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The article Zhetian 1118 chapters, if you like shrouded 1118 chapter Favorite Zhetian 1118 chapter! This is a stone forest, located in the mountains, rugged, criss-cross north face cheap, and this is just one of the entrances former Fanghao Han, Rock Hill, an area of ​​vast rock, which stands pretty novel: the mage legend of online games TXT download. * The Baidu Search for: * Green ^ color ^ ^ / / * where grass grows in the north field is very common, occupy Ninety-five percent of the area, this place is pretty lush North Face Diez, rock, stone forest between The vegetation is not too small. Especially in front of large tracts of virgin forests from Shilin entrance into the clouds, Greenfield bursts, the many rocky land surrounded by one and a special place north face clearance. And, more eye can see vast Shilin District UGG Ansley Shoes For Cheap, surrounded by green mountains of raw, somewhat out of tune with the lush mountain forests. It is the ordinary people did not dare set foot in a fierce, Swire a large royal occupied, the lightly chopped Road who are not approaching, will be far evaded. Their fierce Illustrious, is one of the top ten fierce tribe, Yiyanbuge life and death opposite, since ancient times, exterminate not Know Han, watching other book club: campus almighty master TXT download roar, a huge Tiger Balm class creatures from Rock Hill Rumbler However, it is up to hundreds of feet, the leap is a few miles, supple body, heavy wheezing daunting. It is back to glimpse found a Fan Ye them, his eyes fiercely as Dasheng Bali land, jumped from the top of a hill North Face Kids Denali Outlet, jumping to the other on the Block Rock Hill, overlooking them above. They act soon, the Sunkist government message called outgoing go when they have entered the north field, looking for a few of the most radical royal hands will be. Cover Jiuyou to the ancient tribe to discuss an idea, the Sword in the north field issue peerless edge, Fan Ye, Sunkist old sage of the House to follow, fearless. This is the Stone family, according to legend, their ancestors is the Holy Spirit and ancient family combined nurture strong, then marriage with all ethnic groups, developed into a royal family, descendants of a lot of people physically grouper. read undisguised, full of aggressive intention to kill. You really eating gods gall top ten royal family are looking for you, to your flowers into the mud, but you fingertips! the imminent demise know seven Gusheng, one by one in the eyes of all to flashing Hanmang. Weekdays between, who would dare to come here to run wild, Mo Do detour, known as one of the top ten fierce tribe spread throughout the Swire, Weiminghehe once with them on every turn is genocide plagues of blood. To just heard you have carcasses St., today I want to stone family Li Wei, it would give you your ha ha ...... Now the whole world know that Fan Ye terrible and extraordinary mess can not be less than the saints, but now if he take the aggressive, right at your fingertips, but so die. Stone Family fierce name impeccable, natural Gusheng sits, or how with called royal, even if he turned no storms. Terran Eucharist your life can be really big, I'm afraid you do not know, my family a Gusheng go Zhongzhou go Run out you did not think you boarded without setting colored altar, or already imminent demise for a long time. the gate stone family commanding shook his head, lamenting his fate is good, exposing a wisp Senleng, said: shaking changes occur between today do not know it? seven Gusheng fall in Plains perish, the 1st Inter this command shaking his head. However, distant heard shouts and a stone carving across the sky, quickly forced to the concept of God came a panic level fluctuations. The blood spilled, the idea of ​​God to end there. In today's world everyone knows Apart from the Phoenix imaginary Road, Wan Dragon Nest Dragon handful of ancient imperial children, no one can be their Commander saints below. A hazy Shenghui appear in mid-air, slowly descended cover rope among them, he is like a god to transcend this mortal coil. Stone family of saints, raising his hand caught on to the Fan Ye, said: The big power and prestige, to my Sunkist House to kill, but also to snatch the ancient Great colored altar, left today to discuss a statement. Announce his nationalism, just stone carving Communications, said the major royal seven to Zhongzhou Gusheng all off, I do not know the true and false. lag, to this moment to feel something. The people cover jiu approached. What Terran ...... cover Jiuyou? The Stone clan of the main appalled, almost trembling, did not think that they are deeply worried about the presence of searching on the door to let the ancient tribe Dasheng. His body surface quickly petrochemical become a Shiren, defense reached the amazing realm. Them messages is not lag too, but Fan Ye They were off too, although in order to find the habitat of the ancient tribe delayed a lot of time, but still better than the news that a little faster. Such a Terran Extreme to raising his hand enough to destroy them family, completely erase from this world clean! This is the strength of the gap, look good novel: I warlords career although he was a Gusheng can look down on the world, able to the moon in the sky caught down the can refining extraterritorial stars, almost omnipotent, as sentient beings, such as ants ! However, in the face of this sickly elderly, he has no point of war, too frightened, the body of the jitter. Not that he was too incompetent, but cover jiu exudes divinity, a plume of gas emitted locked him, so that the Lord of the Stone family from the horror of the soul. Fieldwork, a quiet, the Stone family crowd one by one to be terrified, afraid to extreme, all trembling. But their nationalism, into nine days, down into the nether, rampage world five thousand KING are famous for sentient beings, this should be the existence of a supreme invincible. Cover jiu But this time no shots, just issued a local field UGGs Over Knee Sparkles, it will be crushed in the Stone family's main defense unparalleled, a clean kill. Fan Ye, the the old Sunkist House saints are shocking, such realm Gusheng are only distant look up to, a shoulder to shoulder cover-generation Renjie Extreme ancient history. The cover Jiuyou walked forward, not in the shot, stone strong family is all backwards, the steps directly limp on the ground, such as the face of the one true God. Far from empty, came a weak fluctuations Gusheng domain door open, you want to cross the void Dunzou. Stone family fear, the family comprises three Gusheng this point quanmie, etc. If genocide scourge arrived! The Stone family everyone shiver all fell down at the ground, a supreme momentum pressure, difficult to move, come to be sufficient to destroy this family tens of hundreds of times. Cover jiu did not, however, shot them, and this time he focused on Gusheng unwilling indiscriminate killing of innocent people. In their hands is the four dilapidated stone, each piece can palm the ancient and mysterious, a Road veins imprinted on. Fan Ye surprised, this is really good stuff! Holy Spirit, but dares to challenge ancient Great Supreme exist the stone tribe is a combination of the descendants of the Holy Spirit and ancient family, this masterpiece Treasure of the idea is to say in the past, this is a defense treasure. Cover Jiuyou not move, the the the old Sunkist House main government, Fan Ye two men in the Stone family wantonly plundered looking for booty, and get a lot of precious materials. Eight thousand years ago, he was without equal, the majesty of the stalwart, and now the body is not young, blood gas dry, even the eyes are cloudy generation Renjie thoroughly old. Fan Ye hearts Yi Chan felt the hero twilight. An hour later, the Green Guizu for All Saints Jinmie. After the two hour, electric purple family Gusheng all be killed! After three hour, God wheel family progenitor the king are FuZhu, and no one escaped! East shortage shocked ancient tribe appalled, gingerly, boiling the whole world, Terran supreme shot of the the ancient tribe Sword masterpiece edge illuminate the whole earth! Speeding shrouded the 1118 chapter text read, if you like shrouded 1118 chapter Favorites Zhetian 1118 chapter!

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