Popular Jean Cut Styles For Women and Men of All Body Types

April 27 [Fri], 2012, 11:01
There are a few popular jeans styles and cuts that people wear for True Religion Jeans Sale fashion and comfort. Brands like Levi's, Miss Me, True Religion and other top denim makers usually include all these types when creating a jean line for each season. These vary from the original straight leg or boot cut to flare and skinny jeans.

The classic style that even the mass jean makers employ is the straight leg cut. This is even throughout and great for those with a thin and even body frame. These may even taper near the bottom. A different version of these is bigger at the bottom by just a little bit, called the boot cut. As the name suggests, it's large enough at the bottom so boots can comfortably fit under the pants. This is the style most cowboys where if not tucking their pants in the boots.

Similarly, the relaxed fit and baggy style jeans are fairly even True Religion Flare Sale throughout but have a larger upper area. Baggy jeans will run bigger as in wider. The hip and waist regions are more pronounced. The legs and bottoms will usually be straight until the bottom. This is great for those looking for a more urban look or just do not like tight fitting jeans.

The next type has been popular in the past, but have recently come into style again. This would be the skinny jean. This is pretty much tight throughout. This is the True Religion Skinny Jeans most form fitting style of them all and really show off the figure of the wearer. Many singers and famous people wear these as their everyday garb.

For those that like even more room at the True Religion Skirts Shorts bottom of their jeans, there are flared jeans. These are bigger at the bottom than boot cut. The larger opening is mostly for style and is more exaggerated that boot cut jeans. In the seventies, an even more extreme for became popular called the bell bottom. These are still available today and are worn commonly by those that are seeking nostalgia and for themed parties.

These are the most popular styles that are True Religion Petite Sale being worn today by denim lovers all across the country. Of course, all of these can come in all different washes and colors. From raw denim to distressed and even destroyed looks, there is a wash and cut combination for every style and purpose. Make sure to try on each pair of jeans before buying. Different manufacturers will have varying measurements for each cut and style. Even if you own a pair and cut from the same maker, each year's designs may change. Therefore, a boot cut in a brand like Levi's will be different from that of the same style in Miss Me jeans.

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