followed the hundreds

September 07 [Sat], 2013, 12:20
No. thirty-nine; originally also isn't seen scenes of people, this is Japan, anyhow is a stable country, but only one club took this heavy weapon, it is somewhat beyond their own expectations, in fact investigation are some inside information, but they do not usually see these are, always think that the investigation department recently there has been some name, how can there still be those who haven't people to hit it, now in Japan, it is to see, not only has one hidden killed your own people, but also people dare to flagrant to fight, but now not is think these of time, or get out early. Thirty-nine, can not control the rest of them is alive or dead, his dozen points by three off-road vehicles directly on the outer ring, while walking the road may be a little closer, but now the city traffic jam Womens North Face Down Outlet is not just one country and some, such as Kobe City, certain blocked as a sausage almost, No. Thirty-nine is not after all those little white, think the other party sent a stranger to plug himself, is certainly there after bidding, this not, his rear appeared several rapid and black car. Damn, this group of people also do his mother, it is what kind of situation are thought of, thirty-nine, held out his hand, making gestures, the two cars behind immediately on the road to cross over, although not enough to stop a seal, but still no problem in North Face Hybird Clearance order to complete the task, this time what all can pay, these people also know oneself is a what role, just at the expense of the people of Japan, now their turn, were some edge lick blood, know what to do and not to do, now you have to do is to put these people are killed and then you can escape, but the chance of this happening is lower than hell. Although also carrying a submachine gun type weapons, but after all, only a dozen people, followed the hundreds of people fighting is the gap is too large, and the other there are snipers, so that a dozen people only lasted less than five minutes times killed, behind the pursuit team straight open simple roadblock. This two off-road vehicles, continue to pursue, but this is five minutes, thirty-nine had run no shadow. Mom, think you can escape? Here is your energy group in Japan, again much, also in vain. Thirty-nine, looking at the distance has disappeared, who led the pursuit spat, angrily say, really do not know what is going on, the original three associations are hostile, why can do now, you have to help in the group to intercept energy group of people, although they have did not complete the task, but they've already gave $ten million, these boys are dead several never mind, money earned on the line. By just exchange we also saw that is black to help people, have never thought always walruses estuary group with black help North Face Nuptse Down Outlet would be to kill himself, but also so in a flagrant way, remembering their flattery, all of these are false? When their energy group investigation department of the Minister of the Ministry of the days are not japanese!
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