Shake up your weekend and mix with the most eligible of bachelors and strait-laced of ladies at this once a year event.

August 06 [Mon], 2012, 16:25

Shake up your weekend and mix with the most eligible of bachelors and strait-laced of ladies at this once a year event. A sophisticated affair, the high-octane polo proceedings are punctuated with live music and other such fancy entertainments.

A magnificently slick and quick game, Gaucho Polo is complemented perfectly by tasty tipples and posh nosh and provides you with the perfect opportunity to truly glam up and let your hair down.

Fabulous food: Pitt Cue Co

When it comes to dining out, it's far too tempting to stick to what you know; but you're definitely missing the best of what's on in London.

If the thought of authentic, smoked and slow-cooked US style BBQ foods is rapidly making your mouth water, you need to head to Pitt Cue Co to have your needs fulfilled. Over beef brisket; soft pulled pork; charred beef ribs and smoky mash topped with burnt ends - Discount Mulberry Bags you'll wonder why you ever dined anywhere else.

Pop-up shops: The Crafty Fox Market

Whether you're a Prada princess or smitten with all things vintage, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for what's on. In London, shops are popping up here there and everywhere, but blink, and you'll miss it.

March 2012 will see The Crafty Fox Market popping up in Brixton; Melanie Porter and her eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary furniture will be gracing Covent Garden with their presence and Nothing But Navy can be found selling bits of homeware, artwork and clothes, which are all navy - surprise surprise! And, wait for it... for all you killer heel Loubi lovers, Christian Louboutin will be making a brief appearance in Selfridges.

Sample sales

For the David Dickinson's amongst you, just a cheeky heads up - London is packed with sample sales that quite simply cannot be missed!

Whether you're a car boot junkie or a bargain hunter, London has many a sample sale just waiting to be trawled. Filled to the brim with designer labels, some with up to 90% off the original price tag, you could walk away with some absolute steals; your pals will be none the wiser as you rock up at the next party with a Mulberry Handbags 2012 dangling off your arm.

In a city steeped in history, culture and entertainment, finding out what's on in London can be an overwhelming task. But, London is never short of a Mulberry Handbags Sale thing or two to do, and while it can be tricky narrowing down what's on, in London, there's something on every corner.

Your quest may tug you in the direction of discovering what's on in London's it is undeniably tempting to follow the crowds and go with the flow. But dig Discount Mulberry Purses a little deeper and you can unearth some real hidden gems in the Big Smoke to add to your impressive list of what's on in London.

Think you know what's on in London? Think again. Get ready to unleash your inner adventurous streak and embark on a prowl for more entertainment.

Exquisite event: Gaucho Polo

If tussling up your tresses, sipping the finest of Mulberry Outlet champers and showcasing your 'Jack Wills' wardrobe is your idea of heaven, then Gaucho Polo at the o2 is the dream!