Miss DiorCommercial by Sofia Coppola 

December 23 [Tue], 2008, 14:23

Shopping at Bay Street 

October 09 [Thu], 2008, 16:30
Today I have bought:
1.Gap cami

Love their supersoft collection

2.NARS Eyeshadow


September 29 [Mon], 2008, 18:12

Day 5: We will be back! 

September 29 [Mon], 2008, 14:06
Wakiki again before we went to the airport.Wish there was dely or anything so that we could stay longe CIMG5192 The BEST hot chocolate I have ever had! CIMG5193 Small fishes CIMG5194 Clear water CIMG5195 CIMG5202 Surfng CIMG5203 CIMG5208 Goodbye Hawaii CIMG5217

Day 4 : Night 

September 29 [Mon], 2008, 13:49
Rainbow CIMG5166 CIMG5169 Dinner at "Beachhouse" again. CIMG5172 CIMG5173 CIMG5174 CIMG5181 Walked to the beach after dinner. CIMG5190

Day 4: What a peaceful day 

September 29 [Mon], 2008, 11:26
Lunch: Sushi CIMG5123 CIMG5120 CIMG5129 After lunch,we rented a car to explore the island. CIMG5142 Passed by a peace and quite beach. CIMG5139 Passed by a cliff CIMG5147 The shape of the rock is special due to wind & waves CIMG5151 Cable car in Hawaii? CIMG5158

Day 3 :迷人的海洋生態! 

September 29 [Mon], 2008, 9:02
CIMG5046 "Hanuma Bay is e of Oahu's most popular snorkeing place.As a protected marin sanctuary,its clear water provid remakable viewing of a variety of colorfl fish species. Copied from he postcard I have bought CIMG5053Prettier then Wakiki Beach,,舒適寧靜的氛圍.< CIMG5058 CIMG5063 CIMG5068出發 Srorkeing only.不需要潛水可以觀賞海面下的美麗珊瑚與熱帶魚, 比澳洲大寶礁要潛水,輕易得多 0242000-R1-099-48 0242000-R1-077-37 0242000-R1-073-35 CIMG5084 曬K回程,,愉快的體驗,海洋生態 is so amazing CIMG5080美麗珊瑚, bye bye.

Day 2: Wakiki 

September 29 [Mon], 2008, 8:01
Day 2 CIMG4986 CIMG4988 CIMG4991 CIMG4992 CIMG4994 Compare with few years ago, Wakikii was much more crowded. I was glad to be here anyway.CIMG5010 CIMG4999 Dinner at hotel CIMG5040 My favorite cream brulee. CIMG5041 :

Escape to Hawaii 

September 07 [Sun], 2008, 6:31
It's time to treat myself a relaxing holiday. It's been 3 years since last time I came here. Here am I ! "Beachhouse" afternoon tea 聯 想 到 淺水灣 ?

Family & Kid A Summer Students 

August 04 [Mon], 2008, 11:49

Room 202 students

Room 203 students