There's always that 1 song 

November 03 [Thu], 2011, 22:05
No matter what you're feeling, there's always a song out there which 100% describes it.

Put my iPod on shuffle and Prom Theme came on, which is just so coincidental because i was just talking about graduation!!! Anyway the lyrics are totally graduation-feelings, knew it through Gossip Girl!!


Here we are at last
The moment soon will pass
We'll go our seperate ways
We'll vanish in the haze
We'll never be the same
We'll forget each other's names
We'll grow old and lose our hair
It's all downhill from there

But tonight we'll reach for the stars
We'll rent expensive cars
And dream our dreams
Of a perfect night
And we'll sing our prom theme

Here we are at last
We're running out of gas
The air is getting thick
The girls are feeling sick
We'll pass out on the beach
Our keys just out of reach
And soon we'll say goodbye
Then we'll work until we die

But tonight we feel like stars
We'll play our air guitars
Cause we're eighteen
It's a perfect night
To sing our prom theme
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Ruled by the moon. The moon is always changing, so is my mood!

i listen to BoA and look up to Taeyang.

I talk and listen when i'm with the right people, right now
tapping my days away.
Best feelings: Knowing some
one is smiling for you, and
knowing i'm smiling for someone too!!
Worst feelings: Nostalgia and
one-sided relationships

Still looking for ambitions and dreams

"At the end of the day, it's not the days in life that count, but the life in the days."
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