2007年06月28日(木) 10時23分
To be the best of the best means you make mistakes and then you go on!

I've got motivated these days! To make myself better I have tons to do, and I am feelin' excited to do 'em!

I got some instruments for cooking! I got a cooking book! I got some music! I got a book to be smart! I got some books to study languages! I got some sweets including chocolate!! I got to go to DEAR which is new cafe that I wanted to go! I got to clean my room though it's still messy...!! I startes to talk to a guy via e-mail! I put down all the lirics of NOW1! (I'm gonna memorize 'em to get me closer to a English master!lol)
yay!! I have lots! I think it's very happy to have many things to do! I like busy life!

new habit! 

2007年06月27日(水) 7時49分
It's been a while since I came back to Japan for a vacation! Since then I rarely use English....gosh..not good at all..more, I don't use Spanish either..sometimes I try to express what's in my mind in both languages, but I think my skill of those is absolutely losin'...
Just a few mins. before, I found my blog that I used to write in English a yr. ago, and I decided to keep that habit! Good good!
I try to write in English anf Spanish too of course to not forget those!
I still have 2 month-long-vacation, so I will try to use them as much as I can!
well...I'm disappointed that I can't remember much of them like I used to before...I have to think before I acutually write off here in my blog..
my goal is to get perfect score in TOEIC before I try the exams for companies! And I'll start studying other languages! yay! I like talking to people who are from all over the world! I wanna know exactly how they think! If I could know just English and Japanese it would be impossible to accomplish it! But I will!!!!!
yay! Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life!!! I've got to get it dynamite!!!
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