bad luck weeks~ 

2007年10月27日(土) 15時52分
so bad luck ar...................
this two weeks i'm so unlucky ar...............
wanna cry and die ar...................

celebrate Debra's b-day~ 

2007年10月18日(木) 23時59分
today we go to bear's cafe to celebrate Debra's b-day~
we've four ppl including me, AraleWing, Hilda and Debra ar~
long time no see them la~
it seems we got a bit change compare to be4 ar~
also they want to take the grad photos with me ar~

they're all beautiful ladies ar~(except me)
hope that we'll have meeting not soon ar~

PolyU HKCC Graduation~~~~~ 

2007年10月11日(木) 20時00分
today is a big day ar~
it's my PolyU HKCC Graduation Ceremony ar~
and with this time, i can meet a lot of fds that haven't meet for a long time ar~
they seem all gd ar~
some of them are studying and some of them are working ar~
hope that we can keep fighting with our target ar~
the most surprise thing is that May and Seth take three bouquets to me, Margaret and Emily ar~
really thx for they come here and their flowers ar~
and make me become Eileen Fa ar~
what a happy day that i have never thought be4 ar~
and i'll keep this memory inside of my heart ar~
pls let me to say thx again ar, my dear sister May and Seth~~~


2007年10月09日(火) 22時42分
after school, may said she want to go to TST to buy things ar~
so i go along with her ar~
the first stop we go to a Korean dining to eat traditional korean food ar~
we order the korean 'rice cake' ar~
it's so delicious ar~
hope that next time we go can try more delicious food ar~
after that we go window-shopping in TST ar~
so happy ar although we haven't buy anything ar~
hope that next time we can stay together for a longer time ar~~~

Korean Day~~~~~ 

2007年10月05日(金) 23時24分

today is the Korean Day and Song Seung Hun o ba 's b-day ar~
annyeonghaseyo ar~
it's the first time this function is held in HK ar~
the aim for this day is to let the korean ppl who live in HK can communicate more with the HK ppl ar~ (welcome them ar~)
hope that they can gain the sense of belongings ar~
so great that i can be there ar~
especially want to say thx to May@Australia support me to go ar~
although i can't see any korean star there~
i enjoy this function cos i can see a lot of korean culture there~
including the traditional korean dance and food, break dance by B-Boys, singing korean songs......
really looking forward to the next Korean Day ar~~~~~

Eun Hye's b-day~~~ 

2007年10月03日(水) 22時34分
Yoon Eun Hye o ne~
happy birthday ar~
looking forward to your new tv series ar~

Lee Jun Ki o ba has come to HK ar~
so happy ar~
if i can meet him, then i'll feel very happy ar~
i know that this time he signs contract with the Emperor ar~
hope that he'll come to HK more and more often ar~~~

feeling sad and exhaustible...................................

Wendy go to Japan la...... 

2007年09月28日(金) 23時39分
today Wendy leave HK and go to Japan to study la~
really miss her ar~
so i've changed to a new song ar~
hope all of u will love this song ar~
hope her will have a gd time in Japan ar~
looking forward to see her very soon ar~~~

today i take photos with my classmates ar~
they are really funny ar~
want to say thx to all of u ar~~~

PS May and Margaret, pls give me a 'life road' ar~~~

Mid Autumn Festival~~~ 

2007年09月25日(火) 23時00分
today is Mid Autumn Festival ar~
but it seems that nth special for me ar~
anyway, happy mid autumn festival to everyone ar~

yesterday i saw the chinese doctor~
and today i go to take the medicine ar~
wow~ dun no what's wrong ar~
a long queue law~
so horrible ar~
also for my chinese medicine~
wow~ totally terrible ar~
very very hard for me to drink ar~
but now i still have two cups of chinese medicine to drink tmr ar......

introduce new fds~~~ 

2007年09月18日(火) 23時17分
long time haven't update my diary la~
cos i think no one will see my diary ar~
a new period has started la~
and i've already started my university life more than two weeks ar~
everything seems not change so much ar~
all i know are i saw a lot of new classmates ar~
at first i'm worried it's difficult for me to find fds or even groupmates for me ar~
luckily, i can meet a group of gd people ar~
they are all nice and friendly ar~
let me introduce them one by one la~
they're may (my sister), seth (my brother), kapo, yan, emily......also together with margaret ar~
nice to meet all of you ar~
hope that we'll keep our frinedship forever ar~
and fighting together for this degree ar~~~

meet with fds (part 2)~ 

2007年08月29日(水) 23時02分
today we meet together again~
cos last time annie left first~
this time is i, annie and heidi go to candy's home ar~
the first time i go to candy's home, it's so gd ar~
then annie and candy start teaching me how to play mah-jong ar~
it's quite funny, but difficult ar~
hope that next time we can play a longer time ar~

Dennis O o ba, happy birthday ar~

recently i love this song very much~
maybe i think the words in the song really touch my heart ar~
it just like sth that i want to do but it seems i can't do it~
very match with this song ar~~~
林峯 - 愛在記憶中找你

我對你 這一生 哪個可比
我與你 差一些 永遠一起
邂逅時間場地 似連場好戲

愛太重 深呼吸 欠缺空氣
愛太美 輕輕的 卻載不起
愛情來到時候 似明媚天氣
它走了 突然驟變雪落雨飛

*如果可以恨你 全力痛恨你
無非想(要)放下你 還是掛念你

你太遠 該怎麼 說對不起
你太近 一轉身 卻已高飛
快樂也許太短 似場流星雨
一眨眼 就如幻愛怕又記起

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