2007年03月05日(月) 20時40分
Since I turned 23 and my internship is almost over, I want to make some resolutions for the next stage.

1. comfortable

I learned from Bulgarian people that I shold not feel obligated or uncomfortable to do things. It is the most important thing to feel comfortable. So, I would like to do things in the way I feel comfortable.

2. positive

It's my bad habit to expect bad things too much and feel too nurvous. It happens when I have something I have to do but I am unwilling to because it looks interesting but also difficult. (Things like presentation about Japanese culture) It takes me quite a while to feel motivated and start moving on. Thus, I want to take things easy and be always positive.

3. smily and happy

So that make myself and others feel good.

4. good joker

I've inspired by how Bulgarians joke and produce good atmospher,
I would like to take a lot of humor into my life. I would like to make myself and others laugh, relax and optimistic with humor.

I'm leaving for Instanbul in a week Then I'll fly to Japan.
See you soon!


2007年02月16日(金) 23時55分



Mt. Vitosha 

2007年01月24日(水) 5時06分
It is a very beautiful mountain in Sofia.
I've always seen it on my way to work and really wanted to go there.

My friend advised me that it is very cold up in the mountain even though it was 10 degree in the city.
Yet, I've never imagined it get so cold.

I was wearing a long down jacket, boots and a cap though it was not enough at all.
At the beginning, I really did not think I could keep walking for 2 hours.
My face, feets and hands were almost numb.
It was windy and the coldest ever.

The view was nothing short of great.
I felt as if I were in a snow desert.
Snow were cut by window and looked in many shapes like natural sculptures.
Here's my favorite one. Doesn't it look like angel's wings?


Chicken Hearts 

2007年01月17日(水) 4時51分
Last night, I had a party to celebrate our receiving salary with my colleagues.

We went to a restaurant to have dinner and drink together.

There, I had chicken hearts since I wanted to try something new.

It sauted with some onions and spices.

I liked how it tastes but I felf kind of bad about eating only hearts.

How many hearts I had?? From how many chickens??

So many hearts were on the plate, that made me feel a bit dizzy.

The red drink is campari.

I'd never tried campari without mixing with any juice.

It was so strong that I added orange juice to make it campari orange,

my favorite cocktail.

AIESEC Election 

2007年01月15日(月) 4時52分
This afternoon, I went to *AIESEC election for the next president
of the AIESEC bulgaria just to see what it's like.

The 8 candidates and staffs were dressed formally.
When I went there, they were waiting for the results of vote.

Finally, we went out a balcony.
2 of the candidates come in front of everyone.
One of them is to be a president.

One of the staffs carried a 10 lit. water bottle and
stood on a chair behind the candidates.
Then, he poured the whole water on one of the candidates
to let everyone know which one is the next president.

What a crazy way!
The candidate got elected but got soaked all over
Thank god it was very warm today.

Another staff told me there's a table to keep
each member's score of upcoming exams.
The one who get best score has to treat something to others.
I wondered why the best one has treated but be treated.
She said it is a punishment for telling that
"I'm not studying", in contrast studying very hard.

Likewise, I know Birthday person have to treat chocolates.
Name day as well, the person of the day have to treat.

Is it a Bulgarian way to celebrate a person?
Does someone who has to be treated
do something like punishment or give chocolates?

* The student organiation that arranged my internship.
It is a NPO and in over 90 coutries.

the St. Nikolaj the Miracle Maker Church 

2007年01月14日(日) 5時28分
Since the St. Nikolaj the Miracle Maker Church has been imprinted on my mind,
I went to take a picture of it.

Last Sunday, on my way to shopping, I happend to see this beatiful church.
A combination of green and gold looked more beautiful with much more sunlight.
Mosaic looked also very fine. I regretted not having a camera with me at that time.
Anyway, I just wanted to show you the picture of the church that impressed me
so much.

I love this small and pretty church.
Last time I've been there, a wedding ceremony was going on.
I wished my wedding will be held in such a lovely place.


It is a Russian orthodox church which was built in 1913.

Amaging Way to Open a Wine Bottle 

2007年01月10日(水) 6時38分
Since I bought a hotplate for cooking,
I wanted to cook a fish and vegitable wrapped with aluminum paper. To taste it, I got a white wine too.Though noticing that I don't have a wine opener,
I decided to ask my neighbor for it.

I asked a guy who was passing by my room.

"Do you have a wine opener by any chance?"

He said "give me a bottle."

I thought he was going to take the bottle and draw a cork with an opener.
Yet, what he did was to push the cork into the bottle with his thumb!!

I'm so amazed. I'd never new such a way to open the bottle.
Have anyone else tried it??

Street Market 

2007年01月09日(火) 5時38分
One of my favorite things in Bulgaria is street market.
There are many of those that sells vegitables and fruits.

They always look fresh and tasty.
It's enjoyable to stop at street and pick up some fruits on my way home.
I wish I had the street market in Japan, too.
It's a pity that vegitables and fruits are sold in plastic bags.

Name Day 

2007年01月07日(日) 4時20分
In Bulgaria, there is a tradition to celebarate nameday.
I first heard about it on Stefan's day, 27th of Dec.

On Stefan's day, Stefans give chocolates to their friends and collegues.
In my company, there are 3 Stefans. Each of them put a box of chocolate on a reception desk so that people can take it.

I have about 70 co-workers and having hard time to remeber their names.
However, I found it's easy to remeber bulgarian people's names once I get familiar with them. For example, I have 6 IVANs (including IVOs, for girls, IVAs),
2 Vassils in my collegues. I just have to correspond the names and their faces.

This custom to have name days is very new and interesting to me.
I found Japanese names have full of variety.
In addition, we make difference on same name with Kanzi.
That makes a name very uniqu to each person.

First Report from Bulgaria 

2006年12月29日(金) 4時09分
It's been two weeks since I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria

I am working as a trainee for a software company that has Japanese clients. I do some English-Japanese translations for the company

The first impression of this city was actually not good.
I was flightened when I first came to the Student Town, where I live.

There are so many wild dogs,
garbages are flattered on the street,
buildings are broken-down,
students make parties EVERYDAY (noisy)
streets were muddy

I seriously doubted if I can spend 3month in such an awful area.
It seemed so long.

However, I can survive and enjoy my life here thanks for Bulgarian people's hospitality.
The students from AIESEC and my co-workers are so nice and helpful

Sofia is actually a very beautiful place surrounded by mountains.
There are many fancy restaurants, cafes and shopping places.

I'm getting to like this place and would like to discover more about the place.
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