The day-to-day maintenance of the water heater

February 28 [Thu], 2013, 11:00
1, vacuum tube solar water heater, to regular checks of vacuum tubes or glass tube or not broken when the vacuum tube of barium - titanium getter darkening, that show that the vacuum level has dropped, the need to replace the vacuum tube solar water heater tube.
  2, vacuum tube solar water heater in addition to cleaning the vacuum tube should be at the same time cleaning the reflector plate.
  Visits to check the pipes, valves, float valve, solenoid valve, connecting hose for any leaks in the phenomenon, if any, should be repaired in time.
  4, the solar collector heat-absorbing coating if damage or loss should be repaired in time. Bracket, piping brushing once a year to protect the paint, to prevent rust.
  5, to prevent nausea sun. Circulatory system to stop the cycle called stuffy sun, stuffy sun will cause the internal temperature of the solar heating water increases damage to the finish, the cabinet insulation layer deformation, broken glass and other phenomena. Cause nausea drying the reasons may be the clogging of the circulation duct; in a natural circulation system may also be insufficient cold water supply, the water level in the hot water tank below due to the circulation pipe; in the forced circulation system may be due to the circulation pump stops working .
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