54*10^-5 m

1 b=10^-28 m^2
1 a=100 m^2
1 ha=10^4 m^2
1 L=10^-3 m^3
1 λ=10^-6 dm^3
1 me~9.10939*10^-31 kg
1 Da~1.660540*10^-27 kg
1 γ=1 μg
1 t=10^3 kg
1 lb=0.45359237 kg
1 oz~28.3495 g
1 oz(troy)~31.1035 g
1 gr=64.79891 mg


2005年11月28日(月) 11時35分
If there is "DORAEMON"... Everybody has this idea. If there is "DORAEMON", what item do you give? "DOKODEMODOOR"? "TAKEKOPUTAR"? He was made to help people. But, in robots, there is the one made besides the purpose, too. The one to fight, to destroy. There is "GUMDAM". This robots was made to fight foe that bring fear. If there is "GUMDAM", the world is peaceful!!

mobile phones 

2005年11月21日(月) 11時28分
Do you like fashionable mobile phones or mobile phones with camera
Now, peaple can choose an original mobile phone in that. Newer mobile phones have functions that watch TV, listen to music, use electronic money and so on.
Everybody have a mobile phone, or mobile phones. As favorite mobile phones maker, there are NTTDoCoMo, Vodafone, au. Then, SoftBank, eACCESS are added. We are expecting that.

Light blue:Vodafone
Purple:New Entry
Blue point:penetration rate



2005年11月14日(月) 10時58分
In Southeast Asia, "Bird influenza" has become popular. This disease infects birds and many birds were dead. But, the threat is endless. "Bird influenza" infects not only birds but also people. WHO said The large fashion occurs without fails. If this become popular, it is said that several hundred thousand people will die of it. Taking medicine is a method for recovering from the flu. But, there are few medicines. So we should prevent infection. In the neary furture, peaple will come the devil.

The space 

2005年11月07日(月) 11時05分
About 4.6 billions ago, the earth was born. Compared with it, it is recent that human beings were born. Human beings have accomplished suprising evolusion since then. One of that, human beings went to the moon.

One astronaut said,

"The earth was blue..."
They also went to Mars. They will go to another planet. But, they need energy of the sun.
The sun is misterious. The sun was born before the earth was born. The sun is hot! Very hot!! Without the sun, the living thing will die out.

The space is misterious. There are many planet in the space. Red and blue planet...
It is wonderful!! RINC


2005年10月31日(月) 11時09分
In our life, music is necessary and indispensable.
Without music, our life becomes unhappy.
human beings can listen to music. And they made
many things.
Then, iPod was developped.

No music, no life!!
However, there is not end in development...
Recently, many people have a cell phone with music.
In using this cell phone, we can mail while listening to music.
Evolusion will continue... What is next thing

About car 

2005年10月24日(月) 11時22分
It is fun to drive a car !! We can go somewhere easily
by car and many peaple can go driving by car.
But, long driving is tiresome for me. I don't want to drive.
I wish I went driving this car...

It is impossible to go driving by this car, however.
It is because this car is the limousine for the President of USA !!
So, I wish I went driving this car..

This car is my family's car but, its color is deferent and it is older.
Let's go driving everybody by this car !!


2005年10月17日(月) 11時00分
I often read some comics.
Especially, Slum Dunk is very interesting !!

Since I read this, I wanted to play basketball !!

I want to play basketball...
It is fall of sports...but, of reading...

By the way, I went to Iwakuni too. By my zoomer...
I also went to Onomichi !!
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