If Phillies Trade Lee??

May 08 [Wed], 2013, 15:13
I'm impressed with your axe that you and Zach keeping grinding against the Phillies. Between the two or you this is the fourth or fifth piece relating to the Phillies cheap jersey mentioning a fire sale within the last three weeks.

Clearly anybody with a brain realized that he was damaged goods coming into he season andcheap jerseys sale anything he gave the Phillies was going to be gravy. Yeah, Lindblom was great. An ERA of over four and a half, a WHIP of 1.54 all while giving up 6.6 BB/9. Geez it's no wonder he's now pitching in AAA, for Texas. Doing that would create more holes then it solves and it also would be a white flag to the fanbase cheap baseball jerseys saying that they give up on be competitive any time soon.

How pathetic have the Phillies become? Really pathetic. Win the World Series in 2008, lose in the WS in 09, lose in the NLCS in '10, lose in the NLDS in '11, and don't even make the post season in '12. What an amazing decline. They could have been a dynasty with that rotation phillies jersey.