horrible week 

2005年05月21日(土) 16時49分
this week was a horrible week
reports, exam, and club things
been so late to got on bed few nights
i m soooooooo tired
need to take a long sleep

when will all things can done?
it must to the end of tjis semester!!

pizza hot 

2005年05月14日(土) 16時24分

went to 天母 to eat PIZZA HOT BAR
it's a buffet
we were there had lots of food
and took some photos

i met 2 of my classmates there
they finished their work in 系學會
it was too many things need to done
so they wanted reward themselves

Martain r Coming 

2005年05月12日(木) 15時59分
had a role play on Eng conversation class
we named it "Martain r Coming"
a story about Martain atteck Taiwan
at the end they take a girl to Mars
--->part 1

and want her to attend Queen Compitition
at last they found that SHE is a HE
but the Queen like SHE a lot
so they made him a real women~
--->part 2

we two groups use part1and part2
it was fun, and kind of stupid story
no matter we practice or on stage


2005年05月07日(土) 22時10分
i went home last afternoon
but coz of Mother's Day, it was so hard
to get a ticket after my class
so KIKI and I both skipped our class after noon
took bus home

we went to aunt's home in the morning
find sth to help them
there was a WEDDING
it was my cousin's
and it helded at 潮港城
everything seems so busy
this is first time i see almost whole process
took by me

there was sth heppened like
my father's car was towed

aunt and her husband didn't bring keys out
after tried to open the lock
we borrowed a stepladder
cousin, the littlest (well, he's the same age as me)
clamed up to second floor to open the door

KIKI's birthday 

2005年05月03日(火) 23時58分
today is KIKI's birthday
i planed with her frz few days ago
i have no class on Tuseday afternoon
so i went to their classroom
gave her my card
there was a little cake
the shape is swellfish
we sang Happy Birthday song to her
i got a peace of cake
and ran away when their teacher came in...
with my cake

KIKI also pay our dinner as thank to us
i can see her happy today

CRAZY day 

2005年05月02日(月) 23時59分
went to KTV with KIKI and her classmates
we sang songs about 3 hrs
and ate a lot of food
we laughed and laughed like crazy
coz of those FUNNY things
too crazy, maybe~

KIKI and I were on our way back to the MT
but suddently driver clapped on the brake
a tree was fell down on the road
JUST felled down, i guess
why is JUST?
coz some cars on reversely road JUST pass
and our bus is the first car
which stopped in front of the tree

it is...no,
it WAS a big tree that it won't fall down coz of wind
we guess it fell coz of lightning
fire brigade came very soon
they cut the tree in lengths
the work is so hard, especially
in was a raining and thunering and lightning night
the wether was SO BAD
after we stuck there 25 mins
we finally back to our dorm
but i was wet...of caurse


2005年05月01日(日) 17時12分
sure to majure Japanese from school's announcement
so, i'll be busier next semester
but the timetables are a problem
they're not so match
and my department's lessons will has some change
i don't want to delay 2 years
1 year is enough

it's a new month begin
time really goes so fast!!
i can't believe the third year is coming


2005年04月30日(土) 22時54分
finished a book that i bought on Thur.
its name is "13"
it's a FANTACY story
I almost can't stop reading it after i open the book
how awesome of it

this is the book

there are so many things need to do
but so many things i don't wanna do
my grades of midterm are showed online
and untill now
there are 2 subjects
i did not good...or BAD!! SO BAD!!
i knew i m not work hard enough
but still felt a little sad of it


2005年04月22日(金) 17時50分
foud an excuse
coz i don't wanna go to the meeting
it doesn't really need me to attend
and another reason is
KIKI and her frnz hope me
can go down YM MT with them
coz they just finish their midterm today
we went to dinner in the restaurant MONK
that just new open

then we decided to went to 西門町
one of KIKI's frnz said
he can take us to the SECOND HAND STREET
his home is near 西門町
so is familirer than us

we got there and look around first
then he took us to the street
it is special
every store has its own decoration
and has its own style

we all bought some clothes in a store
i took 2 clothes
and they are just 300NT!!


2005年04月19日(火) 17時21分
we have an exhibition for poetry
and tonight is a show
and I m the light!!

but it always in hurry
so i just try once for the effects
then it came to formal
i contrl the light by my feelings
and so afraid it may failed coz the light

thankfully it was SAFE
and KIKI said the show was good
she said I was looked like so busy
well, i was~haha...^^|||
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