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September 05 [Mon], 2005, 14:15



May 17 [Tue], 2005, 5:13
Owwwwwww. x( I DID get the パイナップル I wanted, I ate a bunch.. which was a bad idea because now my mouth BURNS AGHAGHAGHAGHAGH. It huuuurts. x_x I ate it a LONG time ago, and it want away, a LONG time ago, and it went away, but it just started hurting again... The sacrifices you make for DELICIOUS パイナップル。


いやがらせ! いやがらせ! いやがらせ!いややや! 

May 16 [Mon], 2005, 23:33
Aaaaa, so bored〜 I was looking at scans of the new Cure, because i'm impatient, and... OMG. SEIKA'S HEAD _DOESN'T_ LOOK DEFORMED!!! Wow. Seriously, omg. I bet it's the lack of headband. Yep, must be....

I'm in a reaaaal 829-mood. Listenin' to panic songs and ONLY panic songs... いやがらせ, and now everyone's favorite... 淫ら

最高の夜を感じてた。。。 エスとエムの関係を。。。
蜜が出る程じらして。。。 あなたのXXX深くに。。。

Boy am I glad no one around me knows what I'm singing. 8D

Okay enough ちゃんえる。 雑草〜!



Okay um i'm done.




Uhhnnnnn. I really don't have anything else to do besides type lyrics. ;_; So bored... I wish Nikki suddenly didn't have to go to school, or something. ToT


Mrehhh. I feel really greedy today. D: Well, not necessarily GREEDY, I just want crap. Lots of crap. Dx CDs、Clothes、Shoes、Accessories, etc... 'To be in Japan' doesn't count, 'cause I want that constantly XD

。。。Oh man. I forgot about this and was doing random crud for like 20 minutes, when Roonie calls and tells me that Unkie's best friend Efrin is in the hospital. In a coma. He might not make it. ._. It's his heart, he has major heart problems... he just.. collapsed, apparently. That... that REALLY sucks. I met him. He has a wife and kids who love him, and he's really awesome and interesting and NICE. I really hope he'll be okay. Wow.


May 16 [Mon], 2005, 13:28
Wow I have that song stuck in my head. んん〜 I slept all day. ;_; Because I spent all day looking at adorable pictures this one person on LJ posts. Reine_anime. Yep. You don't know how many pictures i've saved of bands i've never even heard of... (汗)

So anyway, i'm talking to my friend Mimi who I haven't talked to in forever 'cause we've grown apart... oh well. u_u Now i'm going to watch a Yoga video with my mom. Yep.

Sleeping all day = shit. Just like what Shou says about soccer. ;_; So I only got to talk to Nikki for a few minutes, boobooboo. ;_;

In order to keep myself awake last night, 'cause I tried to stay up, because by the time I realized what time it was, it was 8 AM... I tried to draw そら from 苺69.. :0 But, because I kept messing up and erasing everything, all I have are... eyes. XD; Cute eyes, but still just eyes.

I crave パイナップル。。。とキラー、デルフィニウム、少女ロリヰタ23区とホテルシニガミ歌。 T_T

...But mainly パイナップル.

Why on earth do Lolita23q write their name so oddly... and why isn't the 'shoujo' included, I wonder... >>; Did they change it recently or something?? えぇぇぇぇぇ〜


May 14 [Sat], 2005, 8:59
Dunno if I got that right, but whatever. :x The point is, OMG DELICIOUS STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE OMG. _ Deeeelicious. @_@


....Hooray for random Japanese! And shortcake! x0

Quiiiiz U 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 17:42
Part U☆

The pets you have/had are?
[x] cat
[x] dog
[ ] lizard
[x] rat
[ ] ferret
[ ] rabbit
[x] fish
[x] bird
[ ] other

Clothes you like to wear are?
[x] plain t shirts
[ ] sweatshirts
[x] stockings
[ ] high heels
[x] boots
[x] sneakers
[x] jeans
[x] pj pants
[ ] boxers
[x] underwear
[ ] dresses
[ ] mini skirts
[x] long skirts
[ ] watches
[x] necklace
[ ] hoop earrings
[ ] toe socks
[ ] flats
[ ] halter tops
[ ] stilletos
[ ] band shirts(Would if I HAD any ;_;)
[ ] shorts
[ ] sleeveless shirts

How do you like to wear your hair?
[x] down
[x] ponytail
[x] pigtails
[x] messy bun
[ ] half ponytail
[x] scrunched/curly(Duuurrr it's naturally curly.)
[ ] bun
[ ] crimped
[ ] with a bandana
[ ] French braids
[ ] lots of little braids
[ ] Gel
[ ] hat(I LOVE hats but i'm not a hat person. ;_;)
[ ] messy hot guy hair
[ ] sex hair
[ ] fauxhawk

You're mostly labeled as?
[ ] goth
[ ] emo
[ ] prep
[ ] punk
[ ] scene
[ ] nerd
[ ] ditzy
[ ] hyper
[ ] happy
[ ] everything
[x] I hate labels! I'm just me!!!
[x] I have no idea

You eat?
[ ] dessert every night
[x] no meat - well no red meat.
[ ] diet stuff
[x] healthy foods
[x] junk foods
[x] a lot of carbs
[ ] lots of meat
[ ] salad
[ ] seafood
[ ] Mountain Dew

A typical friday night...
[ ] mall with your friends
[ ] partying
[x] watching movies
[ ] going to the club
[x] staying home
[ ] babysitting and getting $$
[ ] hanging out w/ your friends
[ ] hanging out w/ your boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] working while your friends are out having fun

Currently you are...
[ ] in a relationship
[ ] single and lovin it
[x] crushing(So badly. u_u)
[ ] single and looking for someone
[ ] just broke up... and so sad about it

Online, you use:
[x] lol
[ ] sup
[x] =D
[x] lmao
[x] stfu(u hor)
[x] ty
[ ] j/k
[ ] ttyl
[ ] g2g
[x] ^^
[x] T_T
[x] x_x
[x] ^_^

....Hokay dat's it. Delicious.


Quiiiiiz. x0 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 17:26
Stolen from Nikki who stole it from Krys.

You are...(looks)
[ ] tall
[ ] in between
[x] short

[ ] blonde
[ ] redheaded
[x] brunette
[ ] black-haired

[ ] blue-eyed
[x] brown-eyed
[ ] green-eyed
[ ] hazel eyed
[ ] gold eyed
[ ] grey eyed
[x] with glasses
[ ] with contacts

[ ] with braces
[ ] with freckles
[x] with piercings
[ ] with tattoos
[ ] and have long hair
[ ] and have short hair
[x] and have mid-length hair

Your nationality includes...
[ ] chinese
[ ] indian
[ ] taiwanese
[ ] japanese
[x] hispanic
[ ] nicoya
[ ] puerto rican
[ ] chicana
[ ] italian
[ ] scottish
[ ] filipino
[ ] dutch
[ ] french
[ ] german
[ ] irish
[ ] greek
[ ] portuguese
[ ] polish
[ ] korean
[ ] jamacian
[ ] canadian
[ ] lithuanian
[ ] native american
[ ] russian
[ ] british
[ ] danish
[ ] african
[ ] scandanavian
[ ] armenian
[ ] finnish
[x] other

Your favorite color(s) are?
[x] red
[x] pink
[x] yellow
[x] black
[x] green
[x] blue
[x] white
[x] silver
[x] purple
[x] brown
[x] orange

Some things you've done/played include...
[ ] soccer
[ ] cheerleading
[x] dancing
[ ] lacrosse
[ ] field hockey
[ ] hockey
[ ] football
[x] softball
[ ] wrestling
[x] gymnastics
[ ] track/cross country
[ ] basketball
[ ] baseball
[ ] golf
[x] playing in the mud
[x] playing music
[x] hiking
[ ] kayaking
[x] camping
[ ] horseback riding
[ ] marching band
[hellno] good ole' fashion sex!!!!!

You are sometimes...
[x] annoying
[x] talkative
[x] shy
[x] funny
[x] serious
[x] bubbly
[x] spazzy
[x] fun-loving
[x] laid back
[x] strict
[x] hyper
[x] weird

The music you like is?
[ ] rap
[x] rock
[x] pop
[ ] country
[ ] hip hop
[ ] r&b
[ ] slow jams
[ ] Christian
[x] classical
[ ] techno
[x] oldies
[ ] the 80s
[x] punk
[x] metal
[ ] reggae
[x] Goth
[ ] Latin
[ ] 90's Grunge
[x] musicals


May 13 [Fri], 2005, 9:17
My mom and stepdad are fiiiiighting. (>△<;;) It really sucks. ;_; A lot. Yep.

Mom and David: *FIGHT*

Zena: *ANGST and hating self for being the topic of fight and ANGST*


Okay screw that, I HATE ANGSTING. D:< But I can hear everything they're sayiiing. ToT

....I am chewing on a PEN. 8D


{ハロウィン} Bow down to the pumpkin queen. D:<



May 12 [Thu], 2005, 10:14
Hooraaaaaay, isn't my yaplog PRETTY?! (≧∇≦) Gosh, I love Japanese emotes. >_>; Hmm, well, i'm American, so~ I don't know Japanese. >_<; But, i'll try to type in English AND Japanese, because... because I want to! :D And because i'd feel guilty just writing in english(NIKKI THIS IS IN NO WAY DIRECTED AT J00 D:) I hope that it'll help me learn Japanese, too... at least a little. x_x; Hnnnn... I also want to post pictures of random crap, and use lots of stars and tildas and things because that's what people with yaplogs DO! D:< ☆☆☆

....Or not, because i'm really lazy. Hmmmm. Maybe when I actually have something other to say then 'OMG YAPLOG 80', but if I was gonna typein English AND Japanese... my entries would be really simple. u_u; Hmmmmm~ On LJ, entries feel different, because, I guess, it's more... actually, I don't know. o_o;; Because it's more... IN ENGLISH, I guess. XD And, the beginning of this entry, since I was gonna try and translate it, was directed to... well, everyone on yaplog. x_x; Because, you can read random other people's, riiight? ....I'm assuming yes, 'cause if you couldn't, that would just be stupid. 8D

...Omg no. ;_; I put glue on my hands and let it dry so I could pick it off, and then while I had GLUE on my hands and COULDN'T TYPE FAST, Nikki LEFT. ;_; The sadness. Hnn, anyway, maybe i'll actually say something tomorrow... in Japanese. :D LJ seems to have to have a point, but for some reason yaplog feels like 'Even if you didn't do anything ALL day, write about it! ;D' for some reason. Hnn. Pictures~ >_> I'm gonna enjoy putting up pictures of random things.... wonder how. x_x; HTML? Do they have an.. upload-y thing? To the right of the screen, the bottom box says Upload something blahblah, but.. there's no button, so I don't know. <_>;

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