May 03 [Sat], 2008, 3:23
i have 3 minutes of speech test during ESL class. Uhhhhhhh!!!!!
I can't speach for 3 minutes. That's really Sucks.
I'd love to speach in Japanese for 3 minutes, but I dont think I could do it.
I'll talk about Italy, actually I've never beeen there and never studied about that country.and Wht can I do it???
That's seriously hard.

Mall of America 

February 29 [Fri], 2008, 4:04
February, 22nd
The terribre things happend.

On that day I was going to the school, I was pretty good until 1st hour.

During 2nd hour, I and she had a study hall. she didn't want to go there , cus we cant talk. I didn't care sbout that, so we went to SU. We were studying General business for a test. I was pretty nervus, cuz I didn't study at all yesterday, so I was just writing down and using my electronic dictionary. She didn't like that, so she said" Why do u write down those things? It's not going to work! I can teach u." I was like what ever!!!! and I tried to listening her, but she was like so sloly to explain it. That was soooo annoying. so while I was listening to her explamination,I was writing down, and using my electronic dictionary. Then she got upset. " why do u trancerate to Japaese?!why don't u use English to English?!"
Of cource the answer was " I don't understand english, so how can I know?"
She had been asked me sooo many times. and then she countenued" why do u use Japanese computer, why why why??" and then I exproded....
I broke my dictionary.I didn't need her help, she too cares about me, and then she got upset too." I didn't say brake it, if u wanted to brake it, don't brake it in front of me". I got sooo angry with her. My feeling was terrible, everything was teriible. I really wanted to kill her. cuz know what?? she use computer everyday in her language. She also calls her family every weekend. How could she say that. I'm for sure that I don't use Japanese more than she does. Fuck it.
I also felt so sorry for my parents and aunt, cuz they warks so hard and they used money for me,not thierselves.and I broke it cuz of the supit urgument.
I got soo upset, and I went to the office to call my parents to tell them about it, and I want to go back home".but it was2 in the later night, but I tried to called. nobody answered....I called my aunt house, and I talked to my aunt. she told me she can send me the dictionary again, but I resolved to never use it in US. and she kept to telling me that she want me to stay there for the end of the school.
Ahter that, I took pills for my headache, and I didn't take the test. After rang thr bell, she just pushed me and didn't say anything. I decided to will never tallk to her. I was miserable whole day.on that day we went to Minesoda to go to mall of America. I didn'teat anything, I didn't talk anybody. my and her friend also on the trip. she was keeping to talking me but I was just answered and didn't say anything.cuz she was always talking to her, and I knew that he was telling everybody that happend during 2nd hour.


November 06 [Tue], 2007, 10:29




November 01 [Thu], 2007, 10:44


きのうゎハローウィン!だからじんせい初のTRICK OR TREATING やった





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