If Tebow Actually Goes To The Jaguars

May 08 [Wed], 2013, 15:51
So this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of but I just kinda laugh at the thought of an NFL cheap jersey game with a bunch of “let Tebow play” posters being held up by the crowd. Jacksonville definitely need a franchise player and Tebow could be that guy. the Read Option would work with MJD and Tebow.

Mike Bianchi, John Morgan are the Ultimate Gator homers….they do not live in Jacksonville, they don’t go to Jaguars nfl jerseys cheap games…they are not one of us…Please stop! It is hard to imagine that a guy like Tebow can’t find a place to learn in the NFL. Great college QB. Needs some work in the NFL but the kid is willing to work at it. Meanwhile Blaine is garbage and he said “We are satisfied here at QB” nfl jerseys sale – and some posters think Blaine is smart.

Meanwhile QB’s like Kurt Warner have to have an injury to a guy to get his chance. Russel Wilson was a great college QB and he drops to the third round. Joe Montana was a 3rd rounder. Alex Smith goes first overall and Rogers slips to the 20′s (Jags took Matt Jones too). Anyone know the QB’s taken before Marino? Yep the “brain trusts” of the NFL jaguars jersey always get it right. Tom Brady 6th round. Drew Brees 2nd round.