So tired 

February 28 [Mon], 2011, 21:00
So tired today! No particular reason, I think its because I stayed up late last night doing research on Rokudo Mukuro's rings since im going to be cosplaying him on comifest and haven't been catching up on KHR lately soooo.. Naturally I would have to do some reasearch to prevent myself from doing it all wrong..

Anyway this morning, on the way to school, on the bus, a lady came and sat beside me me and was like, hey hey! Could I borrow your phone to call? I'll pay you. So I agreed (not because of the money. To be honest, I didn't even hear her say that!), then after making the phonecall, the lady gave me 20cents for calling. And I was, no no! I can't accept it, its okay. And kept refusing to take the money, but she wouldn't say no Untill when one of the coins dropped on the floor and now im like, sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!! OMG im so sorry!! And she was like, its okay, and kept the other coin she gave me. But she wasted her 10cents..

Today school seems to end so fast..! But it wasn't a good day.. Today during maths lesson, I was caught using my phone.. Checking for text messages. I was so afraid of getting scolded and it getting confiscated so I lied to my teacher.. But seems that she didn't buy it but she still shouted at me and walked away after that I was so so so lucky.. Then during English lesson.. AGAIN, I was caught using my phone another time, but this time, it was my friend who wanted to use facebook ARGHH!! What is wrong with teachers I do my work, I listen in class most of the time! And when I was using my phone, the teachers were busy with other students, and I was hiding it, so whats wrong

Anyway, went back home to check my emails to see if my Mukuro wig has arrived, and yay! It arrived!
Going to collect it this Wednesday since I have club activities tomorrow.. Which I dread going to because of the year ones. Some of them really get on my nerves.. But I don't have a choice because my school locks the gates so we all attend club activities.. Sigh..
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