see doctor 

November 22 [Tue], 2005, 18:56
9-1 went to pokfulam for housekeeping practical class!!!!!wah))))i'm so tired about that.....after that went to mcdonald's to have shake shake...wahahha))))yummy.....bk home then saw doctor....the doctor saw that my throut has fly i feel uncomfortable a!!!!!o))))god...also let her see my XX...she gave some medicine for me to eat a!!!!


November 06 [Sun], 2005, 21:18
小松奈奈(宮崎葵飾)前往東京,希望能與男友多點見面。在火車上,她剛好坐在新晉搖滾主音大崎娜娜(中島美嘉飾)身旁。二人於東京車站各走各路,但命運叫她倆因爭奪同一層房子而再遇,還成為了同屋主。雖然性格迥異,但內向的娜娜與外向的奈奈相處融洽,成為好友。娜娜遇上一位低音結他手,並為她的舊樂隊「K石」帶來嶄新風格。天真的奈奈終於發現愛情道路其實十分崎嶇。失落中她得到一個好消息,就是贏得一張觀看她心愛樂隊TrapNest的演唱會門券。豈料,娜娜竟拒絕與她一起看。奈奈這才得知好友的秘密−−娜娜原來一直愛TrapNest 的結他手本城蓮,亦即是她的前度男友兼K石樂隊的前低音結他手。TrapNest 的演唱會掀開序幕,本城蓮在樂迷歡呼聲中踏上舞台。娜娜靜靜坐到前排的位置上,眼淚隨記憶緩緩流下。到底她和蓮的結局會是…

1st JC training 

November 02 [Wed], 2005, 23:58
wah)))))ho sleepy a!!!yesterday off duty@11:30pm.....and sleep@2am!!!!!but today i woke up @7:45am....really so tired!!!!the training was in shatin~~~~~from 10-5pm a!!!!!o)))))no~~~~~i still have 2 days~~~~~need to go shatin!!!!!!!

p.s really want to gio retire ge life immediately!!!!!


October 15 [Sat], 2005, 23:46
todei hai first time see ellen online!!!!i feel very happy!!!!!whahahah)))))we talk a lot and play the webcam with abb+ellen!!!!!!i feel very happy!!!!ellen is as same as me!!!!when we are in hk, i will miss uk and ellen will miss canada!!!!when we are in uk and canada, we will miss hk!!!!!hahahha))))))she understands why i want to go back to uk na!!!!!hahaha))))))yeah@!!!!!!!

um))))after chatting with ellen and abb!!!i went to BU help my sister to take her graduate ge clothes a!!!very trouble!!!!then went to tai koo with mum!!!!!!@night i had dinner myself!!!!

i really want ~~~after 3 yrs high dip,i would liketo go to uk study final year!!!then after this yr, i want to stay in uk for a year!!!!in this yr i will find a job to do!!!!!this is my plan!!!!wahahah))))


October 11 [Tue], 2005, 23:30
sis woke me and mun up @10am....o))))no~~~i feel so sleepy!!!!!she said we decided to go to tik yan lake!!!!!~~~~after we changed our clothes, we went to 大排檔have our breakfast and lunch!!!!!!then we started our trip na!!!wahahaha)))))we arraived disneyland @1:XXpm!!!!sis was very excited. she looked like my 1st time to go to disneyland. although we didn't go inside(disneyland), we still feel very happy!!!!!great~~~~this time we have gone to hotel and ferry dock have a look!!!!!yeah))))))@2 sth pm~~~we went to tik yan lake by just need $3 to go there!!!!!!after arrvied there, wallis and i felt very disappointed a!!!!!~~~~~nth to see~~~~and the lake is not very big!!!!~~~~~after we walk around it, we went back to chai wan!!!!first thing we needed to do that is having tea!!!!coz i felt very hungry!!!!! finally, wallis bought her mobile~k608i!!!!great!~~~~i can get back my mobile and can also use her mobile~~~well done wallis!!!!!!! then went to park'n with mum~~~after that bk home na!!!!

train man 

October 10 [Mon], 2005, 23:38
10:30-1:30 key skill n eng!!!!~~~After 3 hrs, kellie and i went to none point five having lunch!!!!!yummy)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))i like it very much a!!!!wahahahh)))))then went to post office~~~~post letter for mandy, ellen, and daniel.!!!!~~~@8:30pm abb called me to go out na!!!we went to see film with nanz in tai koo!!!!!yeah)))))train man~~~i want to see long time~~~we used the bag of maltesers~ we juz needed to pay $30 per each ja!!!!~~~hapi~~~abb bought a lot of things to eat!!!!!so terrible!!!!!wahahha)))))i think this film dou quite ok ga!!!!wahahah))))))i want to live in japan at that moment!!!!!wahahahha))))))


October 08 [Sat], 2005, 23:19
today, i went to tst with polly!!!wahhahaa)))))i'm so happy that polly and i bought a lot of things. great....i want to buy more things!!!!One more thing i received ellen's letter today!!!~~~~really feel very exciting~~~~!!!!!!!


October 03 [Mon], 2005, 0:28
同mandy講開ive d人去左ob到讀...i decided to back to uk after 3 yrs higgh dip;///之後叫mandy help我問下個到d ive人la!!!結果問完之後發現原來係唔得ga...唔可以讀到year 2個去個邊ga!!!有d disappointed...but mandy wanted me to study in ob....之後我同mandy講話we can’t meet in uk!!!mandy話可能she會repeat or 讀master ne...講完之後真係覺得好感動呀!!!although我知lee個一定唔會發生,真係好感動呀!!!果然係好朋友呀!!!〜〜*


October 02 [Sun], 2005, 23:32
this is my first dairy in yaplog....i feel very happy!!!i think the username very long time...>but still can't think what usernamer i can use!!!however, i still use chloe for my username!!!hahaha.."
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