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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 3:15


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pls trailer for river with rossif sutherland!
Waiting - Room & Online. Hindi Film, Live, Steaming



what is Twitter?😀😀😀😀


seem's nice yo and so Goddamn Real

Watch, Waiting. Room & movie… subtitle

This movie is absolute had every mature answer that I seek or try to find in my own life when it come to dealing with pain ..... And of course portraying this topic with such talented actor made it a piece of art itself... a must watch movie !!!!.
The best part was what is twitter?
looks like btown is finally finding its lost charm, is it only me who got a bit emotional while watching this trailer.... piku...bajirao..times are changing....

ah bollywood, every now and then you decide to grace us with reality! this movie i shall watch. needless to say it wont do very well at the box office
Gotta say Kalki is blowing my mind with her acting! :*
amazing and wow
this is such a different movie from what bollywood produces the masala movie . really hoping to see it soon and good luck

Best Movie Of The Year!!! Best movie for Overcome !! Best Movie for Hope, Laugh and Live Life No Matter What Happened !!!


I would love to watch ittttt!

:D :D :D :D loved it, i will definitely going to watch this and save it for future in my laptop. so light, so nice, very real.

Finally a flick.. I was WAITING since a long time...

Watch sairat and fandry .

waiting for waiting :) I know it would softly touch my heart :)


awesome waiting really...


Watch- Waiting & Room, Online. Free

+DrishyamFilms Just beautiful. I watched the trailer numerous times, loved it :) This movie will definitely teach us what is true meaning of love and togetherness :)


wowwwww, very good trailer, movie must be awesome.


nice.......they were also good in that girl in yellow boots

We are waiting too :) Please release soon :)

unbelievable! a Bollywood film without slow motion fight scenes, item numbers and dramatic entrances. A film which actually has great actors, subtle direction and is script oriented... What a time to be alive!.

After along time good movie frm bollywood .. Osm acting from the old man..




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