The Case of Steven's Death Has Got New Progress

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 13:43

A few days ago, one of the Boyzone singers Stephen Gately died for drinking too much, then it was certified that he was strangled by his own vomit. The Bulgarian named Georgi Dochev, who hit the bar togather with Stenphen Galleth, presented finaly and agreed Spain cops to record confessions, but he refused to tell in detail.Believe it or not, ghd uk is My Mother's Favorite!

Stephen took vacation with her husband Andrew Cowles to Spain Ma Yueka at that time. Why the Most Expensive ghd uk During this Season are So Strange? On October 10th, they went to the pub together and brought Georgi back to where they live. The next afternoon, Stephon was found dead in the room.Kristen Stewart Stock Count GHD Straighteners

25-year-old Georgi finally showed up and accepted the interviews, expressing he still had a lingering fear, could not fall asleep and felt very sad. He confessed that he first found Stephen`s death that day, then went to the room to wake up his husband Andrew. It is reported that after returning to the house, Andrew and Georgi rested in the same bedroom, while Stephen was sleeping on the sofa.

Georgi refuses to disclose the matter happened in that evening, but he has made statement to the police. And he accompanied with Andrew on Sunday. He said, "I will not tell other things without Andrew's permition." {P9}> He was sorry that when Stephen died, they were separated only by a door, but he did not what had happened. If he was with Stephen, the tragedy would not happen.

Identification of Stephan's corpse was started on 13th October at Mallorca time and it is expected to be finished in 5 days. And then the corpse will be transported back to his hometown and buried. In addition, when heard this sad news Stenphen's ex-boyfriend, a member of Caught in Act, called Stenphen immediately and wanted to hear her voice from the voice mail.

Stephen died at age of 33, who would have a chance to participate in a real TV show, and to be the guest mentor in the popular show X Factor, which scheduled before Boyzone's issue of a new disc. Besides, Stephan got an interview the week before, observing he was well prepared for his comeback. But the accident was really unexpected.