Netflix to enter the global news

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 9:58

holdings.Netflix to enter the global news media reported, Netflix announced Wednesday that the company later this year, will be extended to video streaming servicesnike air max tn cheap
Netherlands. Reported that, Netflix after entering the Netherlands, seven European countries and 41 international markets can enjoy Netflix's online video service. As of the end of the first quarter of this year, Netflix's global video streaming subscribers reached 36 million. The United States announced that it will start dialogue with the Taliban in Doha annoy Afghanistan. Afghan government on the 19th firing two statements, announced the suspension of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan involving matters of bilateral security agreement negotiations, refused to participate in the United States intend to work with the Afghan Taliban in the Qatari capital Doha in dialogue. Against the tower as a political entityAfghan President Hamid Karzai's spokesman Amir Fey Sarkozy said Monday morning Karzai and the United States decided to suspend the ongoing bilateral security

agreement negotiations, because the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, the United States' words and deeds . "Karzai's decision to set up a dialogue with the Taliban for the Doha office related. The Taliban announced the launch of the Doha peace talks 18 offices, with "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" claiming, triggering the Afghan governmentnike air yeezy 2 uk
dissatisfaction.Afghan High Peace Council member Shafi Ulla told the Associated Press reporter, the Taliban office using the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," Karzai government contrary to the title of the previous agreements with the United States. "Agreement, (the Taliban) office set up only for the purpose of negotiations, not as a political entity."A government-led peace talks should beAnnounced the suspension of bilateral security agreements with the United States shortly after the talks, the Afghan government issued a separate statement, the U.S. dialogue with the Taliban and the United States to intervene in the Doha peace process in Afghanistan said that boycott.The statement said: "The latest situation indicates that the Taliban behind the Doha offices of foreign meddling. Entirely by Afghan-led peace talks unless otherwise supreme peace

committee will not participate."Highest and Peace Commission of the Afghan government body responsible for peace talks with the Taliban and other armed groups.The statement stressed that to carry out peace talks before the Taliban must first stop the violence in Afghanistan.The Afghan government statement, Obama said, even violent conflict in Afghanistan continued, should not abandon reconciliation. International Online reports first official visit to Germany, the 19th U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Berlin, once again proposed the United States and Russia to reduce nuclear weapons third air max ltd sale
Russian President Vladimir Putin said the same day, the balance of power against the phenomenon does not occur strategic deterrence.Obama's speech in Berlin, only 4,500 people at the scene to listen to lectures. This 2008 visit to Berlin as a presidential candidate, 19.5 million people live to listen to his speech a tremendous contrast situations.Called on the United States and Russia cut nuclear thirdObama's day in
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