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jonas bros / 05/10/2007/(Thu)

Please VOTE 4 NLT!!! まっぢで負けてるの泣
ありえないなあああ---i added a Chat Box!!! yahhh me(*^U^*)
"The Jonas Brothers have announced that the video for
their new single Hold On will premiere on May 18th
after the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Johnny Kapahala."
sooo im confused...May 18 is Johnny!?
Supernatural2 part season finaleなんだょっ
yahhh<3 i cnt wait.やっと-先週のEP観たょっ
Deanかっこぃぃなああ--dean wished his mom hadn't died
so everything was diff.SamとJessicaがengagedとか
dean + carmen(who!? lol)でもこれはinside dean's headとか
Dean: "Bitch."
Sam: "What're calling me a bitch for?"
Dean: "You're supposed to say 'jerk'."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Never mind."
で言ったi think it was the first ep...lol
aw, it was sooo cute(*^U^*)
congrats Friday Night Lights!!! its coming back
for a second season!!! yahhhhh<3
i love this show(*^U^*)

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Zanessa / 05/07/2007/(Mon)

Jump In Pop-Up Edition coming Next Month
yahhhh (*^U^*) i cnt wait!!!!!
Zanessa Video絶対観てねっawww<3 ZAC!!!such a cutie
"high school sweethearts in real life?"cutest laugh
really really good friends!?
they keep sayin thatねっlol*crys*

>>>> prt 1 <<<<
>>>> prt 2 <<<<
>>>> Zanessa interview prt 3 <<<<
on to Lost News.lol
The spaced-out odyssey will end in 2010. Monday's
Hollywood trades are reporting that ABC's Lost
will run for 48 more episodes over three seasons,
each of which will consist of 16 episodes and air uninterrupted.

i dont wanna c it end...but what other kinda
of stories can they have? lol

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hsm 2 people mag / 05/06/2007/(Sun)

Hannah Montana stuff@Subway! For a limited time when you purchase a Subway Fresh Fit for Kids Meal you get a free music download from the Hannah Montana Soundtrack and one of three Hannah Montana toys.
HM Toyって何のTOYなんだろぅなあああ--気になる!lol
People Magazineにon the set of HSM 2って
article入ってたょっ<3 Ashley TisdaleとってもCUTE!!!
i really cant wait(*^U^*)
NLT@PCD Concert


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hsm concert on tv / 05/04/2007/(Fri)

2nite was the premiere of High School Musical : The Concert
やっぱあ行ってよかったなああ<3 V & A r soooo cute(*^U^)
OMG! Drew is adorable!!! awww<3
早くDVD欲しいなああ!!! The Concert CDをDLしたょっ
Johnny Kapahala : Back On Board DCOM Extra
映画でamericanなのに!!!FridayのCory in the house
Newだょ(*^U^*) yahhh,何か久しぶりじゃない!?lol
Hannah Montana "You've Gotta Not Fight For Your Right To Party"
観たょっJackson & Miley were sooo funny!!!!!
they have to share a bathroom & いつもfighting! lol hahaha
Jacksonがusing Miley's Bra to hold thingsとか
World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures
のゲストはAdrieene Bailon, Sabrina Bryan.Miley Cyrus
& Dad.ALY & AJ.Emma Roberts.Brenda Song.Kiely Williams
Amanda Bynes....

めっちゃ行きたいなあああ!!!!! Ashley Tisdaleとか来ないのかな!?

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corbin on TRL / 05/02/2007/(Wed)

Corbin Bleu was on TRL today!!! yahhhh<3
hes sooo cute(*^U^) did he say
Vanessa & Zac r ONLY friends!?付き合ってるょねぇ!?
how cute is this HSM 2 promo pic???
まっぢ楽しみだなああ(*^U^)8月23日はMy Birthdayだし
i really cnt wait!!!!

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Jon McLaughlin CD / 05/01/2007/(Tue)

Jon McLaughlin Debut CD
yahhh me(*^U^) I LOVE IT!!! "For You From Me"
Beautiful Disaster Music Video観てねっ

Corbin Bleu.HSM 2 CD/DVDもOn-saleだねっ
should i get it!? lol CorbinのcdはCD+DVDみたいだょっ
Ashlee Simspon is on the cover of Cosmopolitan!!!
yahhh i have to get it<3 she looks soooo素敵!
いつnew songでるの!? How CUTE is WENTY!? lol
beanpole jeans something haha(*^U^=)
Zac & Vanessa In Hawaiiの写真みたあああ!? I did.lol
shes sooo lucky!!!!

Fantastic Four 2 TrailerめっちゃFUNNYだょっ
i cnt wait 2 watch it(*^U^) Johnnyかっこよすぎだなああ
hes sooo funny<3絶対観てねっ!!!!

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Miley Cyrus / 04/29/2007/(Sun)

Miley Cyrus singing "Girl's Night" yahhhh<3
ソロCDめっちゃ楽しみだねっ(*^U^=) とってもィィ曲じゃない!?
Bring It On: In It to Win !? って事は
Bring it on 4だょねぇ---Pre-productionなんだああ!!
キャストとこに・・・・・Ashley Benson ... Carson,Jennifer Tisdale
まだidk anything bout this movieでもi cnt wait<3
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board
Disney Channelで観たnew promoだょ!!!!
5月はDcomないみたいだねっ泣 hes so grown up now!! lol

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young hollywood awards / 04/23/2007/(Mon)

Movieline's Hollywood Life 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards
congratulations Ashley Tisdale
Vanessa Hudgens,
Zac Efron & Shia LaBeouf!!!!!!!

how cute is v & ashley!? zacかっこぃぃなあああ<3
im sooo MAD!! i missed Zoey 101@8PM
WHY!? NLTKevinがでてるんだあああ----

Ashley Tisdale, winner Rising New Pop Star
Zac Efron, winner One to Watch
Vanessa Hudgens, winner Rising New Pop Star
Katharine McPhee, winner Exciting New Vocalist
Shia LaBeouf, winner Superstar of Tomorrow
Katherine Heigl, winner Superstar of Tomorrow
Tyrese Gibson, winner Breakthrough Performance for "Transformers"
Kristin Cavallari, winner One to Watch
Jordan Ladd, winner One to Watch
Ioan Gruffudd, winner Hottest U.K. Import
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, winner Today's Superstar
Haley Bennett, winner Breakthrough Performance for "Music and Lyrics"
Josh Henderson, winner Exciting New Face
Beau Garrett, winner Exciting New Face

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stinky stewart / 04/22/2007/(Sun)

Hannah Montana S2E2 "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together"
観ましたょ!!!! Miley & Lillyとっても面白かったああああ
miley & lilly r mad@each other cause lilly didnt
pick miley 4 football...miley was picked last again.they call her
Stinky Stewart!! lol hahahaha
miley & lilly were fighting over oliver! lol hahah
"True Friend"って曲歌ったょ! i love it<3
MileyがOliverに 'why aren't u happy dancing?' ってシーン面白かったなあ
directors cut of "Folsom Prison Blues"観ましたょっ!!!
dean was sooo funny! eatin chicken.lol hahahaha
でもif they r in jail....how r they gonna get out again?
めっちゃ気になるなああ---Heroes is NEW明日! yahhhh<3
i think there r only 5 episodes left.泣

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corbin bleu / 04/18/2007/(Wed)

>>>> aol breakers <<<<

Corbin Bleu "Another Side" CDをDLしたょっ
とってもぃぃ曲ばっかりねぇ-- i love it<3
Homework, Still there for me, Roll with you好きだなあ
Supernatural "Hollywood Babylon" Director's Cut
sceneみたょ(*^U^*)Dean is sooo funny!
pretending to b a PA.ってかGilmore Girlsって言った時
ちょ--面白かったなああだってJared was on Gilmore Girls!!lol
i cnt wait till木曜(*^U^*) CSI Miami spoiler....
Ryan Wolfe gets fired!? NOOOOO泣 どぅなるのかなあ!?
i cnt wait(*^U^*) CSI NY episode "What Schemes May Come"
----Can you please provide any spoilers for CSI: NY,
especially related to Danny and Lindsay?

Ausiello: All you Dindsay-shippers are not gonna want
to miss the season finale. You won't be disappointed.

OMG!! whats gonna happen between Danny & Lindsay!?
i cnt wait(*^U^*) KISS!? lol i hope so<3
----I've heard a rumor that someone is getting
killed in the CSI: NY finale! Help! Is it true?

Ausiello: Can't confirm that someone's killed.
Can confirm that someone's gonna be in a lot of pain.

またFlackだったらi cnt take itかも.i think it mite b danny泣
"I'm told there will be at least five
on Lost during the month of May."

only 4 episodes left till the season finale
I LOVE THIS Ryan picture!!青とってもお似合いじゃない!?lol

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