after cem..... 

2007年07月20日(金) 21時41分
...sorry mr wong that i didnt do ur purposely de.

btw me and qiqi are having fun playing a silly let not tell u wat game it my friends are complaining that i blog to less le. but there is no need for me to blog so much wad....i will try

exam are coming soon and i have to work....jia you to myself...i think i am able to cope....hehehehe...but should be very tired if i m not wrong. but comared to angela-----she is a super woman!!!!

add oil to everyone round

playing of shoot and 

2007年07月20日(金) 16時27分
there was a super long break we went for pizza and then watch him play basketball.....then we went to play loot and shoot....its fun, now i understand why guys love online

fun fun 

2007年07月18日(水) 23時24分
school end early
qiqi, eric and me went sl square look for her fax machine and my laptop......but the person say no pinl colour le.....but he said there a new version coming out le....yeah!!!

we went shopping here and lotsss of pinky stuff i like......too bad he got test cant join

this photo is so i look gud in white sunglasses?? lollollollol

tml lesson start at 8...sigh exam is coming le.....buck up!! jia you...shld end here le, hope tml is a good fine happyy day for

After a several of hectic 

2007年07月18日(水) 1時14分
finally, i am done with all my reportssssssss!!!!! it feel so
i think i am now a expert in writing report...after so many practice...hehehe...

todae corrosion test amaze me, the questions are exactly the same as the tutuorial...the values are not...either. i think the teacher is too kind le...

nxt week got a series of test again...haven done my home visit write up...its going to deal have received my stuff finally....its SOOO sweeet and nice!!! thanks to treaties....

watch huan huan ai todae...its getting more exciting le. wondering should i watch harry.potter??? some of my fren say its so-so....

i m going to slp le...sooo tired this few days...
jia you.. gud luck to dada quiz tml

lots lots of reports.... 

2007年07月10日(火) 14時28分
practical quite fun todae....the guys is sso funny they go beg mdm tan for more days to do the in the we are given one more weekend to do....

i hv calculus todae, the test on fri was ...sigh hope that cn maintain a B..everytime see the teacher really put in effort to teach us but i dun really put un all effort make me so xin ku....but todae i did a good deed......i help a disabled to board the proud of myself coz other ppl there totally ignore her.

i shld go for lesson le...jia you

2nd last day of the week!!! 

2007年07月05日(木) 19時50分
A day of lecture again...hope that he will.....sigh....nvm.
todae lecture was quite ok except for the chan hui yan, nana they all was so fast, like thunde.... they disappear before the class is officially ended...lucky my class didnt have any lesson after that. tml got material science and calculus test....the scary!!

hav my fav---yang chi gan lu straight after i reach hm...yummy cnt believe that is such a nice sweet thing existing. i shld ranked it no.1 before i find smthing tat taste even better

no school todae!!! 

2007年07月04日(水) 14時35分
yeah todae got no school....but hv to stay at hm n do reports and study tests.
sometime i wonder is my life that boring or is it meaningful? and wat is a meaningful life?
nvm, shldnt think too much!!
hv to go back to wat i shld do....

yong tou fu once again.....wonderful 

2007年07月03日(火) 14時45分
todae bia pratical is fun, especially the needle....n one interesting ting we found out is that our reports are marked in a fast speed, she just look thro read a few sentence and marks are loves pics with her at the background..wahahaha such a funny person....

hv yong tou fu as lunch again...hehe dunno how many days and weeks i hv been eating that....but it really makes my stomach very happppyyy!!!!!!! hope i dun get tired of it AND i have to MAINTAIN....THAT MY

thou in this world...there is still some inconsiderate persons existing but life is still beautiful cheer up !!

lastly is my wish for tml..hope to have as many nice food as possible and stay over happyy...hehehe

my home visit is coming soon....getting excited dunno hw it will turn up...hehe jia you

OMG!!!! my first entry..... 

2007年07月02日(月) 15時05分
hi everyone, this is my lst blog entry in my life...haha i have never thought of owning a blog coz i alway tot that who got that kind of time to write so called wat happen on that day. but lina introduce a very cute blog skin to me....SO in order to give lina face hv to try on it

School is quite boring todae....but i m really very blur nowadays even my mum said that wo wu yao ke jiu le...i again left my thumbdrive in club :( and its placed rite infront of me yet i didnt even saw it....`

going to print my hardwork nw le...shld blog last thing before i to wish that i m more happy and not that blur tml.....
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