These will stimulate the demand of large-size panels

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 11:08
New capacity is not large-size panels increased demand and the depreciation of the basic completion of these three factors will make the second half of this year and next year the trend of the global LCD Sony VGP-BPS13Bpanel industry is optimistic. Hsieh, vice president of research firm Display Search Greater China in the 2012 Smart TV Forum, so yesterday forecast.

Hsieh, the second quarter of this year, LCD panel prices bottomed out, the capacity utilization in the third quarter, panel makers set more conservative, so the panel of three quarters of the possibility of falling prices. "The excess capacity is decreasing, the newly built small panel plant, especially South Korea and Japan, panel plant construction period of two years, so can not more than two years after the new global LCD production.

At the same time, Foxconn grasp Sharp on behalf of 10 lines half of the production can may be introduced after a $ 999 60-inch LED-backlit LCD TV; Taiwan's panel makers do not make money on the 32-inch panels in 42,46 and 47 inch panels reach economies of scale, so it simply converting the panel of 39 inches and 50 inches. These will stimulate the demand of large-size panels.

From the profitability of the panel, South Korea, China Taiwan's basic 8.5-generation line in 2006, 2007 built, South Korea depreciation period of five years, Chinese Taiwan, the depreciation period for six years, these 8.5-generation line in 2012, depreciation in 2013. Depreciation charges to 20% of the total cost. AU Optronics, Chi Mei is currently a loss of 12% to 15% depreciation is completed, they can be profitable.

Based on this, David Hsieh, the second half of this year and next year the global LCD panel industry trends optimistic.

The strength of the panel industry in China is on the rise. Hsieh said that a slowdown in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan's new plant construction speed, the Chinese mainland in the expansion, the new plant. This year, China will account for the global LCD panel 10% share of Japan; 2014, China accountedSony VGP-BPL18 for a share of the global LCD panel will be raised to 19% ~ 20%.

Recently, Nanjing Panda plans to be launched on behalf of the line 10. Hsieh said that the "First Financial Daily" It depends on the countries on whether to approve, Nanjing Panda has not yet ordered the related equipment. 2013 2014 global LCD panel supply will be tight, and the needs of large-size panel, Nanjing Panda on behalf of the line 10, the key to how the domestic panel plant to go up. "

With the BOE, Huaxing Power production and LGD Guangzhou, Suzhou Samsung project restart, the surge in China's high-generation LCD panel. Industry concerns, two or three years after the OLED TV mass market, LCD project how to do? Hsieh believes that the OLED truly pose a threat to the LCD TV at least 6-7 years. "

Samsung, LG, and Sony to join hands AUO were on the large-size OLED production line. This year, Samsung, LG are just pilot production price is four times the same size LCD TV and 50-inch OLED TV. LCD technology Sony VGP-BPS9Acontinues to progress, the introduction of 4K (3860 × 2160) high-definition panel. Therefore, OLED suddenly replace the LCD more difficult.

Reflectors or light-material light rays

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 11:00
Reduce the cost of LED lights
LED chip occupies the main part of the cost of LED lights, thereby reducing the cost of the LED is to reduce the cost of the LED chip.

LED chip technology the key to development lies in the base material and epitaxial growth techniques. Base material by thelaptop battery traditional materials of sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide, the development of zinc oxide, gallium nitride and other materials. In a few short years, by means of a series of technical improvements, including chip architecture, surface roughening treatment and multiple quantum well structure design, including LED light effects achieved a great breakthrough.

Low cost silicon substrate technology continue to progress, but the luminous efficiency are still not satisfied, to maintain this pace of development, once they reach a higher level, the silicon substrate as the main technical program has become an inevitable choice, businesses will also be huge economic returns.

Improve the luminous efficiency of LED lights
Improve the light efficiency can also improve the proportion of the effective light to start. Light thin-film chip technology can reduce the light output of each side of the loss, with the bottom of the reflecting surface of more than 97% of the light from the front output power conversion be mostly light, not only significantly improve the LED luminous efficiency, a favorable favorable conditions for the lens design.

The thin-film chip technology is the core technology of super bright LED chip production.
Improve the color of the LED lights
In the high-brightness white LED, a small portion of blue Stokes shift of the longer wavelengths. This is a good thing, because it makes the LED light manufacturers can use many different colors of the phosphor layer to extend the emission spectrum, effectively improve the LED color rendering index (CRI). Using phosphor white LED high CRI has a cost, because the Stokes shift will cause the white LED efficiency is lower than the efficiency of monochromatic LED. But for most lighting applications, preferring to use high CRI LED light efficiency is slightly lower.

Improve the efficiency of the LED lamp power
Whether the power of the current-limited constant current control, or op amp to control the constant current power supply, we must solve the supply problem. Switching power supply chip work is a relatively stable Apple A1189DC voltage for the chip-powered, the chip's operating current of several MA ranging from an MA. Like FSD200, NCP1012, and HV9910, such a chip is a high-pressure self-feed, to use is convenient, but high-pressure feed, resulting in the rise of the IC heat, because the IC to withstand about 300V DC, a little current, even if MA, the damage of 0.3 watts consumption. General LED power about 10 watts, the loss of a few tenths of watts can click on the efficiency of the power to pull down a few points.

Typical as the QX9910, the resistance drop-down to take power, so, the loss in the resistor, they have about the loss of a few tenths of watts. There is a magnetic coupling transformer, plus a winding on the main power coil, as flyback secondary winding of the power, so to avoid loss out of a few tenths of watts of power. This is why one of the isolated power supply is also used transformer, in order to avoid the loss of a few tenths of watts of power and efficiency to mention a few points.

Improve the system reliability of LED lights
The overall efficiency of the LED life and reliability through system optimization can be improved.
Light source: compact, efficient, and to choose the right color and output power.

Control and drive: the use of electronic circuits to achieve constant current LED driver and control.
Thermal Management: To achieve a longer life must control the use of LED junction temperature, thermal model calculations with the new materials, new technology is the hot spot of LED lamp technology.

Optical components: lenses, reflectors or light-material light rays are focused in the target area or dispersed in four weeks, according to design requirements.
With the rapid development of LED technology, and gradually increase the efficiency of LED light, LED lamp applications will be more extensive. Especially with the worsening of the global energy shortage problem, theApple A1280 LED lights will replace the inevitable choice of incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent. In addition, the interior lighting design, the LED will tend to intelligent, diverse, and the arts.

Other a large number of manufacturers can only scraping the remaining 1%

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 10:55
Although the global smart phone sales rapid growth, the day can be the most intelligent mobile phone manufacturers has not fared well. Research institutions the Asymco the latest survey shows that one quarter Asus A32-T12 of 2012, the proceeds of the Apple iPhone departments accounted for 73% of the total profits of the entire mobile phone industry, Samsung accounted for 26%, only two companies won 99% of the profits of the mobile phone industry, other a large number of manufacturers can only scraping the remaining 1%.

Modest almost to the "zero" profits, so many smart phone manufacturers, in particular, manufacturers feel the suffering of thousands of intelligent machines. The face of the smart phone, looking at the beautiful high-growth markets, we continue to compete means that the profits of the same or even a loss, like a suicide; to stop, that is declared a complete failure, no hope. Continue to move forward or stop, endure in silence or take the initiative to break through? The smart phone makers are caught in a dilemma of "zero" profit predicament.

99%, giant feast
Point of view of profits allocated from the global mobile phone market, Apple and Samsung, among the best, called the dual-giant alone Apple and Samsung's profit, the huge disparity between letting Apple become the giant of giants ".

A data recently released by market research firm Asymco, depicts the harsh reality of the global handset market. Only Apple and Samsung, the two mobile phone manufacturer in the hands of 99% of the profits of the global handset market in 2012 first quarter. This figure, passed to us not only to shock, there are concerns and wor
ries for the future of the smartphone market.

Global mobile phone manufacturers, who the day is the most comfortable? I believe that most people see this issue, the first reaction is - Apple. World-renowned technology enterprises in the past few years, repeated to create the miracle of profits. Related statistics show that in 2011 Apple's four-quarter profits were $ 5,990,000,000 $ 7,310,000,000 $ 6,623,000,000 and $ 13.1 billion, far ahead of other mobile phone manufacturers in the world. This strong profitability, not only successfully help its share price exceeded the $ 500 mark, its retaining its position as the world's most valuable company, "the throne.

Users and industry praise the iPhone's strong performance, high-end quality and perfect experience, but not many people know that the iPhone behind the amazing profits. According to the analysis of three professor of the University of California, and Syracuse University, co-wrote "Apple to capture the global supply network profits, in 2010, Apple each sell an iPhone alone accounts for 58.5% of theAsus A32-X51 profits. Operators competing to pay high subsidies for the iPhone for Apple's high profits provide a solid guarantee. It is this greater than 50% of profits to allow the iPhone to become Apple's "printing press", and only 8.8% of market share, but "seize 73% of the total profits of the global handset market.

Compared to Apple, the Samsung is clearly not so "lucky". JuniperResearch statistics show, according to research firm, the 2012 first quarter, Apple's iPhone sales of 35.1 million, Samsung smart phones sold 46.9 million. Samsung's smart phone shipments Apple more than 11.8 million was as high as $ 22.7 billion, but sales of Apple iPhone, Samsung and all the mobile sector revenue was only $ 17 billion. However, while Samsung's profitability is inferior to Apple, but its still better than other mobile phone manufacturers comfortable a lot of smart phone with Apple enjoying the profits feast.

Side is the sea, while the flame. Apple and Samsung is firmly in control of the global high-end smart phone market, HTC, RIM, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers in the low-end smart phone Asus A32-K72market, the fierce fighting, only to run through the profit line. divide up what is left of market space.

Enhance the research and development capabilities

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 10:50
First, the implementation of solar photovoltaic industry "12th Five-Year" development planning, promote the rational distribution of industry. Further implementation of the solar photovoltaic industry "12th Five-Year Development Plan, to strengthen the overall planning of industry, to promote corporate restructuringDell Inspiron 1525 battery , and upgrading, and insist on combining market-led and government guidance, support a complete industrial chain, already has a brand awareness of the backbone enterprises and Make .

To encourage the strength of the leading photovoltaic companies rely on technological progress, optimization of stock, to expand the scale of development, the implementation of "going out" strategy, and actively participate in international industrial competition. Implement differentiated policies to guide the transfer of polysilicon and other industries to the west. Promote the integration of resources, to encourage enterprises to intensive development and management, and support for low production costs, competitive enterprise merger and transformation of poor efficiency, low competitiveness of photovoltaic enterprises.

Secondly, to encourage independent innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of industries. Take full advantage of a variety of funding sources to further increase support for technological innovation, and focus on supporting the high efficiency of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, new high efficiency thin film photovoltaic cells, stand-alone PV systems, DC photovoltaic application system development and technical standards formulation. Encourage and support the PV industry to strengthen the integration of industry resources to encourage enterprises to achieve and Make reorganization of cross-regional mergers and acquisitions.

Enhance the research and development capabilities, improve product quality, brand building, and enhance product competitiveness. Study, and research to support the development of key generic technologies to enhance the localization of PV equipment technical level. Increase efforts to train personnel to support the establishment of corporate R & D center and post-doctoral research stations.

Again, the multi-pronged approach to support the domestic photovoltaic applications. Promote the development and implementation of the policy of tariff implementation details, to continue the implementation of the "Golden Sun Project and other support measures to encourage PV companies and power system to strengthen communication and cooperation. Adhere to the grid off-grid applications, the combination of the countryside, enriching the people, the support side, the rule shortage

A32-A8 "as the goal, the application of photovoltaic power generation system, a combination of support and construction of small photovoltaic systems, off-grid PV systems. development of a variety of consumer photovoltaic products.

By the reasonable tariffs standards, a modest financial subsidies and positive financial support, and actively expand domestic PV market and strive to participate in the level of competition in the commercialization of photovoltaic power generation cost down to 5 to 10 years to make the photovoltaic industry play a greater role in the sustainable development of the national economy and energy savings.

Finally, to promote the construction of standard quality system, and guide the development of industry self-regulation. Accelerate the photovoltaic industry standards development and certification system, scroll to enhance the conversion efficiency of solar cells, polycrystalline silicon and energy consumption standards, together with relevant departments to strengthen product sampling, strengthen quality management and brand building. Sound industrial organization, and lead the industry self-regulation development, to build China Photovoltaic Industry Association based ChinaAsus A32-N61 Photovoltaic Industry Association, to build internal and external communication and cooperation platform, promote the exchange of technology and market, and guide public opinion, propaganda, and create a good environment for industrial development. organization industry actively respond to trade disputes.

The lowest operating frequency of the reference set

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 10:42
Photovoltaic water system, convenient and low cost so that Ko Chun amazed. He introduced and compared to conventional diesel pumps, photovoltaic water system can be fully automatic operation, without human duty; system life of 20 years to 25 years, three years to recover the system cost. It is reported that theDell JKVC5 mainstream of photovoltaic irrigation systems save expensive energy storage batteries, water storage alternative power storage, direct-drive pumps pumping, reliability can significantly reduce the system's construction and maintenance costs.

The same time, the PV pumping inverter adjust the pump speed according to changes in sunlight intensity, so that the output power close to the solar array's maximum power. When the sunshine is very adequate to ensure the pump speed does not exceed the rated speed; when sunshine is low, the lowest operating frequency of the reference set, are not met, will automatically stop running.

In addition to the photovoltaic water systems, solar street lighting is also an important manifestation of the benefit of rural people's livelihood. It is reported that most of the country have been the lighting of the new rural model village into livelihood projects. Only Hefei, Anhui Province, plans to install solar lights for 100 new rural model village in the year to further improve the farmers' production and living environment. (Under section 3.)

The rural PV market and huge development potential. Ko Chun said photovoltaic water early demonstration project in Yunnan Province, all investments by the government, the next step in the province-wide promotion, will be a commercial operation. The Working Group also multi-party research, collecting photovoltaic application needs of the vast rural masses.

The future is not only the application of water, living electricity, roads, lighting and other aspects, will use photovoltaic products. In remote Dell PT434 mountainous areas to spend affordable photovoltaic products, has just the beginning, "said Gao Jun," the formation of a mature business mode of operation, we will consider the promotion to the Southeast Asian countries. "

With the success of a precedent

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 10:38
PV agricultural greenhouses is the use of plastics in recent years, Ningxia solar photovoltaic project rapid development, as of now, the grid-connected PV installed capacity of 293,000 kilowatts. 10,000 kilowatts tracking PV project in accordance with the provisions of the Ningxia new energy managementhp 484171-001 approach required to 583.5 acres, in accordance with the "12th Five-Year" period the Ningxia planning of total PV power installed capacity of 1 GW, the need to occupy at least 5.8 million mu of land. Occupied for a large land area, low cost-effectiveness per unit of land conflicts have become increasingly apparent, and create enormous pressure to the tense supply of land resources.

To this end, the Office of Land and Resources in Ningxia proposed photovoltaic power generation and agricultural facilities to effectively combine. Photovoltaic greenhouses started construction in March last year, has built 10. An area of ​​0.6 acres per seat capacity of about 30 kilowatts, generating about 37,000 kwh per year, in accordance with the Ningxia PV power plant electricity price of 1.15 yuan / kwh calculations, the annual income from electricity sales of 43,000 yuan.

After more than six months of planting, growth, harvest, renewal kinds and other aspects of the test, the growing of various crops as a whole is good, high quality, gratifying harvest. Photovoltaic greenhouses test to achieve the intended purpose and effect of greenhouses in the form of photovoltaic, that is to save the land, and land usage. Ningxia Office of Land and Resources said that Ningxia plans to "12" during 1000 the construction of photovoltaic greenhouses.

With the success of a precedent for other areas where conditions permit also quickly follow. Shouguang City, Shandong Province, is an important industrial base for national greenhouse vegetable, and the city to build a standard shed nearly 500,000, the prescription contiguous greenhouses Park is about hp 485041-001200,000, with the basic conditions for the construction of large-scale PV systems integration greenhouse . Recently, Shouguang City, signed with the Phoenix photovoltaic PV vegetables

Shandong University of clean energy and fuel cell technology, director of the Institute of Professor Han Jitian told the "China Electronics News" reporter, PV companies should not underestimate a few kilowatts of photovoltaic pump and each village dozens of solar street light, The demonstration project is just the beginning, the government vigorously promoted quickly to open China's vast rural PV market.

The rural PV market and huge development potential. Ko Chun said photovoltaic water early demonstration project in Yunnan Province, all investments by the government, the next step in the province-wide promotion, will be a commercial operation. The Working Group also multi-party research, collecting photovoltaic application needs of the vast rural masses. The future is not only the application of water, living electricity, roads, lighting and other aspects, will use photovoltaic products. Inhp 498482-001 remote mountainous areas to spend affordable photovoltaic products, has just the beginning. "Gao Jun said," after the formation of a mature business mode of operation, we will consider a promotion to the Southeast Asian countries. "
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