February 28 [Fri], 2014, 14:58

Thai people on board, Taishan is like a temple fair, people of all ages and both sexes, talked different dialects, help the aged and the young, go forward with great strength and vigour, Deng Taishan process is not adventure but to go home, the eternal arms back to nature, enjoy the thai! Enjoy music!

Deng Taishan you must be prepared to fight a protracted war, have patience and endurance. Night hiking, bright, mountain breeze blowing, take a flashlight like adventure, like a treasure hunt. Because not only to listen to the viewing, the mountain is a singer, sometimes spring Ding Dong, feel a little wandering heart, washing all worldly dust, sometimes lotic waterfall, stop for a long time, really want to hug! Because of the water dependent, the Taishan will be more copies of manners, Reiki and poetry. Because not many people not the weekend up the hill, through a pair of lovers, over a family of three, my confidence in the slowly rising, twenty years ago to climb Taishan stay in memory of the steep eighteen disc, and the crowd. This mountain road widened less people on his legs, perseverance and husband constantly praise, tight eighteen slow eighteen, neither fast nor slow and eighteen are we behind, walking in step, as if it is a great invention of our, we began talking and laughing, the strong drum, light footsteps reduced, tired, each step is thought to be the body to the limit, sit down and rest for a moment, we are like a toddler and stumble. Thinking decision you take action, sometimes thinking is the greatest enemy stop you before, many people give up because it is still a long way to go. When climbing the mountain, you do not consider the road long when sue, you're just going to want to take a step away from the top of the mountain nearby one less step, a step. When we arrived at the gate of heaven, on the road all the scenery, that excitement and pride will not arise spontaneously, you conquer nature, conquer yourself, is a challenge to hone their will and.

The road of life is like climbing mountain in Taishan, full of confidence, not the Zhongtian gate, step forward hard, think of anterior ruggedness, destination far away, the heart helplessness and fear to lose confidence, climb it, give up some, who is more difficult, the former walker to target decomposition was quantified, then a at eighteen, but is also the first use ladder, the courage to persist, never give up, we will be able to reach the top of Taishan -- the top. Harvest the joy of success. Those who give up halfway, is due to the lack of persistence, to fear, to pay, can only succeed in front of others feel dejected unwittingly!
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