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September 21 [Sat], 2013, 15:46
; The two hundred and sixty eighth back to the underground world three small nv, three directions, directly in the cloud Xi left, right, front and sat down. Hey, you do, which is to be three triage do? How could it. Originally God suddenly lu se dignified out a sweet smile, laugh thinking straight tone burst mo bone erect. Do you want to do? The guidelines were lovely sister, how can you say that others do. A self-lu said that the most friendly smile, two xio canines flashing icy coldness. Master ...... this man was terrifying. Yun Xi did not say anything, even if it was three beautiful little blue chun nv surrounded face se do not have any change. Zhong Yun, evidently, that has ever been professionally trained! Completely unmoved! The more so, it is suspicious. Three little nv, as a glance, and instantly complete if I am not wrong, this is the first time seniors should come to our city light bar, light is a huge area of ​​the city, the whole light of the mountain, almost all belong City of light range, if seniors do not mind, as I have done by the seniors tour, led by seniors in the country play some how? Zhong Yun's face again lu a friendly smile. This captivating smile and did not get a response. Uh ...... seniors do not speak the words that I'll be seniors tacit approval. Another two small nv quickly cast a look of admiration. Well, seniors come to our city shine what purpose ...... uh, I mean, Timberland Women's Boots where seniors going to play it? Still no response. Not thought okay, then I come to seniors tell us about it, we light the city has a long history, has a lot of attractions, which starts from the foot of the flying rocks ...... Yuehua Jian Zhong Yun, has started her gushing Introduction. An introduction, is nearly a full hearing for a long time, even if there is not another cloud Xi reaction, can not help but also for the less nv perseverance was admirable, nearly a whole did not drink a water, and thus has been kept speaking, And nearly one speaks, looks, actually there is no fatigue, continue to go great, speak for three days and three nights trend. Eventually, he will look to thinking tone look in the past: she in the end want to do? Uh ...... I really do not understand, you North Face Hyvent Sale just seen a face only. Yun Xi frowned. After a moment, thinking it sounds somewhat hesitatingly said: If we must find an interpretation of the words ...... is ...... what? To her estrus. Word, so including cloud Xi, including all four startled at the spot, time, this moment seems to have a slight moment of stagnation. Saw a few people that some weird eyes, thinking that some innocent tone, said: I also just based on her physical characteristics as well as various performance to be judged Well, according to our spiritual elders class research shows that if a child I do not know bored looking nv chat with a boy, you want to understanding him, knowing his next actions, in all likelihood, is looking for this man ...... she asked out of this sentence, is the curiosity was aroused guidelines who think tone immediately nodded firmly, followed, and rejoiced in her cast a look you dead. Ling xing level is not high yet nong understand the guidelines were thinking tone eyes that what is meant when a white palm fiber has her fiercely hold, directly to the head of a lost ...... spiritual body collapsing, the poor The guidelines were immediately disappeared in everyone's view of them. Permission drop ...... two little nv lu a sympathetic eyes simultaneously. It does not matter, for the task, I will endure! After a brief look jio stream, and then raised his head Yun Chung, the face has been filled with a smile. Uh ...... do not consciously think of sound shivering, and quickly hid behind a cloud Xi. The seniors ...... Zhong Yun just about to open, the vehicle which has been broadcast rang: Dear passengers, has come to light in the east of the station, please bring your travel salute, ready to get off, get off, please note that personal safety, not crowded, not ...... cloud Xi stood up, the bell Yun, who do not react directly before conform to the vehicle flow under the car. Ah, wait a minute, wait a minute! You do not run! Zhong Yun screamed, quickly caught up. Nv other two participants did not dare to neglect, followed and on. This scene, straight seen other passengers on the vehicle endless emotion: nv child really open now, so xio had already started to fall in love. Especially chase boys, actually chase so bold. Is that not right, especially other men even if they are Daozhui is a, this time, is actually three nv child while chasing a man, really incredible! Xio guy that does not know the future of time in the end to how to allocate it. Listening to these passengers who murmured, washed down with the fastest speed passenger Yun almost no pitched bell fallen. However, the station has always been very large flow of people, especially the vehicle stop time, they just so a delay, cloud Xi's stature had already disappeared with the crowd in their field of vision, which could see the slightest shadow. Zhong Yun xio clenched fists, angry: Damn ...... hateful, hateful guy, do not let me catch you! Get rid of? Yes master, they could not see it. Best Sound say these words, there is a feeling of fear. Yun Xi nodded. Look at this strange and huge the station glanced directly to the thinking task jio tone: Find here to the 'reincarnation six' recent route. Yes, the owner is the power of the Devil May to Find a most rich places retreat, shock master state it, that in addition to the power of the Devil May concentration outside, but also including security, there are three such places, the closest one route has been marked. Yun Xi glanced at the map, the location will soon have it down, and then under the guidance of the sound thinking, stopped a car, a little while, has come to a heavily guarded underground entrance. Here is the holy men from the nearest underground cave entrance, and non-high-end weapons are not allowed to enter. Yun Xi nodded. If the cracks are really space reincarnation six straight months Devil, then go in order Musha estimated only be able to do some of the logistical work, the real battle force, those innate dense environment exists. Yun Xi came to the entrance, where there are already many weapons were waiting in line, but the strong innate dense environment with a dedicated channel, through a dedicated channel congenital dense environment, cloud Xi has come quickly inside the entrance, where parked like a subway train, at the moment, the car already has a lot of people. These people, ten of **, are high above the Warrior, occasionally there will be a strong presence of congenital dense environment, as captain, or hunting magic regiment, led by members, enter the underground city of Warcraft beheaded. Waited less than a passenger on the train to achieve some overall strength to meet the conditions, north face jackets clearance the train engine, in an oblique angle, straight underground world driving away. Earth world's four major monuments, and also the ten miracles - underground city, hee hee, I just saw this Luna circles dungeon images, reportedly particularly huge right now able to open an eye-opener. Yun Xi did not say anything, just silently calculating mind in deep underground train in the distance. When the train full ten kilometers deep in the ground after some long and boring piece of heavy channel, and finally a sudden a change, a huge expanse that some people think outside the detached huge space, suddenly surfaced in everyone's view of them. Underground space! A giant to a boundless stretch of underground space. This space is just felled bottom height, there are two or three kilometers, the train tracks set up in the one thousand-meter volley emptiness like a wire, anyone slightly below the tracks to either side on a look, will give birth a heartfelt wonder and fear. More than the whole underground world with good air circulation, at its top, also installed a large number of lighting technology tools that will shine in this underground world as the day, in addition to a huge enough to accommodate nearly a million people in large cities, intensive The jio wrong at the foot of the ground, in addition to greening cities, highways outside, even the airport are present. Seeing this, anyone can not help but give birth to a suspicion that he is now in the end is still not on Earth. Hee hee, to the owner, this is the underground city, the real city, it really ambitious than the image you want. Yun Xi nodded his head and his eyes looked at all sides of the building filled with a variety of weapons, as well as the city center, the one that forces of terror flashing huge tower ...... this is simply a very large war fortress. Master, this piece of the underground world, is inclined to continue to move onto the tens of kilometers, will be able to see some occasionally appear, hidden cracks in space, while the 'reincarnation six' in the crust and mantle. To that area, the general who has been unable to bear weapons of terror underground temperatures, such as we have here, the temperature has heat to low Musha unbearable, but for air convection and cooling by means of scientific and technological forces, lest even the mid- , High Warrior can not survive. While talking, thinking tone has been with cloud Xi came to a registrar. Dungeons used entirely militarized management, no inhabitants, everyone is the military one, to resist in the first line of Warcraft, so for whatever reason are not civil war. Master, you are innate Warrior, where you can apply for a single person shelter, no man-made threats, unless it is completely broken Warcraft dungeon, otherwise, no one can disturb your practice. Retreat master state considered the best place to shocks. Best sound in the introduction, the cloud Xi registrar has since got his room number, came to live in their own house. Congenital dense environment, in other places live in villas also mention, but here, si human space but are merely forty meters. However, enough. Everything is ready. Feeling four weeks on the ground than twice as rich a Devil May the power of cloud Xi light breath. Wu Daozong division ...... started!
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