New tracks will be released!

July 17 [Wed], 2013, 21:35

So, how is your life?

Yoko Hallelujah

『My Way』

Will be released on 17th July 2013,

Yoko Hallelujah

『Michi』-Japanese version-

Will be released on 17th July 2013,

Hi there,

Hope you are going very well:)

My new tracks called "My Way" and "Michi"
both will be released on 17th July 2013 via HYMNS RECORDS.

The song is simple classic rock taste, and kind of LIFE song.

"Michi" is the Japanese version of "My Way".
Michi means "Way", "Road" or something...
anyway, means "My Way".

Japanese version is one of the my favorite original tune.

You can get iTunes, Amazon or any digital stores.

Hope you'll like them:))

Thanks for your support people,
Have a great life.

Yoko xxx

New tracks will be out!

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 14:50

Hey there,

Here is information of my new tracks called
"Michi" and "My Way".

Its short information video for Japanese ver,-Michi-
but also "My Way" is the English version of "Michi".

I'll let you know more information soon,
anyway hope you'll like them:))

Thanks a lot guys,


Yoko xxx

"Kara-Age" on sale now!

February 14 [Thu], 2013, 1:11

Yoko Hallelujah


On sale 14th Feb 2013,
it's Valentine's Day!
Released by, HYMNS RECORDS

Yoko Hallelujah

"Kara-Age" -Japanese story-

On sale 14th Feb 2013,
it's Valentine's Day!
Released by, HYMNS RECORDS

Hi people,
New comic pop 'n' rock tune called "Kara-Age"
Released 14th Feb 2013 today.

You can get any digital stores in your country!
find iTunes:)

"kara-Age" is the name of Japanese fried chicken:p
It's typical Japanese dish.
You can also try real Kara-Age at Japanese restaurant
in your country, try it as well!:))

There are Comic also Food song,
for kids maybe but for everyone who love Japanese food:)
and, for everyone who love pop-rock song.

I have English version and Japanese version.
It says "Japanese story" if it's Japanese version.
If you understand Japanese, you should check both.
Because, the story is a little bit different.

Crazy song... I love comic so.

Hope you'll love them,and
Hope you having lovely Valentine's Day!

Thanks for all.

Yoko xxx

Comic pop 'n' rock tune coming soon!

February 07 [Thu], 2013, 11:11

Hello guys,

New track will be released very very soon,
It's on Valentine's Day!

Please check the video and,
you can get any digital stores in all over the world.

These are comic song actually,
kind of kids, animation but pop/rock song...hehe.
and story is, about Japanese

I wrote to kids firstly, however
It is good for people who love Japan and food:))
I have English version and Japanese version as well.

Hope you'll be have fun!

Thanks people,


Yoko xxx

Princess Ghibli Remix out 4th Feb 2013!

February 04 [Mon], 2013, 23:13

Imaginary Flying Machines

『Princess Ghibli The Best Selection Revisited』

4th Feb 2013 world released!

We had released same album in Japan already,
it was 9th Jan 2013 by Radtone Music/Media Factory,
as I told you guys.

This time for all over the world,
It's via Coroner Records.

You can check them out any digital stores:)

Thanks for your support!

Best regards,

Yoko xxx

todays METRO!

January 23 [Wed], 2013, 4:35

Hi people.

Check todays "METRO" in UK,
Metro is newspaper,
you can get it in the underground/tube station.

My pic on there!:))

Can you find it?

Thank you to tfl, Metro and all people.


Yoko xxx

Will be on Fuji TV at 13th Jan,

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 1:11

Hey here,
I sang on Japan count down event called
New Years World Rock Festival,
as I told you.

◆40th New Years World Rock Festival◆

The event will be on TV program.
TV station called Fuji TV.
It will be at 13th January 2013, from 24.25 to 3Hours!

Please check it out people if you in Japan,
or if you can watch the Japanese program.

you can watch few British Bands as well.
Because this event is really international,
They are always doing few countries at the same time.

And they are coming London since 3 years ago so.

This year, 3 UK bands joined and played on this event.
It was in east end.
Please check these bands as wall:))

You can feel Japan and UK,
and few countries on this event/program.

Thanks a lot, people.
see you in London,
or see you on this program:)

Best regards,

Yoko xxx

New release coming soon!

January 01 [Tue], 2013, 11:11

Happy New Year 2013!!

Hope you will have a great new year,
Enjoy your lovely life, people!:D

And, hope to see you soon guys:))

This is the first information in this new year.

『Princess Ghibli The Best Selection Revisited』

Imaginary Flying Machines

9th January 2013 In stores!
1,890 JPY / Released by, Radtone Music

1. Country Road
2. Ruuju No Dengon
3. Mononoke Hime
4. Kaze No Tani No Nausica
5. Tonari no TOTORO
6. Teru No Uta
7. Toki Niha Mukashi No Hanashiwo
8. Sanpo_Totoro Opening
9. Gake No Ueno Ponyo
10. Arrietty's Song -Japanese version-
11. Umi No Okaasan
12. NAUSICAA Requiem


We will be released new one,
It is kind of the best of Princess Ghibli.
there are remixed sound.
You can try to new sound of our tracks.

Please check it out and hope you'll like them:)

Love London people, and all of the world people!

Thanks a lot,

Yoko xxx

Today's issue of the TNT Magazine

December 17 [Mon], 2012, 22:00

Please check it out about
today's issue of the Australian magazine called
"TNT Magazine" Issue 1529(17,Dec,2012).

My interview on there,
If you can find the magazine, check them:)

Thanks all,
Love you guys.

Yoko xxx

Countdown Gig in Tokyo this new years eve!

December 16 [Sun], 2012, 10:52

Hi there,

I am going to sing/play on countdown event in Tokyo,
It called "New years world rock festival".

If you'll be in there,
Please come and see me:))

Here is official website of EVENT,

◆New Years World Rock Festival◆
◆40th Anniversary Official Site◆

The event will be 40th anniversary this year,
Would be fantastic program I bet!
Anyway, come to there:D

The event detail is below,
Also you can send me a message or any question
via mail form Here,
so in English please:)


@Hakuhin-kan Gekijyo, Ginza
Time:18:30 open, 19:00 start! ~until late night
Cost:5,250 yen
(Student 3,150 yen)
Any question Call to:+81(0)3-5720-9999

"Hakuhin-Kan Gekijyo"
Chuou-ku, Tokyo,
104-8132 Japan

Cheers mate,

Looking forward to seeing you guys,
Thanks a lot.

Yoko xxx

  • プロフィール画像
  • ニックネーム:Yoko Hallelujah
Welcome to the Yoko's world!
Yoko Hallelujah is.....
"Samurai Crooner", "Underground Busker", "Comic Japanese" ...and writing about life!

◆Yoko Hallelujah WEB◆
◆myspace : Yoko Hallelujah ◆
◆facebook : Yoko Hallelujah◆

★New Vireo Arrived★

【My Way】
【Michi】-Japanese ver.

17th July 2013 on sale now!
If you can iTunes?

Yoko Hallelujah
-English Story and Japanese story-

Both released by HYMNS RECORDS

feat. Yoko Hallelujah

【HELPLESS -JP Version-】
Released By,
Media Factory/Radtone Music

Imaginary Flying Machines
【Princess GhibliU】
14th Mar 2012 Released
Coroner Records(World)
Media Factory(Japan)

Imaginary Flying Machines
13th Apr 2011 Released
【Princess Ghibli】
Coroner Records (World)
Media Factory (Japan)

Both are Now on sale,
Can get any shop or iTunes

iTunes, JP, Italy, USA,
UK, France, Germany


Some of recording

*** Some another ***
July/2008 @Uni LONDON
@East London

Busking us usual

***What is my TIP?***

***Who's Today's guest?**
with John at Mahew St.

with lovely dancer!x
"Ashitaga Arusa" with Spanish
sing'Hikaru Utada'with Hikaru

Yoko Hallelujah is a Jpanese crooner/singer song writer based in London,UK.
Also London Underground official license busker since 2007.(Style of classic J-pop ).

Basically, Yoko sings Jazz, Blues and classic Rock/Pop music by solo style.
Also, Yoko can perform all style of music and have been worked a lot of type of music.
Especially,have a lot of collaboration stuff. And takes offer from any music style/bands.
Now, Mainly released/perform at pop, Metal -in English, Japanese- and also some Japanese style of music as well.
Yoko have been busking in Liverpool(UK),Tokyo,Yokohama and some islands of Okinawa, and London of UK.

And UK debut it was at "Cavern club" in Liverpool 2005. Also a lots of performed at "Cavern pub","Jacaranda club" and some streets of Liverpool as well. that things became topic of news paper in UK.

And performing a lots of Jazz and Blues places in London since 2006.

Yoko Released music in UK by Birmingham 2007, and London 2010,
And has been released a lot of CDs and feat. stuff in the world.
One of achievements called "Imaginary Flying Machines" 's Albums are taken first place on "International best album section" in Japan.
"Imaginary Flying Machines" are big international project, based in Italy and Japan.-All recordings by Torino,Italy- It released by Coroner Records/Media Factory/Overlap Record.-

About Yoko's solo media stuff and gigs,
Yoko has been performed "Livepool Fes 2007","Cafe de paris","Soho Review bar","Cavern Club" and some places or pubs, also keep performing every day in London tube station as well.

Yoko has been interviewed from "Liverpool ECHO","Sankei Shinbun","Yomiuri Shinbun","Sankei Express" and "Metro" of UK, and some Magazines of UK and Japan.

Some more interviewed, documentary, films and voice/music used on Fuji TV(JP), Sky TV,BBC(UK) and Cannel4(UK) , and London Transport Museum(UK).

Also Yoko keep writing essay for Japanese,and encourages a lot of Japanese minds.



◆New release CDs◆
You can get CD shop,
iTunes,Amazon or any digital stores!

★New classic rock tune coming!★
in English and Japanese version
both out to over sea!
 photo c80bce4e-87e3-4138-821b-9355ddbf7444_zpsc5cce2ac.jpg
Yoko Hallelujah
【My Way】
Single EP on sale 17th July 2013,
 photo a837e496-5e52-4aab-9a2b-7a8166ed1157_zps8873c2cc.jpg
Yoko Hallelujah
Single EP on sale 17th July 2013,

★New comic pop 'n' rock tune here!★
 photo d0b28eb0-dd0e-43b2-9b21-31f3f382e218_zps681a24e8.jpg
Yoko Hallelujah
Single EP on sale 14th Feb 2013,
Available from Valentine's Day!

 photo db00f3fc-ce7e-49a3-a5d8-005c6632a487_zpse898de8c.jpg
Yoko Hallelujah
【Kara-Age】-Japanese story-
Single EP on sale 14th Feb 2013,
Available from Valentine's Day!

 photo 78631585-5c05-44ca-90fc-3b3ebfc4a705_zps11083849.jpg
Imaginary Flying Machines
【Princess Ghibli
The Best Selection Revisited】
9th Jan 2013 In stores!
Released by, Radtone Music
4th Feb 2013 Released!
Out via Coroner Records

Imaginary Flying Machines
【Princess Ghibli II】
14th Mar 2012, NOW ON SALE!
Coroner Records(World)
Media Factory(Japan)
Owned by SEIKODO
2,000JPY (12tracks)
★Special benefit★
If you get the CD by "Tower Record",
"Special Princess Ghibli BOX"
comes with!
Good for put your Princess Ghibli1&2!
☆Also, we have some more deal
for this project:)
Please ask your near CD shop!☆

Damnation Angels
【Bringer Of Light】
7th Mar 2012 Released
2,652 JPY
Radtone Music(Japan)
(10Tracks+1Bonus track)
feat.V & backing Vo,
on Track 10 and 11
World coming soon!

Living Corpse
【And Everything Slips Away】
12th Mar 2012 Released
Coroner Records(World)
*in Japan released as well*
21st Dec 2011 Released
2,100 JPY
Radtone Music(JAPAN)
Yoko Vo. on track2&13!
「Smile to the Victory」
「MononokeHime Remix」

【Three Hours Of Sun】
5th Oct 2011 Released
Radtone Music(Japan)
Coroner Records(World)
2Bonus track for Japan!
I am on Track12,
「Helpless Like You』

Disarmonia Mundi
【Mind Tricks】
(Extended Version)
30th June 2011 Released
Coroner Records(World)
(15 tracks)
Can get €9.90 for
only @Coroner Rec shop
Yoko Vo.-female clean- on,
「Nihilistic Overdrive」
(Remix)-Track 15-

Imaginary Flying Machines
【Princess Ghibli】
13th April 2011 Released
(12 tracks)
Media Factory(Japan)
Coroner Records(World)
Ettore Rigotti Produce,
Ghibli-Miyazaki cartoon-
Amazing metal covers!
Yoko Vo. on 7 tracks
「Ponyo on the Cliff」
「Princess Mononoke」
「Kiki's Delivery Service」
「Porco Rosso」
「Sanpo」from Totoro


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