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42:41 ... The beginning of the end
thanks a lot for this movie, is interesting.


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People are making all sorts of assertions about this movie w/o putting themselves in the shoes of the character and the world he lives in..
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Just realized DMX took this beat, this movie is a classic.

thank you manfocused for all the movies we have done that are forgotten.
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Wonderful movie full of lessons both to white and black
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He was not stupid at all. They were going to kill him even if he told the truth. She was a white woman, so it didn't matter about his life regardless of the situation..
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I did a project on this book!! Most powerful book I ever read..That and Black Boy

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powerful that time in our society, this man's pain and fear are devastating. the book is always better, but the acting in this movie portrays the hell he went through that you can feel. My heart went out to his mother...I cried for her..


omg he's doing to much....
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Hahaha. You're so funny nick. 😅 Well, you are adorable
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Yes the book is better
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I read this book back in the G
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The book was the best.
Very good, but grim, depressing movie.
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Swizz Beatz/DMX sampled the opening song by Mtume.
Everyone know that a Blackman will not receive a fair trial in amerikkka and the book is much better.

As soon as Bigger let Mary & her bf talk him into taking them out to eat, & then the next thing you see is Mary in the backseat of the car busy getting white-girl wasted the whole ride home. From that first wrong move, this timeless quote just kept replaying over & over inside my head: Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive..

Threee color purple actors ...oprah , “Harpo” and Nettie....
Forgot Ving Rhames was was in this movie..(but,then again,who Knew ??) And OKRAH!!,...(Never mind)!!And Victor LOVE?? (Another Sacrifice!!)

I didn't know that there was a remake

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I lovedddd the book
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What the movie doesn't show is that he killed his girlfriend too and she was black. Bigger hated himself
Mary look like Khloe Kardashian lol

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Victor did a great job here; I wonder where is he now... such a fine talent. Sadly we don't have more films of such importance on black life being made. It really is a sad state of affairs when black America has more than a few billionaires who are black and do nothing to give back to the greater good of black Americans where films concerning their lives are nonexistant in this 21st century we are living in. Oprah are you listening...? Magic Johnson? Dr. Dre? Robert Johnson? I could go on, but you all get the point...right?.

This is black life..... this.... is just one told story, fictional or not, of the trillion of told and untold stories of what life is like being Black in a country you were forced to survive in. ....- This movie angers me to no need. The book is better tho..

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Why in the world did this FOOL hold her mouth closed the mother new she was drunk. just a freaken DUMMY

I think it is impossible to fully understand Richard Wright's intent without reading his essay on it - How Bigger was Born - highly recommended

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Family Watched This On PBS Back In 86

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Intro reminds me of Def Jam Vendetta on PS2 LMAO 🔥🎮
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Oprah really knows how act. She so realistically strong voiced.
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