Pictures or Video Request ! 

April 05 [Sun], 2009, 9:45

You want Yumegokochii to do a video of what you love the most ?
You can ask.
Yumegokochii will be glad to make these.

But what about she does not have the kind of socks that I want ?
You can buy it for her !
For security reason, it must be by this way :
1- You ask what you want.
2- If I am okay with your request and I do not have the socks, I will let you know I do not have the socks.
3- If you still want the video, you find a website which sell the socks or pantyhose.
4- You send to Yumegokochii the money for buying socks + the cost of the shipping.
5- I will buy these. I can give you a screenshot that I really spent the money for these socks by E-mail.
6- We wait for the socks to reach Yumegokochii.
7- She is doing the requested video and send it only to you (or she make it public if you are okay with that).

I would like my video request to be sent only to me.
If you want to be the only one to own the video, you have to buy it.
1 minute : 5 $ USD
2 minutes : 10 $ USD
3 minutes : 15$ USD
And so on.

And if I want socks picture ?
Yumegokochii will make picture request too.
If you ask for a picture, I will do a set of 3 pictures because you may to love not the one I would sent to you.
Each set of 3 picture will cost 2 $ USD if I can make it like I want and you only chose the kind of socks.
It will cost 5$ USD if you want something in which you decide all.

Does she make dominatrix video ?
I am sorry.

Does she make nude video ?
I am sorry.

Does she make video in which I can see her face ?
No, for security reasons.
I am sorry.

Does she make shoes play too ?
Yes, if you want it. If I don't own the kind of shoes you want, you can buy it for me too, like socks.

What is the favorite kind of socks of Yumegokochii ?
Thigh high socks.
In nylon-acrylic.
I think they are the most cumfortable ones.
When they do having lace at the top, they are the most feminine too.

In some video, Yumegokochii is wearing weird clothes...
It is called gothic lolita fashion.
It a japanese fashion.
It a fashion that Yumegokochii loves a lot.

Say, Yumegokochii, why are you doing these videos ?
Because I like it.
It is fun to do it.

Which websites is selling socks that are nice ?
Here some websites that Yumegokochii loves a lot.
Candy Fruit
How cool
Socks Boutique
We love colors

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  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1988年
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