i felt.. 

2007年08月23日(木) 12時03分

Nothing...just want to try this! 

2007年08月23日(木) 3時41分
haha..so cute!!

borken day 

2007年08月22日(水) 12時36分
today,i put the cell phone with my clothes togather and wash them by accident.The weird thing is that my mom didnt yell at me alot,just alil.and then i broked a bowl.I thought my mom will yell at me really bad,but she didnt.Its really weird right?Tomrrow,i have to go to Mc to ask them if they are hiring any ppl.Actrually,i dont really want to work there,because i dont like that mall.(But i dont have any choice,i need a job)Actually , i am lil bit scare,since my self confidence are not enough....but i learn from some animes and drama,belive my self and learn to like my self.I am working hard for this.
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