he clearly needs this spirit continues to inspire

November 14 [Thu], 2013, 11:19
Calf pre-emptive, Ellis assists twice in a row after the start, Shawn Marion shot three minutes, buckle dailemubote storms his way, they start with 5-0. Nearly 2 minutes after the game, Blake Lake talent by shooting down three points. This section also has 7 minutes and 12 seconds, the Lakers quickly launch their attack, long bounce pass Blake, Henry is successful under the basket after the ball to the basket, the Lakers would score to 8-12. Ellis breakthrough right away with the colors, and dailemubote under the basket has no weakness, calf, quickly opened the gap, the first section after the lead 35-22. Calf's second team has advantages. Section II of the first attack, Carter ball attracted defense, suddenly a drop pass, Blair followed up front storms lifted both hands pull the ball. After the Lakers narrow the gap to 11 points, and Blair a diversion pass, Claude down layup man Feng succeeded, the Mavericks maintain a double-digit advantage. Calderon, and Carter caught three minutes after the hit, in this section there are 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the Mavs lead 57-37 20 min. The last 1 minute, Mavericks who had 6 minutes, held the lead with 67-48. Nowitzki in the third quarter, beginning shortly after the three-hit, one person who had 5 points, calf with 76-50 ahead. new balance 574 women Nash to strengthen attack, twice shot hits, but the Lakers ' defense didn't work, calf continues to gap. This section has 4 minutes and 33 seconds, the Calderón again by three hits, calf with 90-60 ahead. The outside take a shot the Lakers, shot 3 of three minutes, a wave of 17-4 the end of this section, the score to 77-94.

Mavs can't inadvertently fourth quarter let Nowitzki play. Claude becomes the last resort, the fourth section was less than half, he shot threes 3 remember, Dallas again to extend the advantage to 20 points or more, the Lakers failed to pose a threat. Ever since the Twitter account opened, Bryant has been quite active and often interact with fans. But this time, black Mamba nearly didn't "sound". This past October, Bryant had only a total of three Twitter, a response to ESPN to predict the Lakers ' new season ranked "12th", a response to Michael Jordan claimed he stole the master himself of all footwork, the last one will be taking part in China's professed lost 5 pounds in a day before the game. Period, Bryant has also replaced two Twitter avatar, is a Brown face, and another number 1225. Origin of about 1225, although widely believed it was on ESPN ranked the displeasure but Bryant did not give an official reason. Since November, Bryant so far has only sent two Twitter, is to commemorate the recently deceased basketball-playing Bill samane, another is local time this morning's "#blackout#bearhunt". On "bearhunt" (bear), this shouldn't be too difficult to understand. Reminiscent of April this year, injured his Achilles tendon in the Facebook article quoted in the lyrics of "If you see I was wrestling a bear, please pray for that bear", which is in fact represented a "Mamba". Kobe is still actively resumed injury, he clearly needs this spirit continues to inspire.

In contrast, the "Blackout" is somewhat confusing. From a literal interpretation, its lights, blacked out (was dark so he heads into Twitter? ), Or fainting, so much so that many media basketball media on Twitter "Please explain" has even been worried whether Bryant's injury recovery there has been regression. Now, new balance 577 womens for the "Blackout" the most reasonable explanation is from 2011 a basketball training camp in Kobe, when he said "Blackout" refers to myself "field training part one". The training program includes a lot of running, attacking skills, cardio and weight lifting. It is understood that Bryant insisted the training program from 20 years old, and he stressed "the intensity of training a lot". In the last two months, he has been conducting the training run, and have been able to withstand the weight percent of cases to run. Last week, Bryant said in an interview in the training run is in good condition and give yourself every day. But at the same time, he trained at the stadium will still be subject to restrictions. If Kobe really like in Twitter, he said, have been able to enter the "Blackout" this training project, which means his comeback has entered a critical stage.
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