Samsung Galaxy S III has become the best-selling smart phone to replace the iPhone 4S

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:36
The person in charge of the Samsung mobile business application cases said this week that if Samsung patent that Apple is probably not produce a smart phone. This statement indicates that HTC has decided to settle all disputes with Apple, but Samsung will not "surrender".

Application cases, said in an interview with The Korea Times: "Truth never lie if Samsung's wireless patents, Apple may not produce mobile products, Samsung has a strong wireless patent portfolio of Samsung's legal team is working on the dispute make a strong response to a rehearing of the case is indeed possible. "

Shen were both last week in an interview with the Korean website Yonhap News interview, said Samsung will not follow the example of the practice of HTC and Apple reconciliation: "HTC Apple agreed to pay 300 billion won (about 276.6 million U.S. dollars) may be true, but we do not so do it. "

Beginning in April 2011, Samsung and Apple outbreak of fierce patent battle, and now the dispute has spread to four continents. In August of this year, the U.S. court to make a ruling finds that the Galaxy S series smartphones infringe iPhone and iPad patents, Samsung to Apple compensation for the loss of more than $ 1 billion. Samsung subsequently filed an appeal against the sentence.

However, in other countries, Apple did not account for cheap, the Netherlands and Japan, the court rejected Apple Samsung's infringement allegations. Earlier this month, the market research firm Strategy Analytics released a report, known as the Samsung Galaxy S III has become the best-selling smart phone to replace the iPhone 4S.

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Apple and Samsung, the two diametrically opposed to some of the other equipment as infringing products

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:36
In the last week, the first Samsung to the California District Court requesting, requested the court to the Apple iPad Mini, fourth-generation iPad and fifth-generation iPod Touch and other new products as a 2014 patent infringement litigation judgments. Apple to be outdone, submit a request to the court on Friday, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S3 the Mini variety of products equipped with Android 4.1 system requirements will include, as a Samsung Apple patent infringing products directory.

On an expanded patent battle between Apple and Samsung, the two diametrically opposed to some of the other equipment as infringing products. Apple products including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Nexus smartphone along with Google's Android 4.1 operating system. Galaxy S3 Previously, Apple will be on the U.S. market is not equipped with the Android 4.1 system is also included in the patent infringing product catalog.

Back in August of this year, Apple won its patent litigation with Samsung in California courts. California courts from patent infringement lawsuit focused on the design of the product, rather than focus only on the software patent infringement under Apple. More involved because California courts from litigation to patent software and user interface, which will perhaps Google - which is responsible for the research and development behind Android system manufacturers directly pushed to the front desk.

The case is responsible for hearing by the San Jose, California, federal court, District Judge Paul Grewal.

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Apple's Internet business development is too slow

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:34
Former Apple engineers Gibson that Apple's Internet business development is too slow. How to effectively introduce effective network services, and he believes that Apple's lack of understanding of innate and Google in this regard, they occupy a certain advantage.

Outside critics of Apple's former staff may be skeptical, but as far as the Apple Internet business records show that this is indeed it relatively fragile aspect.

Compared with the Mac and MobileMe, Apple iCloud is a more efficient service, but due to information loss and delay, service unavailable, as well as other aspects of the defect, so Apple is facing some difficulties in the maintenance of the service.

Gibson also on what Apple is still using the Web Objects framework to develop its iTune App Store perplexed. According to his website, he has been involved in the original iPad design. He believes that Google's product design is getting better and better. He also said, "there is a great interest in Motorola products to be launched, but still difficult to accept the situation."

The smart phone is the most commonly used devices in people's lives. However, without a doubt cloud computing-based device eventually become larger than that people are now using the equipment is more important.
As Internet services become more important than ever, the Internet logic is also the same. In this field, the data available to users free use of the application is also very easy to get the Apple OS almost every aspect, the user can configure.

Gibson think Apple at the launch of the available cloud-based services are facing the biggest problem is that it lacks the personnel to focus on the Internet. Underperforming Apple Internet services, Google's market share has increased in the former is more focused on doing the best hardware products, which has focused on the development of Internet services.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had said in the beginning of this year, "I think Siri and iCloud has a far-reaching impact on the company and I never iCloud as only 2012 of the life cycle of the product; iCloud is the company in the next decade or longer strategic product,such as iphone cases. "

If, as Gibson put it, people will eventually one day will see Google beat its smartphone competitors; If not, the user may have witnessed apple concentrate in the future design concept developed Web services products.

Apple to launch such a service, it may need to refine its internal culture. In order to attract talent in the field of cutting-edge Web services, Apple may need to change its corporate soul.

iPad made Chinese tablet PC market share of 71.4%

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:32
iPad global market share may decline, but it remains hot in China.Analysys International's report said that the third quarter, Apple's share of the tablet PC market in China was 71.4%, over the second quarter fell 1 percent, but still the second-leading Lenovo, Lenovo's share of 10.5%.

Overall, the third quarter, China's tablet PC market compared to the same period in 2011 increased by 62.5%, sales reached 2.6 million units, sales for the same period last year to 1.6 million units.

ABI Research's report shows that the iPad last quarter occupies 55% share of global shipments, 14% lower than the second quarter, the lowest point since the launch of iPad 2010.

IDC data show that the iPad global market share of 50.4%, Samsung second, a market share of 18.4%, the the Amazon share of 9%, 8.6% in Asustek.

Apple faces many challengers Andrews camp such as Samsung, Asus and other manufacturers.

ABI data shows that global tablet sales, Android system is more than 44% of ipad cases, and this figure will continue to grow.

M & A advisory body of Finvista Advisors analyst Sameer Singh Android Tablet PC is expected in 2013 to the iPad pull down the throne. He also expects Android Tablet PC sales in the first half of next year, more than iPad.
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