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February 05 [Tue], 2019, 19:44


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Plague Inc: The movie
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i'm so tired of movies using these dark tints to make it somehow more realistic. idiots.
Ima go wash my hands
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Haha jokes on them, you can't get infected if you never leave your room
don't worry folks. ebola will be back next year.
Tbh the books r so much better
Best virus movie i ever seen, and all this without action scenes, or visual orgy...maybe holliwood should start thinking on making movies not based on profit, and start thinking on entertainment, before they lose all credit....

@cold Llama Yes well im lucky because i live in New Zealand and we live far away from America and Africa c:
Wait is this Ligma?
depressing...i hope this movie bombs!

you should have made a point of how it was socialized medicine in Denmark that sent the armed police to kidnap the girl from her parents and wont let them see their daughter and the best care these people get is here in the horrible capitalist USA.
This is something that most partly will happen and in some ways it already has. All these viruses that we have now are some kind of population control. Its very effective but maybe not as effective as 'some' people might want. I would be very reluctant to take any free vaccinations as you really don't know what you are getting at. I am sure there will be something that is related to your genes, react with your blood so it can be more effective. In population control you obviously need to save some in order to preserve diversity. Im so glad fluoride has been banned in some countries- or has it?.




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Where can I watch this online, seriously, nowhere has catch up on this! I can't even buy it from amazon or itunes.

now i know what people fell like when they have to react in pandemic or plauge inc


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Looks good!
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is he another Caleb lol leaving just like he did lol
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Brataley brought me here :))
On day 1 , there were 2 people , then 4 then 16 , in three months , it's a billion ! That's where we're headed ! . That's some clever calculating , Jude law , for your kind information . First , Griffin Kane , and Gwyneth paltrow get infected , then Kate Winslet ..
1:13 Heisenberg!
This movie was made to be very accurate to wht would happen in a viral disaster. I think it also inspired the mobile game plague inc..

The newest and most effective therapy from Germany:

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The illuminati , will use a pandemia ,to reduce population , is in the bible , ,thats why they militarized , every country ,


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As if Plague Inc. was made into a movie/or the movie into a game...They even have the same soundtrack :D

Anybody heard of that ebola thing that's happening in west africa?

hmm looks good but looks nothing like the book. Maybe Terry Brooks can sell it again.
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Plague inc.: the movie


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wait is the plot of this like percy jackson sea of monsters? bc i read it and it sounded really familiar
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People! You need to stop touching your faces 3-5 times every waking minute.
Man! i miss this show.....does anyone know anything similar
I remember going to see this and someone started coughing in the theater, it was scary as shit!


She should have called Iron Man...

I’m surprised that Grandayy know this movie. I remember watching this in my science class. :::::333

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0/10 Movie unrealistic 1:28 Madagascar never gets infected.
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Oh no does she have L I G M A
Great documentary. For those who research,... my protocol story is freely available online and corroborates Stanford's ME\CFS research as shown at the recent symposium. I have recovered from a bed ridden state for several years and I teach what I did at . You will even see some references to Stanford's research..

This was actually a good movie but for some reason when I was 9 (I'm 13 now) but any way I got night nears from it and it's not really even that scary but I did and now I wanna watch it again when I'm not scared .
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i honestly am more afraid of this type of virus more than a zombie apocalypse
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this was rubish
At the end, it was Gwyneth Paltrow and that chef in Hong Kong that spread the virus. If the guy had simply washed his hands before meeting her, then none of it would've ever happened..

Aw! the little girl Ofelia from Pan's labyrinth is all grown up :D.

Isn't Wil the protagonist? And just by looking at the wikis they must have changed quite a bit, was it for good or for bad can anybody tell me?.
LIGMA: The Movie.
When the first thing that you notice is Deathstroke.
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Brilliant books. Shame about the TV series.
Have to watch it in school bla some parts are naaassstyyy oh let's just show Gwyneth Paltrow's brain being cut open yum perfect for a bunch of squeamish freshmen 
I was coughing a lot during my science class and we were watching this movie and now my entire class is paranoid of me...

Sounds like the spread of ligma, the sawqon unit should get to work on this. I also heard people that are sugondese are more likely to get this





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