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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 11:31


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$”14 million bounty on his head, whole city looking for him,I’d say the odds are pretty even”😂😂
he should have gone after thanos...
Thats awesome love your videos 🦄
John is the only guy which can bring human population into half other than nuclear weapons.... Human population will drop by 50% in john wick 3.

My dog got food poisoning from your food last week, John Wick says, as he starts sharpening a pencil
Oh hey yamaha must have been busy a lot producing all these mt-09
Never forget this all started when a punk kid wanted a Mustang lol
One Ocean Free Full release date For Free 720px.

The fking dog better be OK.
so this is fake right? im pretty sure i've seen most of those scenes
I will pay to see John Wick 3, hope they don't kill off the dogs, got to be careful of books now, lol
1:34 Mark Dacascos. Hell yeah!!!

I wet my pants so hardddddd at just the thought of this movie... wet dream hard that is....😂😂😂

He once use a pencil to kill a guy. Now with a book. LOL! EPIC!

Depeche mode + Westwood = very good night! Thank you, you make my life better.
They had to spoil it and put a woman now! They should've left it at 2.. Now I gatta watch Halle Berry.. I'll pass. It's really getting boring.
Let it sink in the fact that all of this started when you kill his dog.

Music: The Impossible Dream (The quest) - Andy Williams
I was thinking earlier about chapter 3 and now the trailers out Awesome
All for Love
Parabellum―Latin for prepare for war, from the phrase, Si vis pacem, para bellum, meaning If you want peace, prepare for war.

I don't like it I LOVE IT


me and my dog are actually drooling right now.
Music From The Man of La Mancha play, The Impossible Dream. Peter O'Toole singing first, from the film with Sofia Loren, then Frank Sinatra. There's gotta be a JW4!!!
John thicc
2:09 sick to see some dogs get the baddies.
I love John Wick movie is awesome and amazing job art work


beautifull movie and trilogy

- Do you expect him to make it out? - A 14 million dollar bounty on his head and everyone in the city wants a piece of it ... I'd say the odds are about even

I hope non of these dogs get killed.. John Wick may clone himself into 100 Wicks and wreck havoc on the nation ... ( PETA watching )

Looks a little more Hollywood than I'd like, but I'm still drooling.

You should do video about Penny Dreadful,True Detective,13 reasons why ;)

first one i want my damn car second i want my damn freedom 3rd i need to get my second dog out of here

Wait! I think that his dogge is back.
World Population Drops By 50% 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Baba yaga at it again!
Before this stated it was a true story I already knew... The young man was looking n Time magazine many years ago....

fast forward to summer I wanna see John Wick 3 now
Marvel D.C and anime to JOHN.. are we joke to you ?
It’s not about just a dog. It’s about a guy who cant escape his past now matter how hard he tries. The death of his dog (the last remnant of the girl he loved and the one who kept him from turning back) triggered his return to the underworld. That’s why everyone in the first movie kept saying “so you’re back?” And kept disregarding anything he said in regards to being done..


This is sick

“Winston, tell them. Tell them all. Whoever comes, whoever it is. I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them all! -Emissary of death himself.
O melhor sequencia de todos os tempos !!!!! keanu o melhor dos melhores !!!!!!!
My name is John qWick
Oh man, I'm so hyped for shooting scenes with Keanu Reeves.
Actors from matrix - JW1 main enforcer for Russians - Daniel Burntheart / JW2 Bowler King - Laurence Fishburner / JW3 Dr - The 🔑 maker Randall Duck 🦆 Kim 👌😂 also note 📝 Marc de-caca (subzero/reptile-mortality combatant) both villains from Raid 1/2 👍.

The best




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