v & trav --- 05/09/2007/(Wed) at 17:34

V & Travis is soooo adorable in this pic<3
I LOVE IT(*^U^*) & its sooo funny!!! hahahaha
VOTE 4 NLT @ AOL Breakers!!!すっごぃ負けてるょ
1回でもィィからVOTEしてください!!!! they HAVE 2 WIN.
あと4 Daysしかないょ.
Jugemに引越ししょ-ぉかなあああ!!!!! i dont like yaplog
anymore...plus i still get Weird COMMENTS!!!!
i dont wanna approve comments anymore lol
でもi dont knw how to use Jugem泣


 NLT  .. URL
Blue --- 05/09/2007/(Wed) at 14:55

BLUE Collection CD (*^U^*)release date:7.5.2007
i want this sooo bad!!! hehehe
Backstreet Boys - Helpless When She SmilesをDL
したょ<3 ripped from myspace, but it was quickly
taken offとか.これもめっちゃぃぃ曲だなあああ!!!!!

1. All Rise
2. Too Close
3. Fly By II
4. This Temptation
5. One Love
6. Get Down
7. Taste It
8. Bubblin'
9. Like A Friend
10. When Summer's Gone
11. Breathe Easy [Love 4 Music Remix]
12. U Make Me Wanna [Urban North Edit]
How HOTT is this poster??
Zac Efron is such a cutie<3
i really cnt wait 4 Hairspray(*^U^*)


 music  .. URL
csi miami --- 05/08/2007/(Tue) at 20:15

昨日のHeroes Chapter 21 "The Hard Part"とっても面白かったょっ
Mollyって子供とってもCute & Sweet!! awwwww
Sylar is sooo bad.So Peter met Ted....& now he
obsorbed his power or something!
CSI MiamiRyan Wolfeかっこよかったなあああhes on TV now
and hes still HOT<3 lol i hope he comes back soon!!!!
i miss him as CSI guy(*^U^*) THE OC.Love Wrecked
Chris Carmackがゲストだったょ!!!!! why do all the guests
on the show have to b bad!? lol
i think next weekのEPはSeason Finaleだょ泣

Ne-YoThat's what it doesって曲♪DLしたょっ! Bonus Trackなんだああ
まだ聴いてないけどlol BSBHappily Never Afterって曲DLしたょっ
i dnt knw if its gnna b a single or not,でもI love it<3
今日Alpha Dog DVDゲット!!!well...i jst had 2 pick it up lol hahahaha
i cnt wait 2 watch it(*^U^*) yahhhh<3
JT is amazing in it!!sooo HOTT!!!
今日はwent 2 c "In the land of women" w/ママ&れい!!!!
freeチケットだったからI LOVED IT!!!
Adam Brody was AMAZING<3 such a cutie & Kristen Stewart
is sooo beautiful(*^U^*)she was a painter & i loved everything bout
her character!!! loved the story.Meg Ryan was amazing 2!!
とってもよかったょっ皆も絶対check it out!!!

 tv  .. URL
trav --- 05/07/2007/(Mon) at 16:20

i cnt believe i like the same shows as Trav! lol hah
im soo weird(*^U^*) i like green!!!! yahhh me
awwwww<3 Justy lol how cute is that nickname!?
AIもチョコだったら何でも好きだなああ<3 I wanna bake
him Brownies! hahahaha

猫&犬の名前可愛すぎだなああ<3 I love JT 2!!!
OMG! Kevinと同じMiddle Nameなんてすっごくない!?lol

Full Name: Travis Michael Garland
(yeah.. kevin stole my middle name)
DOB: July 26, 1989
Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Favorite Color: Green
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Favorite Artists: Justin Timberlake. Band is McFly.
Hobbies: Songwriting. Singing. Anything music-related.
First CD You Ever Bought: Mmm.. Newsboys -
Take Me to Your Leader.
Top 3 Influences: Musically: Justin Timberlake,
Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder.
In General: Kev, Justy, V.
Favorite T.V. Show: Heroes!!! I also love Lost & Friday Night Lights.
Favorite Food: Anything chocolate... preferrably brownies.
Favorite Books: The Time Traveler's Wife
Pet Peeve: Walking around in wet socks.. Weird, I know.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with people I love.
Pets: Dog, Gabriel; Cat, Dutchess


 NLT  .. URL
Zanessa --- 05/07/2007/(Mon) at 15:07

Jump In Pop-Up Edition coming Next Month
yahhhh (*^U^*) i cnt wait!!!!!
Zanessa Video絶対観てねっawww<3 ZAC!!!such a cutie
"high school sweethearts in real life?"cutest laugh
really really good friends!?
they keep sayin thatねっlol*crys*

>>>> prt 1 <<<<
>>>> prt 2 <<<<
>>>> Zanessa interview prt 3 <<<<
on to Lost News.lol
The spaced-out odyssey will end in 2010. Monday's
Hollywood trades are reporting that ABC's Lost
will run for 48 more episodes over three seasons,
each of which will consist of 16 episodes and air uninterrupted.

i dont wanna c it end...but what other kinda
of stories can they have? lol


 disney  .. URL
Kevin McHale(NLT) --- 05/07/2007/(Mon) at 13:35

info on NLT member Kevin!!! i cant type in japanese
rite now which sooo sucks!!!! stupid computer*crys*
he has a dog!! awwww<3 i dnt like harry potter lol hahaha
>>>> making 'that girl' part 1 <<<<
>>>> part 2 <<<<
>>>> part 3 <<<<

Full Name: Kevin Michael McHale
DOB: June 14
Hometown: Plano, TX
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Favorite Artists: Michael Jackson & McFly
First CD You Ever Bought: 2gether (the MTV boyband)
haha that was the 1st one I bought w/ my own $$.
Top 3 Influences: My family, McFly, & V Travis and JJ
Favorite T.V. Show: Skins (UK show) & Brothers & Sisters
Favorite Food: Breakfast Food
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series
Pet Peeve: The red line under misspelled words on Microsoft Word.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida w/ My family and the guys.
Pets: Golden Retriever, Bailey

 NLT  .. URL
Shrek 3 premiere --- 05/06/2007/(Sun) at 21:54

Ashley Tisdale & Corbin Bleu
Monique Coleman

attended the premiere of Shrek 3
in LA today!! how cute is Ash???? jst 2 adorable
love the hair.dress.shoes....everything!!! lol
Monique & Corbin r soooo cute 2gethere(*^U^*)
JT & Cameron Diaz were there 2!!!
Cameron looks sooo beautiful in pink(*^U^*)her hair
is blonde again! Love it<3


 premiere  .. URL
Brandon Heath --- 05/06/2007/(Sun) at 18:22

New Music♪introducing Brandon Heath-
- "I'm Not Who I Was" 本当にぃぃ曲だょ
Debut Album"Don't Get Comfortable"
apparently, hes room-mates w/Matt Wertz!
who I LOVE<3 lol its a great song
& im sure everybody WILL LOVE IT!!!
Myspaceに行ったら聴けるょっ<3 so GOGOGO!!!! lol
Brandon Heath's music is influenced by his hometown of Nashville, TN. Most of the music that inspires him today is made by Nashvillians like Ryan Adams, Josh Rouse and Matt Wertz, who is actually his housemate. When he began playing guitar and writing songs as a 13-year old, it was thoughtful songwriters like Sting, Shawn Colvin and David Wilcox who inspired him the most. That and the Bluebird Café, a legendary Nashville hotspot for songwriters.

"Music, for me, has always been about the songwriting," Heath says. For him, songwriting is a lifestyle, not merely a necessity of building a pop career. Therefore, he's destined to be a power player in the music scene for years to come.

いつかコンサートに行きたいなああ<3 Mattのライブちょ-
楽しかったし(*^U^*) Marcos Hernandez - Endless Light
"if you were mine"って曲聴いて好きになったょ<3
Zac Efron - Ladie's Choice♪前からDLしよーと思ってたけど
i 4got 2(*^U^*)lol hahahah I LOVE IT!!!
かっこぃぃ声じゃんねぇ<3 セクシーな声!? lol もっと聴きたいなあああ
Lifehouse is coming to Alpine
うちから40分なんだけどねぇ泣 its in6月soまだまだだねlol

>>>> http://www.brandonheath.net/ <<<<
>>>> http://www.myspace.com/brandonheath <<<<


 music  .. URL
hsm 2 people mag --- 05/06/2007/(Sun) at 10:12

Hannah Montana stuff@Subway! For a limited time when you purchase a Subway Fresh Fit for Kids Meal you get a free music download from the Hannah Montana Soundtrack and one of three Hannah Montana toys.
HM Toyって何のTOYなんだろぅなあああ--気になる!lol
People Magazineにon the set of HSM 2って
article入ってたょっ<3 Ashley TisdaleとってもCUTE!!!
i really cant wait(*^U^*)
NLT@PCD Concert



 disney  .. URL
making 'that girl' --- 05/05/2007/(Sat) at 19:09

NLT making "That Girl" 観たょっ♪
JJ was sooo cute<3 keep sayin beautiful girls
awwww(*^U^*) 黄色ドレスはAshley Bensonだょっ
they didnt even talk to Melissa R!!!大好きなのになあああ
Kevin was sooo cute w/Ash(*^U^*)


 NLT  .. URL


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