what happen in china? 

April 14 [Thu], 2005, 17:43
mm..These months I did not write anything on this blog. There is no reason. dont mind, please.

My familly, friends, works, Mac, iPod and shuffle are fine, of course im fine, too.
Japan is becoming spring day by day, I went to Ohanami( watch cherry blossom) with my friends.
At that night, we bought some Japanese food like Okonomiyaki(baked cabbage and pork with flour. looks like pizza without cheese) and had a party.
We spent our time in peace, talked something interesting at a small park. Played like children, ran around, smiled all the time and swing in a swing.
Very nice, it was really fun. we will also have this party next year.

By the way.
I dont know you know or not, these days some chinese people are acting against the Japan. Attacking for japanese government sites via internet, threw stones for embassy and more.
Between Japan and China has very sensitive problems, from old days, somebody had had bad feeling for Japan and Japanese.
But the terrorism let us happy? can it resolve any problems?

I guess....its my personal opinion, they only found good oppotunity to break their frustration or stress by violence, doesn't they?

Japan does not have any duty to war, most of Japanese never want to fight with other countries( yes yes, I had met guys whom think better to get back the real army for Japan, some of politicians are thinking so but I can not agree.)

mmm.....what should i do for China and Chinese? or am I better to only stay at house?

I have some chinese friends living in Japan. I talked about this with them, they smiled and said "DONT MIND"


November 23 [Tue], 2004, 20:58
chikako could get tickets of preview therefore we watched this pixer's new movie before roadshow.

I dont want to tell u the full story, just say superheros can not live except as superheros!
Actions were very exciting, of course this is an animation movie so everybody can move as they like. but i sometimes forget they are drawn characters.
all they had vivid expressive and their hair does not like animations. interesting movie for everybody, i guess.

musics, mood, funitures were almost 60s.
I sometimes wonder when this 60s movement will finish?
I love, but these days im boring a little.

poor recognition 

November 09 [Tue], 2004, 23:22
can you remine what did you wear in this season last year?
i cant!
I am confusing every morning, ever week, every month and every year to choose wears.. just remember i wore jeans....surely I always wearing them, so it can not become a good hint!

what did i wear to go to office?

Final Fantasy 11 

November 03 [Wed], 2004, 1:27
You know this game is online RPG, i play it via Sony Playstation 2.The game is made in Japan and this service is in North US, HK and Taiwan, too.

Some Japanese hate foreign players, but of course I never do so.but I can understand why they hate foreigners...they sometimes say "give me money, items and another"

After WW2, we Japanese(i did not belong to) said for GHQ "GIVE ME CHOCOLATE". I heard GHQ gave them CHOCOLATE. isnt the same pattern, is it?

I never love President Bush, but US people used to help Japanese..and Japan could become one of rich counties in the world.
If they did not help us, we could not become such, I guess.
Of couse I know many counties helped us. thanks!

On the game, everybody are making effort to earn money , get items and level up. So I know they can not permit what foreigners said.
Japanese are closed mind people, I sometimes really think so.some (oh, this word is important. please understand, all of Japanese are not bad, all of foreigners are not bad, too!!!!!!) Japanese are not play with only Japanese...and if they find foreign players, they does not invite to play with.
maybe Square-Enix( builder of Final Fantasy) gave us good chances to play, understand each other and become friends with foreigners.
I am plaing this game while 2 years, I enjoied play with foreigners again and again. that time was very fun and we talked many things about Final Fantasy 11.
I guess, Japanese who can not use English more hate foreigners than who can use English. this is worst complex of Japanese!
mm...my English is poor but on the game, there is good translation system everybody can use easy. so we can communicate each other. mm....why japanese does not try to enjoy with foreigners?
if you played this game and felt bad by Japanese, I want to say so sorry by all my heart.
now we Japanese players are becoming better, so dont hesitate ask something for us! Japanese are shy as same as you, we are only afraid to use poor English.

around new office 

October 28 [Thu], 2004, 19:36
my new office is standing on OBP (Osaka Business Park).the place is near Osaka Castle and there are many high buildings around there. Most of them are major electric companis of japan like NEC, Fujitsu and Panasonic.
All the year around, illuminations are sparkling and on the Christmas time, big christmas tree shows us mellow dreams. Unfortunately most of people working there are too busy to enjoy them. More unfortunately, maybe i will belong them. Few years ago, I worked like a bee or ant at there.

these buildings have restaurants and shops,too..I can eat and buy something....foods are expensive but poor...goods are expensive like departmentstore....mmm...at there rental fee of the tenants is tooooo expensive so shops change again and again...bad! so big companies have their own cafeteria for employee.

by the way, the security of my new office is very serious level so I have to use biometrics certification systems to enter the project room. troublesome ne. but I want to get the experience and feel the future like SF movies!

Al-Zarqawi group threatens to kill Japanese hostage 

October 27 [Wed], 2004, 21:15

the man is not journalist but just a traveller. he wanted to watch and know about iraqe. people who heard his thoughtless plan, let him stop but he went.
i can not understand why he went though I can understand what he wanted.
western coverage sometimes report us about good thigs for western country, i suggest. the most important truth is known by only people who are living in there.

6 months ago, 3 japanese volunteer people went to iraq and became hostage, Japanese governments paid much money for somebody(maybe religion relation of Islam)to rescue them, all of them came back to japan.
after several months of the crime, 2 journalist killed in there, we sorrowed.
I think he is sure to know these 2 big affair and other horrible things, too. many many people became hostage and they were killed.

all the time, the terrorist demand withdraw of army. and we japanese has a constitution "we never war". by my personal opinion, i can not agree with japanese army goes to iraq. (yes, by correct thing, japanese army has tanks but they are not army..japanese navy has warship Egiss but they are not navy, too. it is very difficult problem)

we government decided not to reduce and withdraw army team in iraq. and they begged helps for 25 countries and religion relations.

I hope he will come back to japan....but he went on a jaunt for iraq.......

Halloween special burger 

October 27 [Wed], 2004, 17:46
we japanese dont have such cute culture....
I ate this burger at Hard Rock Cafe Japan.

this was too big for us( always we can eat whole one by ourselves but that day we wanted to eat huge pumpkin pie, too!), we shared this dish with my friend...1st she part them in the middle, this burger became ugly and misery but yummy taste.
im sad, this menu is this month's special offer..i can not eat them till next

iPod Photo 

October 27 [Wed], 2004, 12:48

finally, we can watch pics on iPod!
i want to buy, touch, use and more..
but for me, it is very expensive....i cant buy...

just now, im planing to get this digital camera. of course i have..and my mobile phone has good camera,too..but my normal digital camera is old and heavy.
I love the body design but i want newest one..↓

stylish bag for your powerbook 

September 24 [Fri], 2004, 12:49
I guess, people image this as briefcase.
but this leather bag was designed for notebook computer. the price is about $100
.... cheap or expensive?

You can buy it at Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.
sorry, I dont know about international shipping.

more information
another cool items


September 18 [Sat], 2004, 20:20
MATSUKEN is Ken Matsudaira's latest nickname.
He is major japanese actor as well as Ken Watanabe.
He usually acts cool guy like Superman in Jidaigeki (japanese old style dramas..you can image LAST SAMURAI) on stage or TV with sexy voice. and the main actor of some series of TV dramas for long years.

MATSUKEN SAMBA is his funny tune. Now, this song has big sales among middle age ladies. After his show (mmm... musical or something like that), he sings and dances with golden Kimono and Chonmage ( old fashioned hair style of men) wig.
....mm....mmm.....mmmmmmm........Perhaps you can not agree well, he is really handsome. and has neatly talent of acting.

mm....you will surprise if suddenly Tom Cruise will begin to sing funky number wearing glaringly golden tux and afro wig.For me, his play is like that.

you know, what I want to say?
I dont want to speak about it any more....

if you want to watch PV, click here

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official site
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