Low-energy photons  

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:55
A short-circuit current Jsc
When using thinner polysilicon films, be faced with a problem is the quality of the surface of the composite with the base material. Experiments confirmed using SiNx as the front surface passivation layer and Al as the back of the field (BSF), when the polysilicon film thickness greater than 200um, Jsc and silicon thickness is independent of the relationship, only the silicon thickness of less than 200um , Jsc was reduced with the reduction of the thickness. BSF can hinder the photogenerated minority carriers support or oppose the surface of movement, reducing back surface recombination, p / n junction on the carrier collection.

Low thickness, the matrix of the incident light absorption to reduce the BSF solar cell short-circuit current density is even more obvious. SiNx as a front surface passivation layer to reduce surface recombination and improve the quality of the base material. However, when the silicon thickness is very low, low low-energy photons will pass through the silicon can not be absorbed, Jsc decreased.

Silicon thickness of the open circuit voltage (Voc)

AL-the BSF in the back of the polycrystalline silicon solar cells, silicon thickness is greater than 200um, open circuit voltage (Voc) and silicon thickness is an independent relationship. Thick silicon wafer, Voc is independent of silicon thickness.

Third, the efficiency of silicon thickness

Silicon thickness is greater than 200um, AL-the BSF polycrystalline silicon solar cell efficiency is independent of each other with the silicon thickness. Thickness of less than 200um silicon wafer, solar cell efficiency of the high base quality is reduced as the thickness decreases, the low base quality solar cell efficiency is still constant.

Standard industry out of step, 200um thickness of the silicon wafer is the starting point of the polycrystalline silicon solar cell reduced performance. When the polysilicon film thickness of less than 200um, the main electrical parameters of the polycrystalline silicon solar cells started to decrease. Reduce silicon thickness to reduce the cost of photovoltaic, to use the effective surface passivation to reduce surface recombination and to improve the quality of the base region.

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Government attaches great importance  

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:54
New energy vehicles refers to all other energy vehicles in addition to gasoline and diesel engines. Including fuel cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, hydrogen powered cars and solar cars. Exhaust emissions low. According to incomplete statistics, the world has more than 400-10000 LPG cars, over 100 million natural gas vehicles. The Chinese market in the sale of new energy vehicles are hybrid vehicles.

China's new energy automotive industry [1] began in the early 21st century. In 2001, the new energy automotive research project was included in the national "10th Five-Year" period, "863" major scientific and technological issues, and plan strategy with petrol vehicles as a starting point, the goal of advancing to the hydrogen-powered vehicles.

"Eleventh Five-Year", China put forward the strategy of energy conservation and new energy vehicles, "Government attaches great importance to R & D and industrialization of new energy vehicles. In 2008, new energy vehicles in China has shown a full attack potential. 2008 to become China's "new energy vehicles the first year". January to December 2008 sales growth of new energy vehicles is the growth of passenger cars, 1-December new energy passenger car sales of 899 units, an increase of 117 percent, while commercial vehicle sales of 1536 units of new energy vehicles, January to December fell 17 percent.

In 2009, in the context of the intensive support policies, China's new energy vehicles to enter the fast track of development. Although the proportion of new energy vehicles in China's auto market is still minimal, but it is the growth potential in the Chinese commercial vehicle market has begun to release. In January-November 2009, new energy passenger car sales fell 61.96 percent, to 310. January to November 2009, new energy commercial vehicles - passenger car of liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas buses, hybrid buses, etc. - sales grew by 178.98% to 4034. Compared to the cold reception in the passenger car market, the "new energy vehicles in the Chinese commercial vehicle market has begun to rapid growth.

In 2010, China is stepping up efforts to support the new energy vehicles, and June 1, 2010, the state start in five cities including Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei, private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidy pilot. In July 2010, 10 City, one thousand energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion of pilot cities increased from 20 to 25. New energy vehicles are entering a comprehensive policy to support the stage.

"12th Five-Year" period, China's new energy vehicles will be officially entered the stage of industrial development :2011-2015, enter the industrial stage, the whole of society to promote new energy city bus, hybrid cars, small electric cars. Thirteen Five-Year "period that is, 2016-2020, China will further popularize new energy vehicles, multi-energy hybrid, plug-in electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell car will gradually into the ordinary household.

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Gasoline combination can only temporarily alleviate the energy crisis 

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:53
Hydrogen is a kind of new energy vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles is a true zero-emission transport emissions are pure water, its non-polluting, zero emission, abundant advantage, therefore, the hydrogen-powered vehicles ideal alternative to conventional cars. Compared with conventionally powered vehicles, hydrogen cars cost at least 20% higher.

China Changan Automobile in 2007 completed the first efficient zero-emission hydrogen internal combustion engine ignition, and independent research and development of China's first hydrogen-powered concept car "hydrogen process on display at the 2008 Beijing auto show."

"Car society" gradually formed, cars are constantly on the rise, oil and other resources are stretched, on the other hand, swallow large amounts of gasoline in vehicles emit harmful gases and pollutants. The ultimate solution, of course not to limit the development of automobile industry, but to open new energy alternative to oil, fuel cell vehicles of the four quickly and quietly rolling across the road, almost exactly the printed name of the new energy - hydrogen.

Almost all of the world's auto giants in the development of new energy vehicles. The electricity had been considered to be the future power of the car, but the lengthy battery charging time and the weight of the people gradually it dull. Current (referring to 2009), hybrid and gasoline combination can only temporarily alleviate the energy crisis can only be reduced but can not get rid of dependence on oil.

This time, the emergence of the hydrogen-powered fuel cell, like recycling a Noah's Ark, so that people see from the crisis of infinite hope. Hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles this statement just come out to surprise, but in fact is. Hydrogen has a high energy density, the energy released is sufficient to make the car engine running, and the hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell chemical reaction generates only water, no pollution.

Therefore, many scientists predicted, hydrogen energy, fuel cell car of the 21st century core technology, the revolutionary significance of its automotive industry, which is equivalent to the microprocessor of the computer industry as

Emissions of hydrogen-powered cars is pure water, the driving does not produce any pollutants. However, the high cost of hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel storage and transportation in accordance with the present technical conditions very difficult, because the hydrogen molecules is very small, easily escape through the shell of the storage device. The most fatal problem, hydrogen extraction needs through the electrolysis of water or the use of natural gas, also need to consume a large amount of energy this way, unless the use of nuclear power to extract, otherwise it is impossible to radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Albert said that the company's devices typically can reduce 40-60% of the family's electricity 

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:52
Installation of photovoltaic panels, is certainly the most common method, solar power can be on the roof, in fact, a lot of people might think that this is the only way. However, there is an alternative product is the photovoltaic tile.

This makes sense, you think about it, why shop waterproof tiles and installing solar panels to separate it? You can find a product, both of the two functions. Although not many manufacturers offer the product, However, this month, Dow Solar Company (Dow Solar) to produce Pang House solar tile has been consumer sale, but only in northern California and central Texas.

Dow Pang House solar tiles copper indium gallium selenide thin-film solar cells is the most efficient thin-film technology, "Dow Brooke (Brooke Albert), Albert said. "The technology is bring a breakthrough to the Dow, and can produce light and durable products for residential solar installation is like a typical roofing material copper indium gallium selenide was chosen because it has a unique performance is good performance can be adapted to non-standard conditions, such as the mottled shade, cloudy, and scattered light. "

This huge house system includes the inverter, the tiles DC stream into the AC, so that you can use at home. Integrated monitoring system provides real-time energy production and consumption figures, can be connected to the Internet. In addition, Dow remote monitoring system itself, to ensure their normal operation. Although we did not give the exact performance data, but Albert said that the company's devices typically can reduce 40-60% of the family's electricity.

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Battery performance requirements 

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:51
Battery technology requires the higher, more intense international competition. All over competitors, especially in the new energy vehicles, the development of the batteries they will be more open, which also brought the development of the industry problems. Foreign technology, the strength of the corporate invasion of the domestic market is eating at the same time, the internationalization of the road becomes more difficult. In this regard, Shandong AMD battery technology is the maximum weight of the competition, the internationalization of the road, still the most powerful tool.

Any business at any time in any environment, technological innovation, enterprise development, timeless truth. First of all, the new energy industry requires companies to break through the bottleneck of technological innovation to improve product performance; Secondly, the national low-carbon environmental protection requirements need to achieve the green non-polluting enterprises through technological breakthroughs in the production process, of course, battery performance requirements the green itself is extremely important part; in addition, the rapid development and leading-edge technology of the developed countries in Europe and the United States in the battery field to force China's battery industry to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, or they will easily defeat Europe and the United States.

Some people may ask why strategic innovation is a necessary way of enterprise development. Perhaps in a relatively narrow market, the strategic model is not the most important, but for the international market now fully open, strategic innovation means more line with international companies. Enterprises in Japan and South Korea and other countries, attaches great importance to the development model of the enterprise, which is also in these countries can easily become the brand power, and China easily become a manufacturing country, the main reason. It is China's enterprises do not attach importance to strategic mode, resulting in a weak situation of discord of the strong brand of their products. Thus, the strategic innovation is to remember the important link in the new era.

The low carbon environmental protection has become characteristic of the times, the battery industry as an important part of the new energy industry, the performance of all enterprises in this regard will be the assessment of the scope of the upstream and downstream enterprises in the choice of co-operation. From now, the battery business to go low-carbon cycle economic route to the road of low carbon environmental protection to be effective is the most sensible is also a must.

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The new material is a dark blue by iron 

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 12:46
People, Tokyo, March 15: keep the Friends of ho, a professor at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, recently developed a high-performance lithium battery materials, the results of their research has been published in the journal Applied Physics will be on the 15th. Compared with the best materials, new materials, charge and discharge performance increase eight-fold. As the future may be used in electric cars and new car battery technology, high-profile results of the study.
The new material is a dark blue by iron, fierce, carbon, nitrogen and other compounds, crystal interval was 0.5 nm (a nanometer is one billionth of one meter) of jungle gym-type structure. Interval of about 5 the width of the lithium-ion out of the entrance is very wide and can accommodate high-speed and out of the lithium-ion.

Experimental dark blue compound diameter 50 nm nanoparticles of one square centimeters of membrane and close to the electrode. First take 8 minutes to charge 0.01 mA and then breath discharge, followed by a current of 85 mA per gram. The discharge time of 1.1 seconds.

According to the University of Tsukuba, the discharge performance of the best materials is olivine compounds, the discharge time of 9 seconds. However, the compound contains oxygen, the occurrence of oxidation over time and greatly reduced the quality. New materials are not oxides, did not occur in the 30-times charged and discharged after a deterioration in quality.

Keep the Friends of the ho professor said: "new materials for battery, then discharge will have a heat problem, but the material itself has the potential of surprising."

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