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What subtitles?

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Owwwwww Muito Obrigado, lindo documentario! Thanks from brazil😎😎✌✌

Nico 4 ever!


Many of these people {as the film directors at the beginning of the film alluded too} were bright, charismatic, talented people but also troubled and lost to a degree. Many, many of them flamed out. {Actually Nico didn't. She died in her late 40's.} Edy and Morrison and many of the others flamed out rapidly. An interesting film. I'm ten years younger than the Stones and the Beatles {although John would be older now} and Jim Morrison and Hendrix and Lou Reed  and so forth and so on. Nico was actually 2 or 3 years older than most of them. I was slightly familiar with that whole New York scene. We moved about 2 hours away from New York in the mid sixties and I got into drugs and that whole scene and I had friends who went down to the Village and all that. This is an interesting film and  I suppose Nico was an interesting woman. I tend not to glorify people anymore. I lost interest in glorifying people at some point in my life. I used to have posters on the wall when I was a teenager and all that. At some point I came to realize that people are just people and a life just a life. I don't feel good or bad for anyone in this film. They lived their life and it could have been one way and perhaps it was another way. Their life was/is their life. Nothing mysterious about it. We live and then we die. End of story..

Superb Seagal 💕💕

And in Canada

This is amazing

Alan Wise. RIP

The subtitles for the non-English conversations are not included here, as they are on the VHS..

Does anyone know what version of No One Is There that Tina Aumont is listening to?@ 48:46

When you do certains things for the wrong reasons, you end up having regrets of course, and if you then blame those things instead of yourself, that's twice the mistake! The german dude got into heroin to impress a chick... Bad move! A serious decision deserves a serious goal. I remember the first time i tried heroin. I wanted to die. I was being eaten alive by this quasi-paranoid depression (all because of a girl, solitude and despair) and everyday i would put a knife to my wrist and think of a reason not to do it... Then a funny thing happened. My mind started to clear up. The thoughts of suicide became irrelevant and great joy filled that hole in my head. I realized that i would no longer kill myself, not this time, i was cured, happier than ever. They say happiness can't be bought... but they're wrong. It's not cheap, but you can find it on the streets. Heroin saved my life. I can't say that i got a bad deal, at all. Today i look back and i realize how stupid it would have been if my reason to try H was nothing more than to impress a girl or a bunch of friends. No, i did it to find myself. I wrestled the tabu and i won, life won. Sometimes people ask me if i still have a heroin problem... lol. Problem? I always answer that i never had a problem with it. Things are only a problem if you find the problem in them. I never did..

Magnifique !

When the Nico guy says mannequin around 18:50 , I believe he means model. I know some French, and I believe mannequin means model in the French language. If not, feel free to ignore this comment..

She was one from girlfriends of Jim Douglas Morrison, of rock band, The Doors.
another junkie
Who Tim Buckley is mentioned? The Jeff Buckley's father?
Likeeeeeeee amigo bom dia
Nico was so beautiful.
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Thanks!! Make sure you keep a backup of your great subtitles, so you can upload them in case this video gets lost..
Nico, 1988 | Where to Stream and Watch | Decider
I hate the way this starts, a freak? that was heroin and a lot of personal issues. Nico was a truly introvert genius, she was so talented and her performances were so reliable. She was so underrated..

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It was Andy Warhol who wanted Lou Reed and John Cale to let his beautiful new friend Nico sing with their avant-garde rock band. Truthfully, though, Victor Frankenstein himself couldn’t have..

brilliant film. the tone is so good considering the subject. thanks

If I had a dollar for every time someone said I looked like a male version of Nico.

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what is the song playing during jacksons poem
Now I see where Siouxsie Sioux and especially that lady from X-Mal Deutschland got their singing style from. Thanks for posting. My only regret is that it wasn't 5 hours longer... 

Odd , when someone said Andy Warhol was a magician, a wizard It was at 33:30 to 33:33 333 is Choronzon's number ( those that study the Occult will know what this means)
Very interesting. Especially the reference to the black apartment in Paris. I met he in a black apartment in Greenwich Village in the 60's. She was very sweet.

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Thanks for uploading this. I loaned my DVD off this to someone and never got it back and forget who borrowed it.
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Thank you for this. A trajic talented enigma. I hope she has found peace.

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Sayaka Akimoto (秋元 才加, Akimoto Sayaka, born July 26, 1988 in Matsudo, Chiba) is a Japanese actress and singer who was a member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, where she had served as the captain of Team K and the AKB48 sub-unit Diva.She was..
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