Hurk is 25 years old Portuguese Super "data"

August 01 [Wed], 2012, 18:56

Rumored Rosel sent last year to the Brazil international negotiations, Oscar and Damiot the total value of 40 million euros, 20 years of Oscar 15 million, 22 Damiot 25 million, but Barcelona will eventually transfer fee spent on Fabregas and Sanchez who. Before the start of the new season, Oscar and Damiot rumors would continue to ... Now Brazil, attacking masters emerged, but the height of these forebears is difficult to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Rivaldo. Ralph Lauren Long Sleeved Polo Neimaer participate in the absence of the South American Libertadores Cup Brazil against Denmark's friendly, Robinho, and Pato AC Milan makes it hard to satisfied with the performance of, and Damiot Frey, former peak, Fabiano repression by Ronaldo, now "dying" was reused; which are, after all, only in Brazil League, but without excessive testing. In fact, Fradique de Menezes in the striker position, the most suitable candidates only Hurk people.

Hurk is 25 years old Portuguese Super "data", he and the fall exam consisting of offensive line last season, in the EU, Portugal Super combination. Good partner fall exam now 40 million join Himno del Centenario, and favored by the great giants such as Chelsea, Hurk remains in Porto, but can be predictable, "the Incredible Hulk" future must be in the front line of Homer. Build master Zhuang and amazing speed and flexibility at the foot of Rainer Maria Rilke, as winger and centre forward this season Brazil people in Portuguese Super 26 three-ball 11 assists, style remains. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Sale As far as the personal style, Rainer Maria Rilke, if partner Hu Yi Guayin, the PHARE study on the efficiency of 9th number, more powerful--and of course, all this can only be achieved in the game. Characteristics of natural clear Hurk Fradique de Menezes, Brazil on the strike, Hu, g has a great deal of space. Against Denmark after 8 minutes, Green Giant's going ballistic, he received 30 metres after teammate Wang,

Uncover left-foot strike running routes strange world wave, bombs from Sorensen after a ball under his arm flying into the door. Comments of the European sporting road, Denmark person's defending was stupid, how can give Hurk, register space! World's best long shots, people call enjoyable. Since Adriano, Brazil striker seemed to long shots not cold, but Hurk appears to fill this vacancy. It is worth mentioning that, this is Virgin Hurk team ball! Nearly 26 years in the national team only harvest the 1th, Green Giant some taste of a late bloomer. Cristiano Ronaldo in 1994, that is, when 18 years old to make contribution for the country. However Hurk outbreak comes just in time, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hu g continued his good status, maybe is a legion of Samba is Indian striker.

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