September 03 [Sat], 2005, 23:40
want to die!!!
everything is crazy i soon burst
how come i need to go to kwai wah san secdonary sch up on the north point hill to hv the exam along with 4 box file in a gip????
everything doh seems bad to me recently
ho afriad.........................never been so hard working before but still not reach the max
but even reach jor max doh didn't represent anything cuz mo sai time...I HATE QP
y wor.......fuck HKICPA n i hate to be auditor!!..wat if i fail both modules...yiu


August 01 [Mon], 2005, 21:22
i thought my mock exam will be held on 2 different day n i will hv time to study module A....but just find out i hv make a BIG MISTAKE
SHIT>>>>>>>BOTH exam will be held on this fri
i must overnite la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 weeks reminder 

August 01 [Mon], 2005, 21:04
just recieved a 7 weeks reminder.....from pwc...so scary.....................if i work hard from now on..will there be miracle?
today i finally yau go out jor la.........naughty....now will be dinner n tv time till 11 pm la..hope i can hv some outcome today....

just want to spread the news of 7 weeks..


July 30 [Sat], 2005, 22:51
Sept was never an important month to me
but this year one was a very crazy one
2 module examination..work life commence....n .......wat will happen next


July 30 [Sat], 2005, 22:48
productivity still very low..
How can i overcome the hateful module A

Happy b day to mun mun 

July 28 [Thu], 2005, 20:17
happy birthday mun mun!
sweetest b day ever la...haha

How to keep it in well condition? 

July 28 [Thu], 2005, 20:15

Lovely guy 

June 25 [Sat], 2005, 17:52
The sofina mascara helps to reveal how lovely is navi..

Sports and healthy 

June 25 [Sat], 2005, 17:45
I hate sports, but i want to be healthy..i dun want early 20's jau have a poor body condition
so finally i make up my mind to join jor grand club la...pay jor gum doh $$ each month..mo lei yau ng go gei ..optimistic about my healthy life...wahaha..
Let me record down wat i do everyday:
23/6: play badminton n swim
24/6: swim alone
25/6 :swim soon when navi arrive tks

ps. i see many grand mom type in the club house...they are so rich n keep going every day ga...so ging!...of cuz some C lai as well ...n some kids......


June 23 [Thu], 2005, 4:21
i guess there will probably be more than 50 entries about QP
it's now 3:21 am in the morning..n i can't sleep again..simply becuz i thought of the QP...there are only not more than 100 days left ...wat can i do ? i dun want to study but i yau very afriad wor..wat if this is my only job.....
It's like a nightmare for me...n it will continue for a year ........when can it finish? .......ho big pressure.......how come i treat myself so bad
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