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March 05 [Mon], 2012, 11:17
Marijuana seeds are derived from Cannabiskaren millen fun satin bow dress red plants which are scientifically named Cannabis sativa. This herb is an annual plant which can reach to a height of about 18 feet. The plant flowers during the summer to mid-Autumn period. The flowers can be either male or female, and certain plants produce both.
The male flowers of the plant are seen to grow in long groups beside the leaves and once they bloom, they turn yellow and wither away. The female flowers on the other hand grow in clusters which spike out. They retain a dark green hue till the Marijuana seeds ripen and this can take about a month after they blossom.
Marijuana plants need the right amount of water, light, air, nutrients and a temperature of about 25 degree Celsius to grow. The humidity requirement is about 60 to 70% which is when the seeds are found to sprout best. You can grow the plants both indoors and outdoors although the indoor method gives you more control over the growth conditions. Marijuana seeds can be planted either using hydroponic system or in soil.
Different lighting methods are used by those who plant Marijuana seeds and there are many options available in the market. High intensity discharge grow lights are common options and they can either be Metal Halide lights orkaren millen fringed dress black High Pressure Sodium lights. The former emits blue hued light and is good in the initial growth phase and the latter type which emits orange colored light is better for the flowering phase. Fluorescent and CFL grow lights are also used nowadays.
The Cannabis plant is host to more than 400 chemicals, the most widely known being THC. THC stands for delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol and is the main psychoactive chemical present in the plant. The chemicals contained in the Marijuana seeds are known to affect motor coordination. They also contain cancer causing chemicals in addition to those inducing anxiety and increase heart beat rate.
Though Marijuana seeds have been in use for centuries, most nations have enforced stringent laws against the cultivation of them now. These laws have been devised with the prevention of any misuse of the seeds in mind. However, certain places allow restricted or licensed use of the seeds. There are regions which mere possession of the seeds can get you long term imprisonment. Recent years have seen a number of political parties and nonprofit organizations rooting for up lifting the laws which have been imposed mainly regarding medical Cannabis.
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